10 ways to get realtors to pay you $5,000 a month, how to create educational marketing and rent it out for residual income.

When you understand how to create educational marketing and “Compliance Curve” material then you can RENT out and license those assets and create residual income.  Here are 10 ways to get realtors to you $5,000 – $10,000 a month.

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This is a quick video I made about  a Hero’s experiment…

10 ways to get realtors to pay you $5,000 a month, how to create educational marketing and rent it out for residual income.

Azam here with BigReia.com, where we are obsessed with how to build a business in real estate that makes you 5 grand a week for the rest of your life with no money credit no loans and in less than 20 hours a week go there now – do it now, here are three questions for you:

What does the invention for the US Air Force have to do with elevator music?

At what age can we tell if a child is headed for prison versus being the top 1% of income earners in the United States?

The seller dropped their price by over 100k when I showed them my ________.  I made 90k in 90 days from fsbos by sending this email, you can copy and paste it.  My realtor will make me 100k this year after I threatened him with ________.

Well by the end of today’s class you are going to know the answer to all that and a LOT more… you can take just THIS class and build a business that makes you 30k/mo or you can take from this a series of steps and brilliance that applies to others but not yourself, opportunity wears different clothes to different eyes, the better trained you the more you can recognize opportunity in all it’s disguises – it’s for Halloween I dressed like a forest and had a bunch of numbers written on my that weren’t divisible what I was Amazon Prime you guys HAHA

Okay so today we start WITH this gang banger George Squier he was a genius…

He was heavily involved in the United States Army, but his real passion was inventing technology.  Although the Army had tried to get into aviation for years, they had embarrassing and costly failures, but Squier had been working with some people and he convinced the Army to invest once again in a new idea and try to master the art combat in the air.  They agreed, and that’s how the Army bought their first airplanes from the people Squier had been working with; the Wright Brothers.   George worked so closely with them that he was actually one of the first ever passengers on an airplane.  SO it was George who got the US Military their first airplanes.

He started a revolution and Squier is considered one of the fathers to the “Age of Aviation”.  Eventually he became a Major General, and was the key player in creating something called the Aeronautical Division (U.S. Signal Corps) and that eventually became the U.S. Air Force.

So on top of practically inventing the Air Force…

George was also obsessed with electricity, and radio and telephone and wires and all that stuff – he was constantly testing new ways of communication and transmitting information.  In the early 1900s he developed a way to send several signals over a single wire or other method.

This process is now now called multiplexing, and it’s used in everything from NASA rovers and satellite TV to powering the internet, this is how it was possible to make multiple telephone calls over single wire – and this idea that has shaped our world, Squier is considered the inventor of it.

Even at the time, way back in 1911, he actually called it “wired wireless”.

(and this was way back in 1911) – back then he used that term “wired wireless” which reminds by the way I always recommend knowing the historicity of stuff especially dialog so take a look at this letter from a British Admiral sent to Winston Churchill you’ll see that it’s from the same time as Squier back in 1917 – and look at this line here and do you see it – it’s right here – the letters OMG and then in parenthesis the admiral explains to Churchill what it stands for and what it means “Oh My God” – this is the first known use of OMG – way back in 1917, it’s crazypants right? 

Okay back to George – there’s already a lot to learn from George – but from a business perspective, here’s why you and I are talking about him today – he some business sense, he was an entrepreneur so he started a business that offered a service to people; for $2/month they could get special radio programs sent directly into their homes or business.  The $2 would come directly off their utilities bill so it was easy to buy (that Ease of Transaction) is a lesson all it’s own by the way – but at the time this idea was criticized and seen as useless.

The idea of people paying to get signals broadcast into their homes was unheard of – but later this very same idea would later be used by cable broadcast and T.V. companies to start the television revolution – so George was a pioneer in this pay to get signals direct-to-your-home-or-business movement too –  but at the time when radio technology was advancing so people could get radio for free and it sponsored with advertising, so the stations didn’t have to charge the consumers for radio  –

The thought many people had was why pay for free radio? 

That was General George’s problem, and it’s why even with all his brilliance his company was falling – he was trying to sell something that people could get for free.  At least that was the perception.  This was a huge problem, and George realized that if he didn’t fix it he was going to be out of business.  So then he did something that changed everything for his company…

Targeting and dialog.  He went back to those same companies and instead of trying to sell radio, he showed them studies ( studies that he was responsible for)  that illustrated the difference that music made in employee productivity.  After educating companies on the financial benefits of music and having special radio signals sent to their workspace – this took the “purchase” from a cost to an investment – the companies now had an ROI to consider.

This added an entirely new dimension to transaction.  You probably recognize this strategy, it’s a small part of something we call Creating the Standard and it’s brilliantly effective.  Think about what George did, he created a new standard for his clients to use when evaluating his product.

By educating them about the financial benefits – there was a new variable to consider instead of just price – then he specialized in educating people about these benefits – so he not only taught people about the existence of this benefits but he was also the expert in providing it.  He could then explain all the work and research that went into what combination worked best, everything from the what kinds of music, at what volume levels, and at what intervals and times during the day would work best.  You see the power here?  You want to give people the ruler to measure you with, then they’ll use that same ruler to measure others with.

When you really understand this concepts, it’s changes everything you do – from the way you describe your company and what it does for people, to every conversation that you ever with clients.  Like I said I don’t have time to go very deep with this right now, but this is the secret to destroying competition, making your prices irrelevant and creating dozens of new markets and each one of them can double, triple or better your business.  This is one way that if you just change what you’re saying – just change the words coming out of your mouth – you can start making several times as much, and I can show you examples of some of our people who have done it overnight, literally making two or three or five times as much in less than 24 hours just by changing what they’re saying.

I know how that may sound, but are just a few examples:  SMITTY worked with a personal cook, a chef who came to your house and cooked your family meals.  Beforehand he was just another cook (something you never want to be by the way, just another BLANK, if that’s you then you’re about to become just another statistic) so his typical conversation would be somebody calling him and asking so what are your prices.

You may recognize that question right – when you hear that you know what the person that you are talking to is using PRICE as the standard to compare you to others with – and unless you change that you will always be competing, on some level, on price.  So he took a second and looked at who his best clients were people in the suburbs where both parents were working and they had young children – okay, and that’s one of the first steps by the way; always find out who your best people are – so those were his – working parents in the suburbs with young kids who didn’t have the time or desire to cook.  So based on that we do have some idea of what’s important to them – so think for a second about what kind of standards he should be educating his people on using.  I really want you to think about this for a second, aside from PRICE what standard SHOULD a parent like this be using… 

Okay so I’m sure you thought of some brilliant – or at least you definitely would if you were better trained.  This is a skill, it’s not talent.  Think about that in home cook for a second, while I change the subject…

In the United States we have among the highest if not the highest percentage of our population in prison.  One of the most famously bad and violent prisons in America is a place called San Quentin in California – it houses some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, now what if I told you that one day the wardens from places like San Quentin and Rikers Island in NY (another hell hole known for stabbing, gang fights, murders, rapes, suicides, you name it – all that crazy stuff) – so what if I told you that one day the wardens from prisons like this spoke out and said that the idea that inmates are getting rehabilitated in prison is a myth.  They said that in prison violent criminals become more attached to their gangs, more committed to doing even worse crimes and after years they leave prison with more rage and more muscle mass from spending hours everyday lifting weights.  They are less repentant and even less regretful for the crimes they committed, and more determined to commit crimes.  So, these experts said, it’s time we consider that for some of these people it’s too late, we need to look back at earlier in life and see where things went wrong. 

Imagine a series a studies done, that looked for the source of violent and criminal behavior – when do you think the first patterns developed, just think about it for a second, when are the first signs that somebody is on the path to being a career criminal – in and out of jail for the rest of their lives – when do we start to see the signs?  First they looked at young adults but the patterns were already there so they went to high school, then junior high and even elementary school they already saw signs of the patters – so if you’re looking for the source of these patterns you have to start earlier than even elementary school.  As it turns out, the actual age that we see a difference is when a child is just 3-5 years old and even just 1-3 years old. 

In fact, when starting school the average child has a vocabulary of about 600-800 words BUT the average future violent criminal has a vocabulary of just 100-300 words.  So even then we see a difference – does this mean unless your child knows 600 words he’s going to Rikers – of course not, but it IS a sign, we can look at kids at this age – even just barely out of diapers and we can get a good idea of what path they are headed on.  So a future inmate has about 100-300 words, an average student has 600-800 words, what about kids who excel in school and later in life what are the signs at this age for them?  Well if you at a future 1% – or even just a kid who will on average make at least $150k/year their vocabulary at this age is about 2-3k words.  So an average kid is 600-800 words, a future inmate is 300 words and a future 1%er or high income earner is 2-3k words – So there is a difference and we see it very early in life – but think about xthis for a second, it’s not like these kids are reading Shakespeare right?  At least not usually, so where does this vocabulary come from?  The number one factor in a child’s vocabulary is the amount of time they spend with their parents, and the number one place that a child spends time and learns from his parents – on average – is at… the dinner table.  Interesting isn’t it?  And you see where we’re going with this right? 

In fact when it comes to spending time with parents at the dinner table there are direct connections that we see when it comes to a child’s development, there is a direct impact on confidence, suicide rates, teen pregnancy and even IQ scores – for a child’s development there is no replacement for time spent with parents especially at a dinner table.  By the way these studies don’t just say time that a parent spends with a child, they specifically point to dinner table time – dinner table conversations, they are usually the least interrupted – so it’s specifically dinner table time. 

It doesn’t have to be just eating dinner either – think of the actual dinner table, think about serious family discussions – they always happen in one specific place in a house – one place more than any other and that place in the average house where the most discussions and most serious issues are talked about is… the dinner table.  When do kids spend the most uninterrupted time with their parents – at the dinner table – it’s not just eating dinner but just physically at the dinner table, that in itself carries power and shows a difference later in life.  When it comes to actually eating dinner together, there is a direct connection between kids eating dinner with the parents and what they do later in life, from drug use, to violent crimes to what kind of grades they get and income they get – and it tells us how likely they are to spend time with their kids – so there is a generational impact that stems from whether or not parents eat dinner with their kids – and I’m not even getting into everything here but it’s well researched – which makes you wonder – why don’t parents eat dinner with their kids? 

They don’t have time to cook, or they don’t know how to cook what their family likes.  That’s it – I mean think about it – you have to eat and it takes the same amount of time to eat no matter where you are – but the preparing, and shopping and cooking and testing and serving and cleaning of dishes – it’s all that extra time that creates a barrier, right?  I’ll stop for a second, but do you see where I’m going with this?  And then we get into what types of food are proven to increase brain function, you know if I told you that NASA looked at their smartest rocket scientist and they determined there were unique similarities in their diets – a Neuroplasticity diet that helped –  meaning there things they are eating that are people aren’t – don’t you want to know what that is – or really more to the point don’t you want the person that feeds you and your family to know what those foods are?  Don’t you want you and your family fed NASA brain food?  What if I told you that after 30 days I could guarantee that you’ll see a difference in your performance and in the grades that your kids are getting. 

Then we got into health and life expectancy, which are really obvious things to talk about right?  I went into the other stuff because I want to make a point that when you are artistic and obsessed with what you do – the effects are much deeper than meets the eye.  But when it comes to the actual food that people eat and their health, this is a huge issue to talk about – I definitely don’t have time to get into all of it here – but here’s just an example – let’s say somebody calls you up and starts asking about pricing then they would say “Sure, did you see the CDC findings… from Dr. Collins… ”  then they say no or not really then they explain “Well I worked with Dr. Collins he’s the director of cardiology at Florida State University and he was one of the head researchers at the CDC, the Center for Disease and Control…”  Now we start talking about that – see how that works – then I say something like “Well of the last food poisoning outbreaks or epidemics of the last 12 that were fatal, there was a study that looked at 1,000 personal food prepares and chefs to see how many of them knew what foods were contaminate and the results were really surprising… so I can try and send you the findings…”  Now how crazy are people going to be about getting that? 

So you are seeing the difference here right?  Think about all this for a second and then imagine you are calling around and talking to cooks and asking for their prices and then you call SMITTY and you ask about her prices and she says: “Sure, how familiar are you with the Honor Roll Dinners?”  Or “Yes, and you saw the San Quentin Prison study?”  Or “Yes, you’re calling about the CDC warnings for families with children?”  Now immediately what does everybody do – they ask about it right – if you are looking for a personal cook then don’t you NEED to know about CDC warnings? it’s called a redirect and now the entire conversation is changed from talking about price to making a more informed decision.  The better you do this, the less important price becomes and the more power you have.

With her chef business she went from barely making enough to pay her bills – she actually worked part time as a receptionist to make ends meet – and in less than 45 days she was making over 40k/month and hasn’t looked back – that’s the power of Creating the Standard the improving dialog –

Here’s a lesson that changed my life when I learned it: What you have to say, is only as good as you are at saying – no matter how powerful, your message is only as good as you are at explaining it.

To keep it simple here is a simple three step process you can start with: STEP ONE, develop a standard other than price, this is a measure that people should use evaluate their next purchase of X, give your people the RULER that they should be using to measure yourself and others with STEP TWO – you need to create an educational (that’s the keyword, educational) process that explains these benefits and risks and make sure you give it a name and STEP THREE delivery and dialog.  The end result is that when somebody goes through this process with you they are an educated consumer, and informed consumer is a powerful thing and you want to be responsible for it.  This is how start explaining and introducing people to it – it always comes down to dialog, the words that you use… 

Another example SMITTY worked at a clothing store, their best clients were professionals – so what she should educate them about, think about it for a second what do you think?  Well they let their clients know about the correlation between clothing and how it affected salaries. 

For example, SMITTY worked with a clothing store – they used to be just like everybody else, always chasing sales and doing discounts and sales in order to bribe people to come in and buy stuff – she changed all that and they started teaching their clients all about how clothing preferences related to income and salaries.  They had a special class with examples TV, US presidential elections, celebrity A-listers, etc. 

SMITTY was a real estate investor, he used to get sellers saying things to him like “Just go out and make an offer” – when you hear something like that then you know that unless you do something you are going to be a victim – and from now a voluntary victim – of being what we call a bitch a price whore.  Every time somebody calls up they are pushing you around like a pimp would a working girl – but you can change all that – for example, SMITTY got better trained he introduced a few nuggets into that conversation – “Well how closely have you followed Detective MATH’s investigations… well they are in charge of consumer fraud and we looked at the biggest scams being run on sellers because sometimes it takes years for a seller to even know they are a victim of a scam and then years after that to resolve the situation, if it gets fixed so it’s important that you pick the right folks to work with – we came up with a list of questions that you want to make sure you ask any real estate investor or agent…”  See how that works. 

He went from deal hunting and losing deals left and right to doing over 60k/month – and SMITTY was a receptionist and started using some of our stuff at the real estate broker she worked at and then she got paid from all the extra business she generated and she went from making $700 – to over 11k/month – think about that 700/mo to over 11k/month just by changing your words – that’s the power of dialog. 

And we’ve had plenty folks who build companies from nothing, just picking up the phone and throwing together a company in a single afternoon – you don’t even have to have a company, you may remember SMITTY, he called people out of the phonebook and based on what he did in four days, he made over 10k/month for over a year – alright I’m getting way off track – back to this stuff…. 

So here’s another example – when I worked for Wall Street – I’m about to tell you one of the biggest secrets to how our group was the number one floor group in the world every year – even the guys at the SEC didn’t believe how bad our team was beating everybody – now it’s not like me to talk about myself or my own examples so this wasn’t just me it was the team that I worked with and it was after I first got hired by Turner and he changed my life – so here’s what we did – people would often call and ask about fees and prices or what their minimum to invest was – you see what those are now right?  That’s the standard that they using to compare people with – they are basically price shopping and if you accept that you will always be a price whore, and you’ll always be inches from going out of business.  

So we did a little research the number one reason people were investing was to have college money for their kids – and everybody pretty much wants their kid to go to the ideal schools – so somebody would call and ask about pricing or minimums and we would say “Sure, have you seen the Deans of Admissions portfolio study? 

Everybody said no, what’s that?  “Well I sat down and interviewed the Dean of Admission at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and we researched the investment habits of the best prepared parents” you get that – NOW ask yourself what parent wouldn’t want to know about this – don’t you want to know what the Harvard thinks is the best way to invest your money for you kids education?  Of course – so we would overnight this package to them and included was a study we did with the Attorney Generals office about the biggest frauds against investors and it had a series of question that you should ask before picking your financial expert – so a lot of times people wanted to give us money right then and there but we let them know that as a policy we recommend interviewing at least 3-5 professionals haha – so imagine what happens when they call up some broker or some banker and ask them about their Deans of Admission Recommended portfolio studies haha – they came running back –

And you know around that time I met one of my first clients was a pool table store –

By the way the biggest secret to running your company like this – and having INSANE compliance with each and every person that you talk to getting properly trained – this is the missing ingredient in so many companies – now I give away more than enough stuff for people to get started and every week we get flooded with success stories of people using just my free stuff.  Now if you really want to get things going, you should look at becoming a Builder because I will work with you one on one, and I know people always ask me that – really Azam YOU yourself sit down and work with each person really – I can tell you, I promise you this, if I agree to work with somebody then I WORK WITH THEM, I sit down with you and walk you through every step starting from zero, exactly what to say exactly what cadence and tone to use exactly how to talk, what words to use and who to talk to you – exactly how to build your empire starting from zero – think about this we’ve only been here for like what 20 minutes?  This is just the tip of iceburg, and when you know what you’re doing you’ll gain compliance like a Terminator, you’ll never wonder what the next step is or worry about feeling stupid or not know what to say or do next to get your company moving, you’ll finally know what to focus your time on – it’s all about getting properly trained – I’ll show what I mean –

Let’s go back and look at just a FEW of the things that we covered earlier, but this time let’s look at the rules behind them: so let’s say somebody call you up and asks about what your prices are for being a home cook and then you ask something like “Sure, and you’re calling about the CDC warning?”  or “Great, you saw the interview?  Or you heard the interview on RZX?” and it doesn’t have to be the cook either, let’s you’re being price “Yes I can help with that, and you’ve gone through the Cook county real estate crime update?”  This is called a REDIRECT, why?  Because what happens to the conversation – it’s started with one agenda in mind but you immediately REDIRECT to another area, and you start a redirect by giving approval, notice the words I use at the start of each sentence – Great, Yes, Sure, or Yeah I can help with that – always respond positively a give your approval, THEN you rely one of the most dependable and reliable human emotions – an emotion that is a seed that drives everything from the greatest artists in the world to the worst human beings to ever walk the earth; it all starts with one thing: curiosity.  Curiosity begets fascination, and fascination is the mother of obsession.  So we start with curiosity – that’s why when you talk about NASA brain food, the real estate fraud stats, or San Quinton Honor Roll correlations – what are you doing?  Invoking curiosity – EVERYBODY wants to know more, they forget what they were just talking about and like a junior high kid with ADD they want to know more about what YOU WANT TO talk about.  Curiosity – you want to do this as soon as possible in any dialog – create curiosity.  It changes the tone and direction of a conversation and gain compliance in seconds – so those are a few things when it comes to a redirect –

now let’s look at something else that we touched on; when I mention a detective, or a head researcher from the CDC or an billionaire – whenever you do that you are introducing an authority figure so whatever you are about to say comes from them so it is given more weight, that’s called an Authority Weight (when you add more significance to a point and it’s value is underlined by the perceived expertise of the source) BUT you take to another level when you are working directly with an authority, this positions you as an authority – this is called Implicit Authority (by working closely with an authority, you gain authoritative positioning for yourself – when you work with authority you become an authority) – here are some basic parts of this, you want to do this right or it won’t work, or you can sound like an idiot or it can even backfire and make you look even worse – so here’s a few things to keep in mind to pull this off, first ASK don’t mention but ASK about the authority, you say something like “You know about Detective Shaw with the real estate crimes unit?”  You will often hear a NO and that’s okay because it’s not likely they are familiar with them but what you are really doing is framing how important what you’re about to say is, and what else are you invoking?  CURIOSITY too right, because they want to know where you’re going – so first establish a third party authority, you can do this with just a simple question – then want to mention how much work they went through something like “He spent 12 years investigating” or something like that then you link yourself to them “So he and I worked together for a consumer awareness project” see how that works, and there are so many other killer ways to work with this – here’s just one thing you can do start using a DISQAULIFIER – you add something like “And the detective and I came up with the top five questions any homeowner should ask their real estate agent or seller before they even think about working with anybody…” 

Now time out for a second, is that badass or what?  What does everybody say when they hear that, give me those effing questions right?  You are giving them the ruler, and then what happens next?  The people go out and use the ruler with other – so what happens when you are a personal cook and somebody calls you up asks you about NASA brain food, or San Quentin Honor Roll dinners, or if you’re a tailor or clothing store and people are asking you about neckties of Presidential candidates or the types of shoes that cancer survivors wear, or the colors that that make

Everybody wants to those EFFING questions, right? them then you are given   

So that’s some of the basics of how a REDIRECT works, what else do we have – oh to  This is called a When I work with people one on one

If price is the ruler, you’re always be ruled by price.  See what I did there.

You NEVER want to compete on price, unless you are the cheapest and that’s what you want to be known for  – but remember this is only if you are definitely the cheapest and you definitely want to be known for that because there are no points for being second cheapest.  Most people in business compete on price by accident, they find themselves in a situation where the only standard – the only measure that consumers are using to measure their purchase is the size of it.  You NEVER want to compete on price, unless you’re doing it on purpose – remember to move a demand curve you must change a variable other than price.  In fact, for all the academic folks out there, I’m going to make another special episode where I explain exactly how to create price inelasticity when you understand basic math, physics and geometry – I’m doing this because as I’ve been invited to speak for universities I know that the ivy league folks like to break out business laws – so in the next episode I will show you scientifically how this works.

Just know that competing on price is NOT a good idea

And now…

Now back to George – Major General George – so what kind of difference did his new approach make to his new business?  Well it not only changed his life and create an empire, but he created an entirely new industry and change the face of communication.

That idea that George built his company has made billions and billions of dollars, and 100 years later in 2010 it had over 1,000 employees and was worth almost half a billion dollars, see when George explained the impact of radio on employees he was a pioneer but eventually everybody understood how powerful auditory stimulation could be – and 100 years later his company still plays music for employees, over 100 million listeners every single day.  100M a day.  Before he died George changed the name of his company, he combined to words, one was his favorite company Kodak and the other word was something that he was providing ; Music – and that’s how Major General and the guy who practically invented the Air Force – George Owen Squier built his empire Muzak.

And finally remember this… If you aren’t doing something that erupts a volcano within you, then don’t bother.  Most people accept a living an insipid life, as distracted as they are desperate – choosing to dance to somebody else’s music – find the right chord for you, no matter what it takes, because when you get it right you can turn a single note into a symphony for the world.  Do something that makes you scared of how much power you have. 

You should be scared of how much power have, do something scares you.

Thanks so much!  = )

– Indy Anna

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