Lesson from Buffalo Bill helps realtor (dialog) make an extra 8 grand a week from furniture.

So today you and I are going to talk about one my favorites peoples, she is amazing and inspiring and you’re going to love her.

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Okay back to our Hero – when you see what she did – and how you can do the same thing – you’re going to love that I tell you about her…

Here name is Rachel.

This is her story of how a broke realtor goes from “hopeless” to 8 grand a week… but that’s not the crazy part.

The most surprising part is actually something that you probably don’t want to watch or learn about because it will destroy whatever excuses you may (or ever will) come up with when you try to justify why you’re not changing lives with this stuff.

Okay, there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff here…

The secret to making people think that you’re genius, wherever you go and no matter who talk to – this ALWAYS works and makes people think you’re smarter than they are.  They will always remember as you “that smart guy/girl”.

(Learn how to look like a genius at 2:38)

An invention got a patent a full 10 years before the telephone, you’ll be shocked (I was) to know that Abraham Lincoln could’ve used this thing – hidden brilliance like this is everywhere – so why did it take 100 years before we ever heard about?  Learn how to find brilliance like this and help it spread.

(get this forgotten story of brilliance at 4:19)

A broke, “hopeless” realtor was barely hanging on, but then she learned a single word that changed everything and put on her on the path to doing over 7 grand a week – here’s the word and you can do the same thing she did.  You’ll see how powerful a SINGLE word can be.

(find out what the word is at 10:38)

Here’s some of the EXACT dialog to use that you will get people eating out of your hand 100% of the time, you’ll learn the exact trigger words and how
to say them.  So much of compliance is in understanding the power not just of words but even the syllables.

(get the brainwashing dialog 17:38)

Find out exactly how Rachel starting pulling in over 8 grand a week, learn the exact steps she took and you can do the same thing and BUT you’ll also
learn the craziest part about her story – it gets me every time.  This is a must-hear to get you thinking about YOUR challenges with the right perspective.

(find out the REAL crazy part and how she did it at 19:19)

And there’s a whole bunch more – I’d love to hear how it helps.

You can watch it all right now above.

Like I said I really appreciate all the great feedback and how much you guys are making happen and how you’re changing lives with this stuff – it’s inspiring.

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Indy Anna and Azam

Sponsors plus open houses for 8k a week

Real Estate Investors: Make An Extra $8,000 a Week From Doing “Sponsored Open Houses” – Without Leaving House?

Azam Meo here and today’s WBE lesson is:

Keep Explaining Stuff.

The number one thing will determine how far you go in life is your ability gain compliance from people and nothing will determine that more than the words that you use.  Part of your dialog is explaining your idea. 

What you have to say is only as good as you are at saying it.

Keep practicing, improving and using your dialog – never quit – the way you talk about you do, changes what you do. 

You know…

There is a piece of technology that has always amazed me, even after I learned about the magic behind it was even more impressed.  And the story behind this invention is a great lesson for me and you both. 

About 140 years ago…

… a physics teacher from Italy – not me, another one – was impressed with the way people were able to send messages long distances by using a wire.  It gave him and idea to send images in the same way, to send images long distances over a wire.

And that’s what he called it – sending images.

Part of his brilliance was what he CALLED it.  At the timethis was unheard of and the genius of his method was the simplicity.  I’m going to explainit to you the exact same way that he explained it.  Here’s how to send images:

Here is how to do the impossible and send images through the air:

First an image would be put on tin foil with ink, then an electrically charged “stylus” would scan the foil by making parallel lines over every inch – the way you would use a lawnmower.  As the stylus passed over the tin foil, the foil would conduct the electricity from the stylus as it passed those sections.


When the stylus passed sections of ink the charge would NOT be conducted and the stylus would send a small electric charge.  Get it?  These signals were then sent to synchronized stylus in another location. This second stylus was filled with ink and it would scan a blank piece of paper –

In the exact same way that the original stylus was scanning.

When it got a charge of electricity it would release ink on the paper.

Making an exact copy of the image… miles away.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

Caselli's fax machine

A great idea let alone so long ago…

What a sharp guy to have made something so simple yet so powerful and to have done it in the 1850s is even more remarkable.  But his real genius, and a takeaway lesson for us all, was even deeper.

His name was Giovanni Caselli and his idea would go on to change the world.

Caselli’s genius wasn’t limited to the invention itself, it was much deeper.  Aside from his work on sending images he also studied electromagnetism, electrochemistry and a bunch of other supersmart stuff.

He wrote a book called “The Recreation” and in this book he explained complex and groundbreaking physics concepts in normal people terms.  And that was his genius – making the complex very simple. That’s what ALL of your dialog should do. 

It’s not just genius for him, that is actually the ultimate definition of genius.

In general, making the complex simple.  This is a powerful lesson in dialog; what you have to say is only as good as you are at saying it.  Speaking over the heads of your audience is an easy trap to fall into because it makes you feel – and maybe even others think – that you are smarter.

But real geniushas a much higher measure – it is about making other people feel smarter.  Instead of trying to feel smart, your words, your dialog should make OTHER people feel smarter.  It was his DIALOG – his ability to explain and show his concept so well.

That’s why he was able to impress the world’s most powerful men.

Leaders of the world were clamoring to finance his experiments.  The Grand Duke of Tuscay Leopold II was an investor, so was Napoleon III and he made Caselli a French commodity until Russia took over and then Czar Nicholas I set up Caselli’s machine and sent thousands of image transmissions.

Sometimes over 100 an hour.

This machine was incredible, and it was Caselli’s DIALOG and how he spread the word.  THAT was the key to his success.  Take my explanation above for example, when I talked the about stylus moving over ink and tinfoil and then sending a charge when it moved over ink and not when it didn’t –

The explanation of the machine is brilliant and easy to follow right?

It is short, simple, easy to follow and totally brilliant.

I copied it almost word for word from his explanation.

It was that idea that he got a patent on a full 10 years before Bell got his patent on the telephone.

Caselli’s invention would eventually become what we know today as…

The fax machine.

Abraham Lincoln could have sent a fax

That’s right, Caselli figured out a way to send faxes over 140 years ago.

AND he got a patent on his FAX machine over a decade before the patent on the telephone.  Caselli was so brilliant and ahead of his time that it took over 100 years before Xerox understood the technology and made the fax machine.

Eventually it became an everyday item… a century later.

Caselli was over 100 years ahead of his time.

100 years.

Think of it this way, Abraham Lincoln could have sent and received a fax.

So it makes you wonder

What happened, right?

When the fax machine came around it was a gamechanger and it was based on the underlying idea – the idea of sending diverse types of information over a wire – that idea is what the entire internet is based on.

So Caselli’s mark on history is prominent and permanent. 

But again, why did it take over 100 years to catch on?  Well unfortunately as good as Caselli was with his dialog and as brilliant as he was, for some reason he stopped pursuing his fax machine obsession.

Even though he had some of the richest and most influential men in the world as his clients and he could have kept his machine on the forefront of the public attention, for some reason he let the idea go and unknown to him he left this lifechanging device to go through a century of obscurity.

A real testament to Caselli’s skill and his DIALOG is what happened after he stop pursuing his idea.

You may think the fax machine was so brilliant it didn’t need to be accompanied by the proper positioning or dialog, right?  But if that were true why did it immediately fall into oblivion after Caselli quit chasing the idea?

This tells us that he himself was a major role…

This shows you how important the right dialog is.

What you have to say is only as good as you say it

It is all about the right method of explaining.

It also shows you the price of stopping your dialog.  To get an idea of the opportunity cost here let’s look at something else, since the fax machine was made possible by the invention of the telegraph let’s look at the other end of the spectrum.

Let’s look at a business that the telegraph destroyed

… and something that everybody in America is taught about…

The Pony Express.

Think for a second about what you have been told and taught about the Pony Express.

This was a delivery service where men rode on horseback to deliver messages.  It meant that a message could travel from the east coast to the west coast in a record 10 days.  And most people would say very flattering things about it and how it was a wonderfully effective service.

You’ll hear endless flattering stories.

You’ll hear stories of men spending genrations fighting off criminals, bandits and houligans as they rode to deliver important messages.  People’ll go on to talk about how the Pony Express was a brilliant operation that lasted for decades and changed the world, right?

Well, in reality almost none of that is true.

The Pony Express, as a business enterprise and as an operation was a total disaster.

It was only in existence for about 18 months and in that time it cost investors millions of dollars in today’s money.  It was too expensive to use, it was mismanaged and once the telegraph came around the Pony Express went out of business in just a few months.

But that’s not what people “remember” is it?

That’s not the story that’s told.

And that’s because of this guy…

A young man who became a rider in the Pony Express at the age of 14 because he had to support his family after his father died of illnesses and complications from stab wounds he got after speaking out against slavery.

(Bravo and RIP Dad)

And this young rider loved to talk.

His teenage days as a rider were limited but afterward he kept telling stories of his adventures in the “Great American West” and he would even go on to start a traveling show that glorified his stories.  These shows were a huge hit and became popular not just in America but throughout Europe.

The stories spread all around the world – by him.

The shows were about cowboys, Indians and hunting – and he made himself, his experience and the Pony Express cultural icons.  His name was William Cody AKA

Buffalo Bill.

There was some real badass in him that most people don’t appreciate.  One of those things was Buffalo Bill’s activism.  Temember how his father was irreversibly wounded from a stabbing when he spoke against slavery?  Well Buffalo Bill had the same spirit.

Bill admired the native Indians and didn’t treat them as animals.

American Indians are Americans quote from Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill even went as far as calling the American Indians…

“The former foe, present friend, the American.”

Then he went on to point out the at-the-time controversial idea that every Indian outbreak that he had seen was a result of “broken promises and broken treaties by the government” and in his shows he made sure that he humanized the Native Indians and depicted them not only as warriors

But also as affectionate family people.

He also said that women should be allowed to work and if:

“It they do it as well as men, give them the same pay.”


Yeah and this was like 100 years before burning bras was cool.

The positions he took drew fire, but he didn’t care, or at least not enough to stop.  As he pushed on, he became a social leader.  Few people realize the humanitarian and social contribution he had, he did some badass stuff.

So this is an interesting study, these two men, isn’t it?

Take a look at these two men, Casseli and his fax machine and the Buffalo Bill and his Pony Express days and we see some interesting patterns.  Both of them reached success because of one thing – their dialog.  It was the way they told their story, the words they used to explain their ideas.

There is nothing in this world that will change the amount of money that you make faster or more dramatically than the words that you choose to use.  But when we look at these two men there is a big difference too right? 

One guy made history, advanced science and helped to change the world…

And the other guy was part of an outdated and failed venture…

Yet which story are we still talking about and even still taught, today?

What was the difference?

It is interesting because they both did kind of the same thing, they both worked on getting messages from one place to another – and they did this around the same time.  But one’s work, the BETTER one is forgotten and the other is legendary?

So again what was the difference

It wasn’t just their dialog but it was something even more important – there is one thing that Caselli didn’t do that Buffalo Bill did do –

… he kept talking…

And he kept telling the story.

Image of Buffalo Bill and need to develop and repeat origin story
Picture of Caselli's first fax image sending machine

Caselli’s idea was brilliant and 100+ years ahead of time.

For whatever reason Casellli stopped pursuing his invention even though it was a huge success, the Pony Express failed massively but Buffalo Bill kept going, he kept telling the story.  By keeping his dialog going and not stopping – 

It made all the difference.

What would have happened if Caselli kept at it the way Bill Cody did, how different would things have turned out?  How different would we look at the fax machine and the story behind it?  Would it be as taught and engrained as the Pony Express?  All this could’ve been answered if the dialog continued…

So the dialog was important, but keeping it going – continuing to improve it, even if the initial idea was a failure, like the Pony Express was – keeping it going is important.  It can mean the difference between kids today being taught about the Pony Express and NEVER hearing that the world’s first fax being was sent more than a decade before Alexander Graham Bell got his telephone patent.

I often give real life examples of people of executing our lessons.

Right now I’ll tell you about our Hero Rachel, she was a real estate agent and she was working with Millie, she was her student and not mine but I still get to brag about her because… well just because.  When she learned about this here’s what she did…

Her and her partner suddenly found themselves going out of business, the real estate business was going under and it was getting worse everyday and everybody on their team had all but quit.  Her situation seemed hopeless, and it would for almost anybody. 

She didn’t know what to do.

… but this idea of dialog was on her mind and one day she heard something that changed her life

… It was one word, a single word

She was talking to a buyer that was about to make an offer on a house, the price was $500,000 but the buyer offered $515,000.  She wondered why the buyer would offer more the asking price so she said :


The buyer replied with one word:


Furniture as part of offer

The buyer was making an offer to buy the furniture as well. 

It got her thinking, and it was that day that she and Millie invented a whole new model.

Think about what happened here…

The buyer making an offer to buy all the furniture in the house, and that happened on accident but imagine if you did that on purpose.  So buying $15,000 worth of furniture is usually a big deal but not so much when you are spending $500,000 at the same time, it makes it seem like an impulse purchase.

So you could easily start adding the option to buy the furniture whenever a buyer makes an offer to buy a house, right? That would be easy would be easy, you see how that works right?  That’s not hard to follow.  But what about if the house doesn’t sell?

This started a whole new thought process;

Of course they could make money by selling the furniture WITH the house…

But what if they sold furniture WITHOUT the house?

And what if they did that several times over from the same house…

You see where this is going?

Consider an open house for example.

Although less than ten percent of houses sell through an open house – the average buyer can look at 20-30 houses before they buy one – they can still make sense to do.  If you have an open house and generate buyer leads, some or many of the buyers will buy a house.

They may even buy a house soon.

… but only ONE buyer will get that house.

The other good buyers are going to buy a house, just not that house.  BUT you still have a flow of people who are about to buy house and many of them also may want to buy new furniture as well.  So you have a source of home buyers but you also have a source of potential furniture buyers as well…

You see where this is going?

So let’s say you have 100 buyers come through to see an open house or call on a house for sale.  At most, only one of them will get the house.  But many more of them also want to buy furniture, so if you have furniture there that they can buy then the same pieces of furniture can be sold again and again…

From just this ONE house.

Use houses as lead generators

You can sell furniture to the buyers of the house but ALSO to buyers who do not buy that house.

You have a whole new revenue stream available.  When you include email follow up marketing then the numbers start to get really interesting.  This gives these stores a whole new medium to advertise to, like a highly targeteted classified ad.  Does that make sense?

This is exactly how Rachel started this side business.  She worked with furniture stores who would come through and furnish the open houses.  That’s how it started and then they got better and better at this  and then they started doing something else that was awesome…

It is a huge secret and I’ll get to it in a second but first…

Let’s go over what was happening because it’s so simple and anybody can do it and it is just brilliant and I love this kind of stuff.  

Here’s how this works…

They would target high end homes where the buyers are more likely to want to buy new and nicer furniture with their new home.  Then they would do an open house and the furniture stores would stock the houses with the best stuff they had.

When the buyers would come through obviously they’d be able to make an offer and buy the house if they wanted to, but many more people bought furniture pieces for their new house or maybe their current house.

Furniture sales at almost ZERO cost.

Maybe they weren’t buying a house at all because a lot of people come to open houses just to get design ideas.  So these open houses started moving furniture and as Rachel got better these open houses started moving more and more furniture.

The momentum started picking up.  Pretty soon she was making as much money and then even more money from furniture than from real estate, the real estate itself became irrelevant.  

Then her and Millie started doing something brilliant…

This is that HUGE secret that I mentioned a moment ago.

So think about what’s happening here and all you really need and want to focus is people who want furniture, so what did they start doing?

Furniture Auctions.

Image of crowd and need to bring crowd and get paid for access
Flyer to realtors for them to do open houses
Flyers for open house sponsors
WeBuildEmpires.com along skyline

So these open houses weren’t just for the houses but they also became furniture auctions as well.

This was a huge breakthrough because now a lot more people were coming through and they were bidding on different pieces.  It was like a mobily showing room and it allowed for buyers to see how the pieces would look in a real life environment.

It became such an attraction that furniture stores that they – get this – started paying up front…

Furniture stores were paying just for the  CHANCE, for the opportunity to supply furniture for the auctions.  This was a great way for them to move a lot of pieces.  So on top of getting paid a percentage of all the business that was done at the auction…

They also got paid up front just for picking the store to be the supplier for the open houses. 

THAT is how you create extra oil wells.

Now on the other hand, to keep a steady flow of open houses with the right type of homes, they were hiring real estate agents to do showings on their own listings.  So the agent would go out and promote the house and auction and then they host the showing and handle the people that came through.

The realtor would do that part.

Again, think about this process for a second…

On one hand you have furniture stores not only paying you points on the business they do but also paying you up front to get access to your real estate and furniture buyers.  Then on the other hand you take a small slice of that money and have your agents bring you real estate and furniture buyers.

So the realtors are bringing you the people that you just got paid to get. 

Every week they had more and more people being sent to them that wanted to buy furniture, soon they didn’t even need to do the open houses they had enough people to just them to the stores you can have a clearance special just for your people.

Also another cool thing was that sometimes the house would… you know… actually sell.

Some of the people that wanted to buy furniture also wanted to buy house that the furniture was in, so the money from that was just gravy.  You may recognize this example because this is how Rachel was able to go from broke and nearly out of business to making over $8,000 a week.

$8,000 a week.

Image of furniture plus open houses for extra $8,000 a week
Breakdown of how to make 16k in a week

An extra $8,000 a week, how about that…

Millie did an interview with her to pick apart exactly what she was doing and then I talked to her and she said that it was after hearing me talk about Buffalo Bill and Caselli.  I asked what she meant by that and she told me that only because she was paying attention to the importance of dialog

That’s how she picked up on that TINY word and piece of Dialog: “Furnished”

Then when she started the model and she was having problems and she really wanted to quit BUT then she focused and got better with her dialog and better at EXPLAINING what she was doing and it made all the difference.

Here’s what I mean and the important lesson:

After refining her dialog and compliance gaining ability she was able to have higher compliance.  When she called a furniture store here’s what she would say:

“When I do open houses some of our buyers want to buy furniture in bulk right then and there, also the other people who come through the house want to buy individual pieces for their homes as well…”

That’s some of the dialog that she used – her SOI = Statement of Intent.

Do you see how simple that is? 

It’s deceptively simple and brilliant…

Remember genius is explaining things very simply.

How simple was that explanation?

So that’s one part the other part with the agents.  Remember the word I used earlier and the way I explained it to you, that’s the exact wording she used and how it was positioned – she was HIRING real estate agents to do open houses with their own listings.

What kind of compliance do you think you’d get when you word things that way?

Think about how simple and attractive that is for everybody you talk to.  That’s how they explained what they were doing to each of the parties involved.  Imagine the kind of compliance you get when you explain things with that kind of surgical precision – Terminator precisions – I love it.

Call 1,000 agents or 1,000 furniture stores and you’ll get compliance every single time.

It just takes a little skill and a little practice and you can pull income out of thin air.

By changing how she explained things, by changing how she told her story…

… by changing her dialog…

Here’s another with a financial planner as a sponsor.

Sponsor is a financial planner who is paying $1,000 per (qualified) appointment. Our signs and marketing generated 300 buyer leads.

A week later we call them up and ask how the house hunting is going and then I add one of the following:

“A friend of ours can help you use your 401k to buy and invest in real estate tax free…”


“We also have a free workshop on how to retire 15 years early by using your house…”

“I have all my kids working as models and it helps enormously with asset protection 
and estate planning, if you want I can connect with our guy…”

Even @ 10% that is 30 Appointments = $30,000 in a week.

If I was starting then maybe I would only get $500 per appointment, even then it would be $15,000 for the week. The least I’ve made was $16,000 doing it this way, but follow my steps and I promise you’ll do better.

Here are some of the emails we use for that and I put these on a loop:

Emails to REALTOR:


Great talking with you earlier, this is the email you asked about that explains my “Open House Sponsor” clients.

So for your listings on the north side, when you generate buyer leads those are a perfect overlap for some of my sponsors like a financial planner for example. 

So they pay me to host the open house and give away their “swag bag” to buyers who come in and mention them in the emails/text I send while communicating with my buyers.

I get paid an hourly rate plus a bonus.

Sometimes I have an assistant do the leg work to do the open houses so I can explain how that works as well because you may not need to do anything yourself if you have a team.

Is this something you want to talk more about?

If so, please email or text me back – Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

Email/Text TWO:

Hi, I did you get a chance to see my previous email about the “Open House Sponsor”?

Email/Text Three:


I know we talked about doing the “Open House Sponsorship” Model and you had wanted to know when I have my next one and I have another one this weekend so if you want to tag along or see how it works and how I get paid please let me know.  I’ll also resend my first email to you about this as well, or I’ll paste it below – Please let me know – Thanks again!  = )

~ Indy Anna


(paste email one)

Email to Sponsors:

Hi there,

Great talking with you earlier, as I said I market for open houses and am accepting sponsors who want to get introduced to the the right kinds of home buyers that overlap the leads you target with your current branding, marketing and advertising.

For example if I have listing on the north side a typical buyer there makes at least $150,000 a year, has a family and is interested in long term thinking and retirement plans.  That’s why I thought maybe you would be a good fit as a sponsor.  

Please let me know if you want to talk more about this and how being introduced to these buyers may or may not help your business.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Rachel

Changing how she talked about what she did it actually changed what she did.

Rachel went from a real business that did furniture on the side to a furniture business that did real estate on the side.  And what was the secret?  Her dialog – the words she started using – and also she didn’t quit.  Just like Buffalo Bill.

By the way there’s something that I didn’t tell you about Wendy or Rachel, for the people that know her they might be surprised that I left this out for so long.  Remember when I said that she suddenly found herself going out of business and in a situation that seemed hopeless?

Well that had nothing to do with the economy or the real estate market…

It actually never does, but in this case I especially mean it…

LC quote that it doesn't work in my area

Rachel more challenges than nearly any human on earth.

Because Rachel’s business was already suffering and the she got into an accident and was paralyzed from the waist down.  So everything that I just said – EVERYTHING – she did it all from a hospital bed or from her bedroom at home. 

This is why most of employees started to quit and why even her partner left because everybody knew that if you can’t leave a hospital room or leave your house then there’s no way you can make it in real estate? 

… Especially since the business was already in trouble before she was paralyzed.

They weren’t crazy for thinking it was game over, right? 

But Rachel refused to accept that and that’s also why she was so focused on the power of DIALOG, because she felt like that’s all she had – just her words.  That’s exactly what she told me…

“It’s all I had.  My words.”

Everything I just said, everything that she did EVERYTHING – all of it – everything she did to go from zero to over 8 grand a week – it was all done from a hospital bed or from her family room at home. 


This entire empire just using her words…

With her DIALOG and her refusal to quit.

Folks do you see people say that our training material is the best in the world? 

Rachel you’re a badass – WE LOVE YOU.

Okay so we’re way past our time today, remember kids…

Every business has an idea like the fax machine, a piece of buried brilliance that can go underdeveloped for the next 100 years so you should always make sure to isolate extract the brilliance.  That brilliance is in each and every person you come across.

Make them FEEL smarter not just by the way you talk but the way you help them think.

Remember Caselli and Bill Cody and their lifelong lessons.  Always improve your dialog and never quit, keep explaining stuff better and better and better.  Remember this is all just the tip of the iceberg if you want to me to train personally one on one then make sure that if we start accepting applications again that you are ALL over it like uncuffed crackhead – apply for the WeBuildEmpires.com training here.

We Build Empires students know who they are

You get emails from Azam right?

If you don’t get emails from me or Azam then make sure you go to here to BigReia.com and join the ranks. 

Lastly remember imagine a circle that represents all the potential that you think have, there are only two kinds of people that you will meet in this world, those that make the circle bigger… and those that don’t. 

Okay, thanks so much for the support and until next time take care…

Make the Universe Smile.


~ Indy Anna
Love (at) BigReia.com
(YES that’s my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)


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There’s also another great class on how to buy apartment buildings zero down that you can check out as well.  This relates directly to growing income on rental properties.  Speaking of which make sure to check out our epic page on 14 ways to avoid tenants from hell.  Also we have a great post on how to make build a "six figure a month" real estate wholesaling business.

Also here is a post on how I did this and I flipped a house off Zillow for 30.  Also you can check out the post on five steps to flip a house right off Zillow for 40 grand.  You can also check out our other epic post on 57 ways to make money with vacant land.

Here’s another post on how a Hero flipped a house off Zillow and made 40k in a few weeks while he was learning to read.  Also you want to check our post on the EPIC $25 million letter and the copy writing lessons for real estate investors, you'll love it.  Also you can see how ONE letter is making me $9,000 a month.  Also you can check out the post on 101 FREE places to advertise your houses.

Also check out the "SA" class and your REAL chances of create social mobility and income ascension with your real estate business.  Brilliant stuff.  Also there is a great post on the ONLY way you'll ever make 30 grand a month as a real estate investor and/or business builder.  Another brilliant class with a free downloadable Investor Guide is about 19 Ways to Make $10,000 a Month by Helping Tired Landlords.

Plus make sure you check out Azam's post on how to hire a realtor that makes you $10,000 a month... while you sit back with your shoes kicked up on your desk and fingers folded behind your head.  Also there is a great post on how to make five grand a week from putting out signs.

Also we have some great posts on 30 ways to buy real estate with no money down.  That is a two part series so make sure to watch the second part on the 30 ways to buy real estate zero down and with no loans or credit.  I also get questions about our "Epic Flipping" and how to turn $1 into over $25,000 by flipping ordinary items for exponentially high ROI.

And don’t forget our EPIC page on 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, we are making the number one page in the world on FREE ways of finding motivated sellers.  Also check out how I find motivated sellers from code violation properties, and also how I make over $1,500 a week giving investors access to that list

Speaking of lists, for a list of the "Good People" and My Indy Anna Homeys - this is a FREE list of EVERY possible contact that you'll ever need to build a real estate business in the Indianapolis or the Midwest.

You can also get a LONG list of every contract, piece of paperwork and legal document that you'll EVER need for your real estate business all FREE to download.

Also perhaps the most important class Azam has done is on the "Frequency of Thought" and how to use the laws of quantum physics to rewire your brain, attract brilliance like a lightning rod and be the best version of yourself.  Check out this epic 3-hour class on Quantum Real Estate.

When I first go started I thought wouldn't it be great if somebody put together ONE list of every possible contact that I would ever need to build a passive income with Indiana real estate - or any Midwest real estate?  Well that's exaclty what I did with our “People Page” here it is:

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Thanks so much!  = )

Make the Universe Smile.

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