Lesson from Buffalo Bill helps realtor (dialog) make an extra 8 grand a week from furniture.

So today you and I are going to talk about one my favorites peoples, she is amazing and inspiring and you’re going to love her.

And when you see what she did – and how you can do the same thing – you’re going to love that I told you about her…

Here name is Rachel.

This is her story of how a broke realtor goes from “hopeless” to 8 grand a week… but that’s not the crazy part.

The most surprising part is actually something that you probably don’t want to watch or learn about because it will destroy whatever excuses you may (or ever will) come up with when you try to justify why you’re not changing lives with this stuff.

Okay, there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff here…

The secret to making people think that you’re genius, wherever you go and no matter who talk to – this ALWAYS works and makes people think you’re smarter than they are.  They will always remember as you “that smart guy/girl”.

(Learn how to look like a genius at 2:38)

An invention got a patent a full 10 years before the telephone, you’ll be shocked (I was) to know that Abraham Lincoln could’ve used this thing – hidden brilliance like this is everywhere – so why did it take 100 years before we ever heard about?  Learn how to find brilliance like this and help it spread.

(get this forgotten story of brilliance at 4:19)

A broke, “hopeless” realtor was barely hanging on, but then she learned a single word that changed everything and put on her on the path to doing over 7 grand a week – here’s the word and you can do the same thing she did.  You’ll see how powerful a SINGLE word can be.

(find out what the word is at 10:38)

Here’s some of the EXACT dialog to use that you will get people eating out of your hand 100% of the time, you’ll learn the exact trigger words and how
to say them.  So much of compliance is in understanding the power not just of words but even the syllables.

(get the brainwashing dialog 17:38)

Find out exactly how Rachel starting pulling in over 8 grand a week, learn the exact steps she took and you can do the same thing and BUT you’ll also
learn the craziest part about her story – it gets me every time.  This is a must-hear to get you thinking about YOUR challenges with the right perspective.

(find out the REAL crazy part and how she did it at 19:19)

And there’s a whole bunch more – I’d love to hear how it helps.

You can watch it all right now above.

Like I said I really appreciate all the great feedback and how much you guys are making happen and how you’re changing lives with this stuff – it’s inspiring.

So make sure you let me know how you guys are
using this to change lives:

I LOVE the feedback coming in, a lot of you guys are going through the classes again and again and making shizzle happen in your local hoods. You are inspiring, and soon I’m going to start sharing those stories with everybody, if you want me to brag about you let me know what you’re doing with our stuff and how you’re changing lives.

You can watch this class and/or download it above

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That will help introduce you to my stuff and help get you grounded.  Lots of powerful material there.  Okay, think that’s it for now.

As always love to hear from you – Thanks for all the support!


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