What legendary activist John Lewis can teach real estate investors? This changed my life.

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What can legendary activist John Lewis teach real estate investors?  
This lesson has changed my life.

Today Indy Anna explains…

Why was John Lewis a legend who should be remembered always?
What lesson can we learn from John Lewis as real estate investors?
Is there a single thing you can do in the next 10 seconds that can instantly create compliance out of thin air?  (YES, and this has changed the game for me)

John Lewis was a legendary civil rights leader and activist.
– At the time of his death he was a congressman from Georgia and had been since 1987
Marched with MLK, led boycotts, sit-ins and civil disobedience and he was also part of the famous Selma to Montgomery marches across the Edmund Pettus Bridge (the name may/should be changed to the John Lewis Bridge) and “Bloody Sunday” where peaceful protesters were savagely beaten by citizens and law enforcement alike
– Aside from playing an epic role in America he was a recognized human rights leader worldwide and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

John Lewis is a certified HERO of America, he has a volume of graphic novels called “March” which depict the struggle for civil rights, Azam has said it is one of the best books he has ever read and I agree.

“Get into good trouble.”  – John Lewis
– This meant you should always be pushing for change and human rights
– We should always be challenging authority in ways that move mankind forward
– John Lewis went through more hardships than any of us, and all of that was just to fight to be treated as an equal

So here’s the lesson for real estate investors, it has to do with something Azam first told me about John Lewis and Bloody Sunday.
– When the unarmed, peaceful protesters were kneeling with their arms in the air there were rows of people lining up to beat them with baseball bats, pipes even police were in the group using their batons
– These beatings cracked skulls, broke bones, left permanent injuries and even led to many deaths… John Lewis skull had permanent scars from Bloody Sunday that lasted until his death
– But here’s the thing, you know what the violent animals beating the civil rights leaders were saying?  Among the top things that they demanded was: “Stop looking at me!”

And that’s the secret, when John Lewis and his fellow heroes were calmly bracing themselves for their beatings John taught his people to make sure that they made direct eye contact with the criminals beating them, you don’t need to say anything just look them DIRECTLY in their eyes.
– Years later many of the attackers came back and apologized to John and others and they said that it was the EYE CONTACT that haunted them for years
– Even at the time many of the attackers found it easy beat an innocent person who did nothing to them but the eye contact made it much harder
– The courage it takes to know you are going to get a life threatening beating and to only reply with eye contact is remarkable, the effect it is is pretty amazing too

There is a famous “Eye Contact Experiment”:
– This was done in over 150 countries with over 100,000 people who would hold eye contact with a complete stranger for 60 seconds
– The results were incredible, people often breaking down into tears and hugging each other and saying it was the most most emotional experience of their lives
– On top of that there were multiple people who married the stranger, others adopted a stranger and many others became life long friends and this was all from just 60 seconds of eye contact

The secret is that eye contact creates familiarity.  While we know people that we like we also tend to like people that we know.  We are doing our own eye contact experiment…
– I still get super nervous about talking to strangers or making calls and I’m not that good at making these videos either I often say the wrong thing, I get nervous and read my notes wrong or click too early or say the opposite of what I meant to say, and so on
– Oh and about that guys I really am sorry, I’m a work in progress and I am getting better so thanks for being patient and helping me and no matter how I deliver it the content is always gold I just need to get better at transmitting it lol
– With all that being said this channel is one of the most profitable in the world and especially when you consider the view count, and it isn’t an accident because I’m building 3 other channels up just like this (details on them later) for real estate people in different areas and they are seeing the same results

Why does making low budget, low view videos work so well?  One reason is… EYE CONTACT.
– Right now when I email or talk to somebody the first thing I try to do is send them a video and then with that link I can track how much and how many videos they watch
– In the last 48 hours there were six people who I emailed and then scheduled a call with, before the call they get an email with an appropriate video and these six watched over 15 hours of video
– With each of these calls I made at least $5,000 – $10,000, not ONE of them was a no-money call
– We are tracking how many watch hours equals what amount of money so I don’t have the answer but I do get alerted when somebody in the system goes over 15 hours because nearly EVERY call like that is a money call
– In other words the more eye contact they make with me (watching these videos) the more they “like/know/trust” me and the more money I make, in fact in the last 30 days I haven’t had a single 15 hour watcher that I didn’t make money with on the first call so at this point I can email almost any real estate person and keep rescheduling a call with them until they watch 15 hours LOL

If you are nervous about the phone and kind of clumsy and not smooth like me, this lesson is powerful: make more eye contact with people… subtractively, meaning with you spending time.
– Of cource the content matters and you can use a picture too, but find as many ways as possible to re-create the 60 second eye contact experiment’s results
– On a farm they never name their animals because they are avoiding familiarity and you want to do the opposite FORCE yourself into your target’s soul LOL
– Azam and I are still tracking this but right now 15 hours of eye contact is my goal and it is a good benchmark for you to use too so every video you put up makes it easier for somebody to get there, also it helps if you only have 5-10 views because they know you made the video just for them

This really made a difference for me I hope it helps you too.

Thanks so much!

Make the Universe Smile!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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