The ONLY reason real estate investors fail, the single worst thought that an investor can ever have.

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This is why  real estate investors fail, and even why our students fail.  What is the difference between those who achieve and those don’t?

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Why real estate investors quit and fail to make $20,000 a month.

When it comes to buying and selling companies and real estate – and doing it creatively – I get a lot of questions and over the years I’ve heard many questions again and again.  Today I’m going to address what is probably the most dangerous of the common questions, once we go over this you’ll never again fall into the trap of thinking this is a smart question…

I’ll tell  you a story I heard as a child, a story about the Devil.

The lesson in this story is the secret to immunizing yourself from the quicksand mentality of the unaccomplished.  What we’re going to talk about is also going to allow you to read people a lot faster because once you know what to look for you’ll be able to pick out the best people – the artists to build your team with – you’ll be able to screen them at lightning speed once you learn this. 

Let’s get started –

You know the single best way to talk anybody into doing anything is to make them talk themselves into it – as if it was their idea.  The more committed they become the more your idea becomes their idea, as if it wasn’t something external that you introduced them to but rather as something internal that you reminded them of.

Suggestions becomes ideas, ideas become beliefs and the over time the source of a belief becomes less clear.  The deeper a belief becomes the more protective the mind becomes of it.  The filter that you process new information through becomes more selective in order to confirm, not challenge, your beliefs.

Any contradictions to your perspective are dismissed, minimized or ignored.

Your constructed reality builds on itself and is less dependent and based on what’s really happening and more dependent and based on what you have already accepted and want as reality.  This is how a whispered snowflake of suggestion turns into a mountain of manufactured truth. 

So my question to you is what snowflakes have you built into mountains.    

What have you allowed you to influence you?

What snowflakes of suggestion have you chosen to turn into mountains?

This is a pretty important question.  Maybe the most important question is deeper because you should know the source of that question and the influence of it.  What if your influencer was something as a dark as death?

I’m not saying that you’re under the influence of Satan…

… but if you were would he want you know it? 

All of the beliefs you have now, each started with a single grain of thought.  So where did that thought come from?  Where did that seed come from?  It’s an interesting question and there is a scientific name for this, we have a class on that I recommend going through – the class on neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the way that your brain reshapes itself based on what you think about.  You enlarge what you focus on.  What you think about the most doesn’t just become dominant in your mind but you’ll see it illustrated in the world whether it’s actually there or not.  Your attention is your reality –

So you actually CREATE what you think about.

Train yourself, for example, to find opportunities or train yoruself to find excuses – either way you’ll succeed.  You know while I’m talking about this another really stupid question that people – especially real estate investors – always ask:

“Will this work in my area?”

Or sometimes they’ll just flat out tell:

“That won’t work in my area.”

What those people really want is an excuse, they don’t really want to know if something applies to them or not they just want a reason that it doesn’t.  Imagine if I answered them by saying “YES”, what would happen next?  Will they go out and make things happen?

No, of course not.  If they don’t know me very well they may even say that don’t believe it is true or possible for anybody to do it.  That’s not true though because they would believe me if I said “NO!” this doesn’t in their area…?

They’ll definitely believe that right?

So it’s not an issue of trusting or believing me it’s really an issue of them finding an excuse to validate their inaction – that is what they really want.  That’s why as a policy (and I really shouldn’t be telling you this) whenever somebody asks me or any of us if something works in their area we always say:

“No, this does not work in you area.”

It doesn’t matter where they are or what area they’re talking about or even if they haven’t told us where they are yet – none of that matters – we always say “NO” and you should see the their reactions:

“OHHH I really wish that stuff did work in my area because I was really looking forward doing it…”

It is funny that they’re so eager to throw in the towel and unwilling to see that their eagerness is the very reason that it “won’t work” for them or in their area.  Anyway that’s not today’s question but it’s a version of it –

You know over the years people have asked me a lot of questions and some questions come up again and again.  Today I’m going to answer one of those questions but I wanted to do it in such a way that it would benefit those that may not have this question.

Today’s question is one of the most dangerous questions ever…

It is one of the worst questions ever…

It might be the worst question…

This isn’t just because of the question of itself but because of the mentality behind it because in reality when people even think about asking this – let alone actually asking it – they’ve already answered it.  In fact, this is the reason why the progress that most people only take their business – real estate  or otherwise – about as far as you can kick a balloon against the wind –

So here’s the situation:

Let’s say you’re an average person with an average income at an average job…

Or maybe you’re above average or maybe you’re already in business…

The bottom line is that for over nine out of 10 people – for just about everybody – you’re not happy with your income.  You want to make more money.  Actually most people just want to have more money they just want it to appear, the more ambitious want to MAKE (not just have) more money.

They WANT to GET it. 

The main part of understanding how to over-achieve is learn that the BIG obstacles won’t kill you, it is small ones.  We afraid of shark bites more than mosquito bites, but which are you more likely to get?  Also sharks only kill about 1-3 people a year, mosquitoes kill almost half a million of us.

Fear the SMALL stuff.

As Confucius said – it isn’t the mountains that we trip over, it is the pebbles.

Confucius quote on pebbles trip men not mountains

They WANT to GET it.

So when you think about that world, the world of increasing your income on purpose, you don’t have many options outside of business.  Since everybody is doing almost everything wrong, you pretty much have to change everything that you’re doing right now.

Most people don’t do that or want to do that.

Even if you do want that, the real issue come down to this – 

You’re either trained and you know what you’re doing or you’re just guessing.

I’ll tell you, just take a look at the numbers, the facts, the statistics and you’ll see that almost nobody has any idea what they’re doing.  Go through the SA Class (it is amazing) and one of the things you’ll see is that just about everybody that experiences significant changes in their financial situation –

(remember that it almost never happen, but when it does…)

It is because people are carried to that destination – it is NOT a result of skill.

Most people are just guessing.

So it’s natural to not get the best results and when that happens you start down a path where a question comes up, and that’s what today’s class about…

A simple three word question that represents a path to mediocrity…

A question that is the beginning of the end…

These words are the kiss of death

Here it is – the question is…


Usually people will start by talking about how hard they’re working, or how hard they’ve tried and then they’ll talk about a lack of supporters in their personal life.  They often (mistakenly) think support from their family is required – it doesn’t matter but you’ll almost never have domestic support.

“Oh, I just started in business or real estate investing and everybody is behind me…

… so should I quit?”

See how bizarre that sounds? 

First the LC will start with bad news.  That “bad” news is usually how hard they’re working, how long they’ve been working, poor results, deteriorating support, how tried or untalented they feel or differences in their situation versus the situations of others who are succeeding…

They’ll go on to explain how much money this endeavor has cost them and how little their ROI or even projected is compared to… Nothing. 

So here’s an example of how that sounds:

“Azam I’ve been trying to get into real estate for over 10 years, I’ve worked really hard and spent tens of thousands of dollars and probably a lot more I just don’t want to think about it.  I still haven’t made a penny from any of this and my friends and family think I’m crazy and I just need to get a regular job and start being normal….

… I’ve tried really hard to get this going but I’m started to think that maybe I don’t have what it takes or maybe I should try something new or try working in a new business or go to a new area where people are having more success in real estate.  I don’t know but I can’t keep going on like this, it would be a lot easier if this stress wasn’t in my life, should I just quit?”

And I just quoted an actual “question”.

There are many others and they always say same things.  Almost every time they don’t just say or ask “Should I quit?” – They usually add some or all of the ingredients I just talked about –

Here’s the answer

This the most brilliant answer ever on the topic.

Are you ready for it?

You know before I get into this anymore let me just say if you ever think about quitting…

Then you already have.

Just the fact that it is on your mind, it means that you have accepted alternate results or another course of action or a course of inaction instead of the desired outcome.  Either way once you get to a point where you are thinking about this let alone when you have given this strand of doubt enough layers of reinforcement to verbalize it –

At that point you’ve already lost… 


It is not too late, together you and I can fix it.

You know I thought for a while about I should answer this and I could give you 100 different answers or examples from other students but instead of that I’m going to tell you a story that I was told a very long time ago.

It has a lesson that has been on my mind ever since I heard it as a child. 

If you don’t know,  when I was growing up I moved around a lot.  I don’t mean moving around just in America but even abroad and I have a large extended family that’s all over the place.  So I’ve actually lived and been around all kind of people –

While talking about it let me say this about PEOPLE –

In my family and in my life I have lived with and been around Jewish people, Hindus, Muslims, Christians – I have been in the countries and grown up around them in my life and even in my family and I can tell you that they’re all great people, the disagreements or problems that people have are usually exaggerated by media to audiences and to a public that doesn’t know any better so they accept mischaracterizations.

This is done across the world, in every culture that I’ve been a part of…

The people are always “really intent on making this a better place” for people as Maya Angelou said.  To make the world better, see it better.  Be the better part of the world.

This is done across the world, in every culture that I’ve been a part of –

It is because the people with influence and money have an agenda and they have something to gain to victimize their audience and vilify those that don’t agree with them. 

My point is, that in a place like America we should be smarter than that – people are good – and not many people that you will ever meet have more experience with humanity than I do.  People are GREAT and there is MUCH MORE LOVE than hate, LOVE will always win.


I can tell you that it isn’t difficult to dramatically improve the world.  We can make things better not worse, we are much more alike than different, the world has more love than hate, – people are good.

Anyway – when it comes to different religions I got it from all angles – and a few things stuck, right now I’ll you about one powerful lesson that an uncle of mine taught me – it’s about the Devil.

And the day all of the demons approached the devil…

Once upon a time…

The most powerful demons in the world came to the devil and they said that it wasn’t fair that he got all the credit for all the evil in the world because all the demons were just as good at causing evil as he was…

“The only problem is that we don’t have your tools if we just had your tools then we could be stronger than you and cause more evil than you, so why don’t you give us some of your tools?  It isn’t fair that you have them all just give us some of your tools…

The devil looked them at scoffed:

“Leave me alone demons you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The demons left but sometime later they came back with even more demons.  They said the same thing:

“We need your tools if we just had your tools we could beat you and without them this isn’t a fair fight!”

Now this time the devil had a harder time dealing with demons but eventually he got rid of them…

Some time after that ALL of the demons ambushed the devil and this time they demanded the devil’s tools they said that they would not leave until they got his tools.

“We DEMAND you share your tools with us!”

Now at this time the devil realized what that he had a rebellion on his hands and sooner or later he had to deal with this.  So he made a deal with demons:

“Okay I’ve been telling you that it isn’t about the tools but if you want me to prove it to you FINE.  I will  I’ll lay out all my tools I’ll let all of you pick any tools that you want take as many as you want and then we’ll go out into the world and see who causes the most evil…

After you’ve taken all my tools if I still beat you then none of you will ever rebel, challenge or question or me EVER again…

Do we have a deal?

The demons all smiled because they knew that if they got their hands on the devils tools there’s no way they would lose. 

They all agreed to the deal.

So the devil took all his tools and he laid them out in front of all the demons of the world. 

“These are all the tools that I have this is every way that I am able to create evil.  Without these tools there would never be any evil in the universe.”

And all the tools were laid out…

There was gluttony, greed, pride, sloth, wrath, envy, lust, jealousy, murder, mayhem chaos, rage, betrayal, seduction, deceit, thievery, bloodlust, corruption, rape, arrogance, bribery, destruction, hate, vengeance, torture, ignorance… the list goes on.

ALL of the Devil’s Tools…

“Take your pick, as many or as few as you want.”

The endless arsenal of tools were laid out as far as they eye could see in every direction.  The demons flooded the tools and fought over them, arguing over who would get what.  The devil just stood back and waited for them to finish.  Eventually they were done and the ranks of demons stood before the devil armed to the teeth with all of his tools…

Except one.

Remember that anytime anybody has figured something out and won a worthy goal it is because they climbed a mountain that few others were willing to…

Those at the top of the mountain didn’t get there by falling.

To win you MUST beat the devil the way he beat the other demons, and you’ll know how when you know what tool they left him… and why.

Those atop mountains didn't fall there

All the tools were chosen… except one.

In all the fighting over the tools the demons had left one behind.

There was one tool that nobody wanted.  It was the smallest, the most worn out and the weakest of all the tools.  The devil walked over, picked it up and asked:

“You all left this one behind is the tool that you are leaving me…
… are you sure that nobody wants this one?”

“Yes, you can have that one, we don’t need it.”

The demons saw it as useless junk so they told the devil to go ahead and keep that one tool.  So one more time the devil confirmed the deal:

“Okay so now that you have all my tools and some of you have dozens and others have hundreds, but now that you have them and you have left me with nothing but this one tool now the challenge starts and we’ll see who can create more evil in the world and if I win remember that I’m never to be challenged again…

.. That’s the deal right?”

“Yes, but don’t worry about it because there’s no way that you can win, but if somehow you do win yes we’ll never dare to question your authority again.”

The demons signed the contract.

Then the devil snapped his finger and the contract was recorded and with a puff of smoke the contract disappeared and then…

The devil started laughing…

It was deep, gutteral, uncontrollable laughter that got louder and louder…

“You fools… you don’t stand a chance.”

“Why do you say that devil?”

That’s when the demons learned who they were dealing with.

The devil held up his tiny tool and explained – 

“In my hands is the ultimate tool of evil, in fact it is THE required tool for evil and none of the other tools combined have any power without this one tool.  I knew you demons would look past it and let me have it because you don’t understand how humans work.”

The demons got closer and listened closely… the devil continued…

“All of the tools you have only work on bad people, the problem is that people are not bad, people are good.  So to create evil in the world it won’t happen by making bad people do bad things it happens by making good people do bad things…

… We need to turn good people bad…

The secret to spreading evil isn’t to influence bad people, it is to create them.  In the war between good and evil this tool in my hands is the most underestimated power that there is because only with it can evil live on…

This tool is what allows a bad person to be born within a good one.  This isn’t just the only tool that you need but it’s the one tool, the only tool that allows room for any other tool to work.  The plummet  that a person takes from good to bad isn’t sudden or in the blink of an eye…

… It is a gradual descent that starts with a single unnoticed step…

It is important that the first movement towards evil is done covertly because if people knew the path they were starting on or the person they were about to become then there is no way they would allow it to happen.  But it must happen for our work to carry on…

There aren’t enough bad people in the world for evil to survive…

We must recruit from the good.

The turn from good to bad has to be done in such a way that people don’t know it’s happening and that’s what this tool does that.  This is how I’m able to speak into peoples ears, to embed myself into their minds and eventually my suggestions become their orders, my plans become their goals and…

My words become their thoughts.

… and all this happens before they even know that we started talking.  This tool is so small because I don’t want it to be noticed, it’s so worn down because I use it the most and it’s so weak because I need it to be accepted easily.

And I have disguised this tool so well that even all of you demons were fooled…

You all overlooked it’s importance but without this tool you are all powerless, without this tool even I would be powerless.  This is the ultimate of all my tools, it is…

The tool of… discouragement.”

That’s the answer for today – discouragement.

That’s a story I have always remembered and anytime that I’ve felt myself getting discouraged I immediately work to improve my autocorrect.  If you look at your situations in the past, the times in your life when you did things that you know you’re better than, when you think of those times you usually did those things because somewhere along the line you allowed yourself to get discouraged.

Make no mistake getting discouraged is a choice.

I’ll say that again – getting discouraged is a choice.  The moment you accept it, a pact is made with the devil, you are shaking hands with a chainsaw.  You should treat it like talking to the devil because if you don’t take aggressive steps to reshape the path you’re on then pretty soon you’re thinking about quitting. 

Then you’re wondering if you should quit…

… eventually not quitting seems crazy.

This is why most people and most businesses are a graveyard of brilliance and potential.  So many smart people live their lives carrying around the tumors of regret, the darkness of suffocated potential and the scars of lost dreams.

If you study this you’ll see the same pattern.

Whenever somebody arrives at the destination of quitting, if you trace your finger back through their maze of decisions all the way back to the starting point you will always see that the first turning point that leads down the path to quitting always starts with…

The choice to get discouraged.

That is the moment that the seed is planted.  So my answer to all the questions about quitting is more a mirror than advice.  If you’re wondering whether or not you should quit – you’ve already decided to quit, you’ve decided to give less than your all…

You’ve decided to make countless microdecisions based on a less than half-assed effort…

That fractioned effort is all that you are willing to give in those moments and you have already decided, hundreds or thousands of times at the very least…

To get discouraged.

Anytime this happens you need to be able to recognize it, know what is happening and FIX it.

The choice to get discouraged will cost you.

 So my reply to anybody wondering if they should quit is… what do you want?

That’s the real answer.

If you don’t want to be a quitter then it will rely on your ability to immunize yourself from getting discouraged.  So if you really want something – ANYTHING – then don’t let the D-word happen and instead use your passion, resilience and training to look at any potential setback as an opportunity to learn and improve your approach.

Grab opportunity by the hair, minimize the negative and maximize the positive.

In short – be the best version of yourself.

Only get involved with causes and business that mean enough to you that you will not allow anything other than your best foot forward.  Keep in mind that the world won’t miss what you never give it, so use my stuff and leverage your emotional capital by investing in whatever model you do from now on.

Once you do this, you will insulate yourself and become allergic to discouragement.  When you look back at your old self you’ll have the disbelief of a weight loss victor looking at before pictures.  THAT is the level of crazy you want to perform at.

And finally remember this…

Momentum is one of the strongest forces in the world, and it works both ways.

Inertia is Newton’s first law and it states that objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest.  All energy creates a force field around itself to build it’s own immune system.  This is always enforcing action and reinforcing inaction. 

Whenever you quit or DO NOT QUIT something – you feed a habit.

If you quit or get discouraged then you train yourself and add an extra burden of weight to start the next journey with.  From now on commit and do not stop pursuing a goal until you get what you want.  Arm yourself with willpower, emotion and skill so that you ignore the temptations to quit.

Why do I spend so much time talking about this?

One of the reasons that I’m spending so much time talking about this is because even though I’ve heard this question from some people I know that a lot more people let the thought of quitting cross their minds…

.. Or worse they don’t actually decide to quit.

They may just just take time to consider their goals and they just let them fade away.  Days of inactivity turn into weeks, weeks into months months into years and soon they don’t even remember all the things they passively quit.

And to the younger people from overseas who may have found their way here you guys are probably wondering what I’m talking about, you never DREAM of quitting or letting up – this is a problem that is almost entirely in America because quitting is a luxury that comes with comfort. 

I repeat: Quitting is a luxury that comes with comfort.

What makes all this worse is that there are some very simple ways that we’ve talked about on how to beat this demon so it is not only possible to win but it can be easy.  You can immunize yourself by using our training and with basic levels of passion, skill, training, etc.

Ultimately it comes down to how you deal with your problems.

It matters whether you look at them as challenges to get past or problems to dwell on.  A lot of times somebody will tell me about a problem or a laundry list of problems and one thing you’ll always hear the LC say is:

“I’ve tried everything.”

It is the kiss of death.

As a policy whenever I hear that I always say the same thing, anybody on our team we always say the same thing to this – we respond the same way:

“List the last 10 things that you tried and how you improved your approach with each.”

In all the years that I’ve been doing this nobody has EVER had a list of 10 things that they did and improvements that they made to each one.  They don’t even have a list of 5 things, rarely do they even have 1-3 things that they can list.

The problem is that people don’t try many different things to solve their problems.

They might try one or two things or MAYBE three or four but they don’t go crazy.  The problems you have with the way deal with problems is a simple problem to solve.

The best way to stop your problems from overwhelming you is to overwhelm them.

From now with any problem or challenge that comes up immediately write the numbers 1 through 10 down then go back and fill in each blank with an idea on how to deal with your issue.  Push yourself to come up with at least 10 answers.

Remember intelligence is the ability to make connections,
this is how you make yourself get smarter.

There is no problem in the world that somebody somewhere in history hasn’t already solved we just don’t always make the connection.  In our brilliance class when we talked about the Wright Brothers and the mastery of flight and how the first airplanes were made of materials that had been around for thousands of years but nobody make the connection.  Everything is like that.

Push yourself to make better connections.

List 10 possible solutions.

Find out who would have the answer, or who would know somebody who has the answer and then make sure that with each of the 10 items you can get them started and have some way to measure their effectiveness in the next 24 hours.  One of our kids Sabrina came up with a name for this:

It is called The 24/10 Solution.

It is brilliant.

Why?  Because within 24 hours you can look at the most effective idea and you reinforce them and then look at the less effectiveness ones and you fix them.  Then you come up with 10 more ideas, or 10 more or 30 more ideas – you go crazy – and the first list may take some time but I train students to come up with that list in less than 60-90 seconds.

You solve problems fast.

Solve big problems make big money

If you solve big problems fast and well – you’ll always have worlds of opportunity.

You are paid in relation to the size of the problem that you solve.

So in general your income and accomplishments in life will depend on your ability to develop or extract ideas and mold them into brilliance and then putting that brilliance into action.   Developing brilliance and then getting it executed – those two things will solve any money problems that you will ever have.

Notice I said getting it executed instead of executing it yourself.

That’s a whole lesson on it’s own.

Right now we’ll focus on this though because once you start doing this you’ll develop bulletproof confidence.  You’ll always know that you can deal with anything, that you have a concrete chin and nothing will keep you down.

This is how and why we are able to get even kids to come up with so many great ideas and becoming so brilliant.  This is one way that we do that and anybody trained with my stuff can figure anything out once they go through the “24/10” and they constantly get smarter.

What is more profitable or important than your ability to quickly solve problems?

You see how powerful that is?

If you’re hearing this and you think:

“Oh Azam that’s too much work, 10 things or more and going crazy that’s too much that’s an over reaction!”

First I’d say ask you what would happen if you lived your life solving your problems too fast or too aggressively – would that really be a problem? 

Would you rather have too many problems and not enough solutions or…

… too many solutions and not enough problems?

On top of that if you’re thinking that this is too much work, then… you’re right.

If you think it is too much work, you’re right (for you) so don’t do it.

Let somebody else do it while you become just another statistic.

Most people won’t do this and most people will let their laziness convince them that fixing their problems is more painful than having them. 

That’s why most people won’t get what they want.

Then say something stupid like “That sounds like too much work!”

I won’t tell you that you’re as wrong as bestiality…

Which my students know that you are, instead…

I’d say the opposite, that you’re right and that’s exactly what your competitors think too.  It is why their competing with you and you’re all on the same level and you’re not going to make a good student so please don’t apply.

Most people are very creative in finding problems, not in solving them.

Don’t let challenges discourage you, discourage them.  As you develop this skill, you’ll develop a fearlessness and that will make you immune to market conditions, the economy, competition, pricing wars, online changes, etc.

You’ll know that you and your team will always figure it out…

Never getting discouraged.

Remember, most people quit.  They will rationalize it and make it sound like it’s the logical conclusion.  You need to know better than to listen to those mother grabbers, it isn’t about being smart or arrogant – you aren’t better than them, just better trained.

And finally remember this…

Momentum is one of the strongest forces in the world, and it works both ways…

Enforcing action and reinforcing inaction.

Whenever you quit something you feed a habit, train yourself and add an extra burden of weight to start the next journey with.  From now on do not stop pursuing a goal until you get what you want.  Arm yourself with willpower, emotion and skill so that you ignore the temptations to quit…

… or to even get discouraged.

Don’t let the devil win…

Stay unstoppable and accumulate WINs…

Make sure enter your name and email below to get our FREE class on how to make 30k/month passive buying real estate small businesses zero down – Much Love y’all –

– Indy Anna

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