How I made $1,700 in four days on AirBNB and I don’t even have a house LOL

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This is a quick success story that came in from Colin

– This was from my video about AirBNB and the flyer, check the link out below
– I talked about using other people’s properties instead of just your own
– Then I showed you guys are Special Needs group is making over $11,000/month by getting rooms from their donors

That is what Colin

– He went to his local church and offered a split
– The members could “donate” a house or a room
– He would do all the work and put it up on AirBNB and do all the cleanup

This is part of his email:

“Az and Indy Anna THANK YOU SO MUCH I can’t believe my net profit after everything is $1,700 and it will be over $2,000 for the WEEK!”

Rock on Colin!

Remember you can watch the original the link is below.

So the original post about the flyer that made me $6,000 a month on AirBNB is here. I also put the video below.

Thanks everybody!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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