Real estate lesson from filmmaker’s disappearance: “How I went from from 4M in debt to 25k/mo.”

This is an older class but I got a lot of out this so I posted here for you guys.

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There is so much brilliance when you get just a LITTLE better at finding it.  Of course that’s not what the LC thinks or how they will see it.  To them there is NO brilliance, money or opportunity anywhere to be found.  Their mantra is always the same…

“Does that work in my area?”

Translation: “Can I quit now?”

Or often the question mark is removed…

“That doesn’t work in my area.”

Today’s class will be a deeper look at how to see brilliance and add vision and scale.

Hope this helps guys, as always please share your feedback and please let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can help with…

Thanks everybody!  = )

~ Indy Anna

Five steps to add vision to brilliance notes

I posted this here for you guys.

There is so much brilliance when you get just a LITTLE better at finding it.  Of course that’s not what the LC thinks or how they will see it.  To them there is NO brilliance, money or opportunity anywhere to be found.  Their mantra is always the same…

“Does that work in my area?”

Translation: “Can I quit now?”

Or often the question mark is removed…

“That doesn’t work in my area.”

Today’s class will be a deeper look at how to see brilliance and add vision and scale.

Hope this helps guys, as always please share your feedback and please let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can help with…

Thanks everybody!  = )

~ Indy Anna

Old painting meme about LC questions like does this work in my area

How real estate investors can create passive income by adding vision to brilliance.

Azam Meo here with today’s WBE lesson:

Add Vision to Brilliance.
(it’s a higher version of brilliance)

One of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learned is that brilliance is everywhere, it is around us everyday.  There is no shortage of brilliance but there is always a shortage a vision.  Every single successful business is always based on at least one seed of brilliance.

You can gather that seed, use that seed and plant not a tree, but an orchard.

Most people view the world through a lens of small mindedness, and that filter works as a shackle.  It immediately smoothers brilliance at birth.  Before you program yourself to think big, you have to unprogram yourself from thinking small – this takes effort and skill.

But once you do you’ll see opportunities everywhere.

Everywhere you look you’ll see restrained brilliance that is just waiting for you to add a little vision.

Here are a few examples:

Angelo Mariani developed a drink that became very popular.  He billed it as a medical toxin that could help fatigue, depression, sexual performances and all sorts of stuff.  US President McKinley and even the Pope all endorsed the drink and Angelo’s fame was going to live on…

Until people came to understand dangers of the ingredients – which included alcohol.

Angelo never came up with another suitable way to make the beverage so eventually he went out of business.  At the same time an American pharmacist saw this and decided to copy the idea but he had a bigger vision he saw a much broader audience for the drink than just as a medical toxin.

He thought the audience could be the public at large and when the same thing happened to him and his ingredients were outlawed instead of going out of business he made a few tiny changes to take out the illegal ingredients. 

He didn’t have the limitations of just being medical toxin.

By using Angelo’s exact same idea but just with a larger audience than purely medicine seekers, by adding a little vision, not only was his idea more successful but he was also more resistant to the changes that destroyed Angelo’s business.

Moving it to a larger audience and making only minute changes, the pharmacist’s idea thrived.  And he named the drink after the ingredients used to make it; coca leaves and kola nuts.  That’s how John Pemberton started the empire of Coca Cola.

Most people have never heard of Hans Lipperhey

… he was a German guy that is given credit for inventing the telescope.  Or he is at least the first one to get a patent for it.  It was a great way to make far away objects seem closer, and Hans thought it would be a great military tool to use in battle.

Then another guy came along and with a tiny change he revolutionized the world of science.

This new guy’s idea was so groundbreaking that after he presented it publicly, everybody forgot about Hans and now people think that the new guy invented the telescope.  So who was he and was his idea?  He saw the telescope and he added a different vision – literally –

He thought it should be used in a larger way, an out of this world way…

He looked at the telescope and thought that instead of looking across a battlefield or into a house that was across the street it would be much more interesting to do something that today we think he obvious but at the time he changed the world

He took the telescope and he pointed it at the sky.

His name was Galileo.

Pictures of Coca Cola first ads, Galileo and the first film to show the effect of vision added to good ideas

Have you ever wondered about the first film ever made?

Below is a scene from the first film ever, this was the first movie ever made.  The motion picture camera was invented with this short film.  The inventor’s name was Louis Le Prince and he got the idea for the camera after a night of drinking with me.

You’ve probably never heard of him though, and that’s weird, right? 

The guy who invents something as amazing movies and you’ve never heard of him… why is that?

Well that’s because one day he was on his way to the UK to get a patent on his revolutionary idea and he was going to easily win a legal battle that would change his life

… he boarded a train…

… waved his family goodbye and…

… was never seen again.

His body and his luggage were never found. 

He just disappeared.  To this day what really happened to him is still a mystery.  Historians think what his family said at the time which is that one of his competitors, the one he was about to beat in court, had him killed. 

Louis Le Prince was about to become a motion picture legend.

Then he disappers… crazy right?

And to accuse his competitor of murder may seem kind of crazy, especially over an argument around an invention.  If the accusers are right then the guy, the competitor, must kind of evil right?  So who was this competitor? 

The competitor’s name as Al…

… and to see how understandable it was to accuse him of murder all you have to do is see how Al dealt with other competitors.   Al was a crazy mother grabber.  To undermine a competing businessman’s ideas, Al used to repeatedly and publicly…

Electrocute horses, dogs and cats and even filmed the electrocution death of an elephant, Topsy.

Al would torture and electrocute animals and FILM it all in order to make a (supposedly) competitor look bad.  He used to invite the media and do these torturous executions at public events.  This is there the term “electrocution” was developed, at least into what it means today.  RIP Topsy.

It was after seeing his horrific PR stunts that people came up with that word to describe the unbelievably terrible things that were seeing.  When electrocuting animals wasn’t enough he turned to people, Al developed America’s first electric chair.

Because of the reckless way that Al made the chair, the first execution took about 8 full minutes.

It was said by observers that it woud’ve been quicker, more painless and more humane to use an “axe“.  Al did all this because he wanted people to associate his competitor with death.  These electrocutions were done using a competitor’s idea because…

He wanted to make sure  that when people thought of his competitor they thought of a gruesome death.

That’s why he was doing all this.

But guess whose idea was better? 

It was Al’s competitor, a guy named George Westinghouse.  Westinghouse’s idea was better and later Al admitted that he knew it all along, which makes all the torturing and killing seem even worse right?  He did all that to prove a point that he knew was wrong…

Amazingly everything I just said has been swept under the rug

Today none of that is what Al is remembered for.

So what IS Al remembered for?

Topsy the elephant being electrocuted to death

So one day Al saw a light bulb…

Although he didn’t invent it, in fact it’d been around before he was even born but all the inventors of the time were focused on lighting one light bulb, Al did not invent it but he DID add vision to it.  Instead of lighting on light bulb he used the same concept to light several light bulbs.

A seemingly obvious connection, yet nobody made the connection except him.

This is how and why history has been rewritten so well that most people hardly believe that Al’s full name was…

Thomas Alva Edison.

By the way…

After Le Prince died, Edison took full credit for Le Prince’s idea.

Not saying he killed him, but he wasn’t heartbroken over the death and he did profit from it.

Here’s the point, my goal is not to downplay or minimize the brilliance of anybody, this isn’t to deny their brilliance but rather to define it.  Think about each example, whether it’s Coca Cola, Galileo or Edison – each of the men in those examples took existing brilliance…

… they took ideas that were already developed and invented and…

They added a very simple ingredient: VISION.

That was their brilliance – their vision.

That missing ingredient, the power of vision, brings it’s own brilliance by itself.  The process of taking an existing concept or idea and adding a level of scalability, or looking at a piece of brilliance and identifying a broader utility – seeing a larger application – that in itself is genius.

One of the worst questions that people ever ask are things like:

“What’s the fastest, easiest way to make money in real estate…”

(or in whatever industry they’re in)

The core problem with that mentality is that they want you to accept the premise that will give the least of themselves to whatever project they undertake.  So not only will they approach any potential business with handicapped ambition and tenacity but on top of that –

On top of giving so little respect to their work and their goals…

On top of that they’re going to be impatient too.

They’ll say things like:

“I need it to work immediately…”

“I need something that will work fast.”

“I know the whole ‘built it over time and accumulate’ stuff but I need money by Friday.”

This is all LC language.

It is code for:

“I’m so eager to give up and so unwilling to take my work seriously or invest emotion into my efforts that I need to do something so irrelevant that even a half-assed isn’t required.”

Ironically because of their attitude they are ensuring that it is exponentially more likely that they will quit rather than succeed.  If you start a business that you don’t care about, then you’re going to have a business that you don’t care about.

These people will rarely understand that this is a self imposed problem that can be fixed in seconds with the right perspective.  It is much easier for them to victimize themselves with chants like:

“I already tried that and it doesn’t work.”

They’re not realizing that:

The way you treat opportunities does not define them, it defines you.

You will gain a better, more humble and grateful attitude when you understand how lucky you are to have these opportunities.  The “Passive Income Pyramid” below explains this even more, you start with volunteering which forces you to mentally understand the importance of building runways.

Do you want it built fast or built to last?

You can do both if you do it right…

Diagram showing five levels to reach passive income

That’s how to create passive income forever.

My point is that MOST people are not the ones you want to follow,  If you think like most people you will get what most people get.  Now with that said I want to tell you something, if you bring the right approach if you take things seriously and view opportunity from correct perspective –

Through the lens that I teach…

Then this lesson, today’s lesson of adding vision to brilliance, is one of the fastest ways to change one’s financial situation.  This is one of the fastest ways to go from zero to the 1%.  We have Heroes who’ve done this overnight and even more are doing it now.

This is one of the many lessons that changes everything once you learn it:

“I once was once blind but now I see.”

It is THAT kind of a moment.

It is like you were seeing the world in black and white now and then you start seeing it color.  I guess every lesson is like that and that’s partly why I share so much feedback so that you can see how important and life changing this stuff CAN be for the right person.

But with this lesson…

Adding vision to brilliance…

This lesson is a real gamechanger.

Honestly all of these lessons and models are gamechangers and the models are so amazing that when people ask me to pick my favorite, it is harder to pick than a broken nose… but I REALLY like this one.  We have many Heroes who’ve put BIG WINS on the board with this.

I can sit down right now and give you example after example of stuff that my students and Builders and Heroes are doing, I can go over example after example and have so much to share that I you and I could be here from now until the Zombie Apocalypse

… but earlier today…

I was on a conference call and I opened it up and asked some of my closest students to give me an example of this lesson in action.  I asked for an example that I could share here with you and one of the examples that came up was a couple named Harry and Becky.

Now to understand what he did let’s pretend it was you.

Let’s say that you want to get into commercial real estate, specifically apartment buildings.

Using today’s lesson of adding vision to brilliance, you would want to isolate pieces of brilliance and then add to them.  Very few people think big and even less purposely to try to think bigger than they are already thinking.

Any of my students will tell you, no matter how big you’re thinking it’s not big enough.  You can always think even bigger.  So in this case let’s say that you find some of the best property managers in the area and let’s say you interview five of them and you find out their best ideas and practices.

How do they find, handle and maximize tenants’ value?

You would be doing this to get the most profitable things that they are doing and then you are going to turn them into policies for your business.  After you talk to just a few of them you are going to end up with a list of the best policies from the best people.

Getting this information comes down to how well trained you are.

Here’s one quick way, just call them and ask them what you should do.

Ask THEM what questions you should be asking to find a good property manager.  Have them come up with a checklist that you can use to evaluate them and people like them.  After you get the policies, now you just need a Method of Execution – BUT…

Something else comes before your Method of Execution.

Let’s imagine that you have the best policies on how to find good tenants and how to manage them.  We’ll say that these ideas are currently being used to manage 10 or 15 tenants or 10 or 15 units.  Now you add some VISION

You are going to take that brilliance, the demonstrated brilliance that you know is working effectively for these people and you are going to add a little vision.  So instead of doing it with just 10-15 units you are going to do with 500 units or 5,000. 

If you’re just starting out then you want to start a little smaller with maybe just 25 or 30 units.

Even though this is much less than you will eventually do, just the fact that you have that vision in your mind will help you execute.  The fact that you know where you’re going, that alone makes a big difference. 

It helps for several reasons, one is that you will come to understand the REAL reason you are in business and why people are coming to you – because you make their assets worth more money.  This reminds of the meme about a woman’s melons, the lesson is that you want to know WHY people come to you.

So now you are going to take the brilliance and apply it in a larger way.

Woman with melons who tries selling lemons and does not know why nobody is buying the real melons
Using one unit first to test your ideas on and then buying the entire apartment building

This is one way to buy apartment buildings zero down…

You could go to a large apartment complex and you talk to them and agree to do a mass lease, also called a master lease sometimes.  What this means is that you are going to lease in bulk.  You are going to get a chunk of units and then you are going to sub lease them.

Since you are buying/renting in bulk, you get a discount.

You should get discounts whenever you buy in bulk.  The discount plus the difference between what your tenants pay you and what you pay the apartment complex is your profit.  You want to expand the difference.  So if you rent 30 units at $500 a month you can rent them out for $1,000 a month.

Let’s say that after everything you net $250/month per unit.

That’s on 30 units so it comes out to $7,500 a month.

You see how that works right?

Think about this from the complex’s perspective.

Remember the Best Interest Principles that we always teach because it is something that we take very seriously.  The BIP dictate that anytime you do anything for/with anybody, you always want to make sure that it is in THEIR best interest.

Always do things for and with people that are in their best interest.

So from the apartment owners standpoint here you are isolating the best ideas on how to find high paying, high quality and low maintenance tenants.  You get the best ideas on how to do it and instead of selling them or charging them huge money for it you are willing to only get paid on performance.

You get paid based on how much more money they make.

This is also why unlike what most people in the business will tell you aren’t going to be paying anything out of pocket.  In this example, our Heroes not only paid NOTHING but they now get paid up front to help people do this.  For more check out our class screening tenants here.

In case you didn’t already guess he is doing exactly what I just said – he rents units in bulk and then he sublets them, they sub lease them and he use the current management team to carry out the better policies.

This will make you even more of a brilliance magnet.

That’s a huge benefit to the apartments because now their team can use the same policies with all their other units.  But that’s not what usually happens because they usually come back and ask him to help them implement the policies with their other units as well.

Think about this…

Look at what’s happening and what you need to get started…

There is no risk, there is no money down, there are no loans, no credit…

NONE of that.

Plus, and you can start even smaller and with just a few units.


How does a master lease option work with apartment buildings

Just like with ALL passive income Models, it is best to start this by volunteering.

You can do a GXM and volunteer just to test the waters (and if you don’t know what that is you are missing out on a universe of Goodness with the GXMs, go to for more on that) and see how you do.

Either way you improve your skill of taking existing brilliance and just adding vision.

By the way when it comes to our Hero from today, I won’t even talk about how much money he’s making altogether but just from two deals that we went over, his net profit every month was over $30,000… every month.

$30,000 a month from just these two deals and the business that came from them.

That’s the power of taking brilliance and applying it in a broader fashion.  Letting one thing to lead to another and taking advantage of opportunities in front of you as you create them.  Remember one of our favorite quotes of all time:

“Opportunities multiply when they are seized.”

I was the first person to ever say that and Sun Tzu stole it from me.

So typical Sun… I’m watching you.

No matter, this is a brilliant lesson that you should take note of.

Some years ago…

I had a contact who was the head of the landlord association or some high up position like that, his name was Gary and he was a big deal in a west coast market.  I met him while we were running ads on a local radio station and then I was doing an interview with them.

It was one of those small radio shows and I  was thinking you know like four people are listening and that included the three people in the studio.  Since then I’ve learned that you should work with smart, small stations like this that are smart enough to target their audiences.

Because they may be smaller but they’re so well targeted that it more than makes up for it.

This is often more profitable than talking to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

I connected with Gary through doing one of these radio interviews.  He told me that what I just went over was the most amazing explanation that he had ever heard in over 30 years of being in real estate.  He said it was absolutely brilliant, and you know me and how much I hate to argue – so I was like…

“Okay Gary, You’re right.”

Then he asked me to share this with his associations.  I did that and that’s how I met a Hero named Oliver who was a struggling commercial real estate guy.  Oliver had gone over the edge, he was over $4 million on debt, in bankruptcy and his marriage was falling apart.  He was a mess.

So he used this little lesson that I’m talking about to isolate management policies and then apply them to multiple units through a bulk lease.  First he got the policies, then he identified a Method of Execution and he was able to turn everything around.

This is ALL he did, he did NOTHING else.

Oliver turned everything around, got out of bankruptcy and was making over $25,000 a month.  Not huge Bill Gates money right?  NOT billions but still better than a kick to the groin, right?  And guess what else he did?

Oliver went back and scooped up his girl… he won her back.

OH also – one of the things she was really impressed by was that he went VEGAN… 

I KNOW how some people react to the mention of going vegan (see image below)…

… and I get it but it really comes down to just getting yourself informed.  

As you may or may not know I’ve converted MANY people to veganism and even if you don’t stick with it you should at least try it so that you can choose.  There are so many insane health improvement stories that we’ve had, I’m not QUITE as bad as the crazy vegans but it is an important cause to us.

About how he scooped her back up, I’m not sure how that went…

I don’t know how it went down, but you know it is funny…

Oliver is a big 80s fanatic, just like me.  We love movies and music and 80s memorabilia stuff from the 1980s.  So I don’t know exactly how he won her back but as I’ve told Oliver, here’s how I picture that romantic encounter…

She was working on an assembly line at a factory and he walked in full military uniform

Anyway… make sure you at least try going vegan.

meme about waiting irritated about somebody asking for vegan options
Steps to this part of the Invisible Landlord Model

Did Gary really do that and stroll past all her coworkers and making his way to her machine…?

Proably not.  But they could’ve done the Invisible Landord Model together anyway.

Then he could’ve done it like that and picked her up and gracefully carried her outside and just as they walked out the door she took his hat and put on her head.  Yep, that’s exactly how it happened.  Or, maybe not.  In all seriousness though, I know a lot of people have domestic issues…

Where a spouse may not see or appreciate your brilliance…

That can be heartbreaking.

You really need to ask yourself what will it to take to change that for you?

What do your actions say that you REALLY want?

What future are you cementing?

Behavior never lies.

You want to be seen as a better person, to be a better person.  If you want to prove that your ambitions are worth attention and respect and that you’re a better person and that you’ve learned from your mistakes…

Do you show up bankrupt with $4M in debt or do you show up after you pulled yourself out of bankruptcy?  After you deal with the $4M and after you’re making $25,000/month?  You see the difference, yes?

I hope you’re taking notes, because this is how you win back a gold digger.

… I kid, I kid.

You see how this works though, right?  Identify brilliance and then use your vision to expand it on a larger scale.  By the way you probably know that when we invent ways to build companies we break them up into different models.

This example from today is so brilliant that you must be thinking it must be a model right?

It is easy to think that, but you’d be as wrong as bestiality because everything today is only a small part of something much larger called the Invisible Landlord Model.  That model has five parts and this is just one section of one part.

I think there’s four other sections in part one.  So everything we’ve talked about today is the tip of a much larger (and more profitable) iceburg.  It gives you an idea of how profitable and how badass any given Model can be.

I don’t know even know how many these guys have invented I stopped counting.

Picture of Training

Each Model can run as it’s own business, a totally separate company.  Each Model is like it’s own little oil well.  It is like these guys chant “WeBuildEmpires” or something.  If only there were some way to get trained – okay, let’s wrap this up – so finally remember this…

Too often people validate their inaction by calling the consequences of their laziness concealed intentions.  They will lower their ambitions, and then adjust their lifestyle to match.  Ambitions aren’t determined by exertion, exertions are determined by ambition.

In other words don’t want what you get, go get what you want…

You can apply to become a Builder at

And to our homebody Oliver Twist – you can be my wingman anytime.


Don’t Blink.

Hesitation is the abortion of potential.  Nearly all wasted potential, unrealized opportunities and forgotten dreams are birthed, at their core, from hesitation.  It’s better to do it wrong, than later. Do that and you’ll always…

Make the Universe Smile.

– Indy Anna

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