Azam Meo here and…

This is Eago and Zazu.

They are Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots.  The males are green and the females are red, he is the boy and she is the girl.  They are beautiful.  I love them and they have changed my life.  You should be more loving to animals.

So we Eago… Zazu… and Azam.

That’s called a Marker.

(part of our dialog training)

Okay, so…

Azam Meo here and I’m not sure exactly where to start so I’ll do this I always try and help people know if they’re in the right place as soon as possible…

So I’ll say this right now to help you know if you should be here or not:

This is all about learning how to buy and sell companies and real estate…

… (and we’ve invented ways to do it that are pretty cool)…

You can do it with no money down, no credit checks, no loans and eventually  without leaving your house and in less than 15-20 hours a week…

On each deal that you do the minimum that you should make is at least $10,000 – $30,000 a month.

So if that is what you want to learn how to do then this page is for you and you are in the exact right place.  Also, in that case, in the case that this is what you want to know how to do then here’s what I want you to do…

I want you to watch this class very carefully because this moment can be one of those things that happens in your life that changes everything.

I really mean that.

Maybe it won’t be that moment.

Maybe after going through this it makes no difference in how the see the world or how you see your role in the world and the goals of your life.  Maybe that will all change or maybe it won’t. 

If that’s the case and this does nothing for you, then we can still be friends and maybe you and I can work on something else together…

For the right person today’s class is the beginning of journey that will change your life and have a ripple effect that’ll change lives all around you…

For decades to come.

To all the people that I’ve seen who are struggling or don’t know where to turn I want to make sure that you have a chance at seeing what you’ve been missing.  I want you to see the hidden world that you knew was there but never saw a way to reach.

I know what that feels like.

I’ve seen what this can do, here’s what I mean…

This is a picture of my Mom, my parents are from India and Pakistan.  Only because I was lucky enough to be born in America, that’s the only reason I’m able to be with you here today. 

My father worked two full time jobs and went to school full time as well.

That meant that he had up to 90 minutes or if he was lucky up to 2 hours to come home and shower, eat and sleep.  All in less than 90 minutes and one of my first memories is my mother sitting on the bed with her hand on his chest and crying because she had to wake him up and she knew he got almost no sleep.

I want you to imagine doing that to somebody that you love.  I saw that as a child and I was always told that everything that was being done was being done for me was so that me and my brother and sister would never have to go through that.

I’ll talk more about growing up later but that image has been burned in my mind…

My mother crying as she woke my father up…

… because she knew that between two jobs and going to school he was living off inhumane drive. 

That situation went on for years.

That is why I want you to pay attention today because…

What my family didn’t know at the time and what they didn’t understand about money, and the reason that we struggled with finances for so long when I was growing up…

All of that was because they didn’t understand what I’m about to tell you here today.

Here’s my “WHY”…

That image that has been burned in my mind of my beautiful and amazing Mother… 

… and all that pain that image caused me since I was a child…

… and MY DEEP desire to help as many people avoid that as possible…

THAT is why I’m here with you today and begging you to watch, listen and read carefully.

… because if you learn and apply what I’m about to go over you can reshape your reality and experience generations of financial transformation nearly overnight. 

… because of that image in my mind that I want to make sure that you carefully watch this and that you learn what they did not know.

This is not for everybody.

I know that and I understand that.

But I want to make sure that everybody who I’m lucky enough to meet or come across has access to this.  I want to make sure that all of my people understand what I’m about to cover.  I want to make sure that everybody gets the chance and the opportunity to understand what’s really happening in the world right now.

For you to understand the situation that we are in today.

it’s funny because everybody in my family went to college and got real serious degrees…

… they all became doctors, lawyers, and scientists…

Then there is me.

I barely graduated high school and never really graduated college.  I’m not saying that to be proud of it or as if it’s cool not to have gone to school (I’m actually kind of embarrassed about it and it’s why I’m taking classes right now) the reason I’m telling you this is because…

Right now when I get invited to speak at places like Oxford University, Harvard Business School and for the United Nations, it is kind of ironic…

… and one of the main reasons they ask me to come is because of what I’m about to share with you right now…

So I’ll say this again if THIS is what you want to learn how to do:

“How to buy and sell companies and real estate and make at least $10,000 – $30,000 a month on each deal that you do…”

If that’s what you want to learn how to do then, financially speaking, then our time here today is about the most important thing that you’ll EVER come across…

So let’s get started…

(… I’ll come back to the other stuff later, for now let’s get going…)

First we need to talk about something important called Income Ascension.

So imagine that we picture low income people and then way above that we have high income people.  Then at the very top of the high income group we have VERY high income people.  We’ll call them the dreaded word that the media has used to vilify them…

The (evil) 1%.

So then in between we have middle income.  In every country, every group of people measure and track how well people move through these income classes.  We all track how well people move from the bottom to the middle and then the middle to the top and then the top to the TIP TOP. 

It is a really important measure that tells us about the health of a given economy.

This process, this movement is called Income Ascension or Social Mobility.

It is a measure of how well people move up through income classes.  It tells us how elastic parental income is on future generations.  So in America, and most people in America don’t realize or appreciate this but…

In America we are the top 5% of the world.

So we hardly represent what life is like for the normal person on the planet, we are in that lucky top 5% of the world,  In America you truly can go as far and as high as you want.  The American Dream right?

Well here’s the real question…

What kind of social mobility do we have in America?

In the land of opportunity what kind of social mobility or income ascension do we see?  Well since this America people obsess over this number and ALL of the experts and analyst and social scientists agree on one thing…

In America, social mobility has gotten worse and worse and now it is almost non-existent.

Here’s a Harvard study that said:

“The United States has been historically viewed as the ‘Land of Opportunity’ a society in a child’s chances of succeeding do not depend heavily on her parents’ income…

… but there is growing evidence that inter generational income mobility in the US is actually much lower…” 

The New York Times (a total sh**hole, I know) headline:

“Harder for Americans to Rise…

… many researchers have reached the conclusion that Americans enjoy less economic mobility…” 

The Washington Post (another total sh**hole, I know):

“Social immobility erodes the American Dream.”

There are countless non-profit groups that study this like the Pew’s Economic Mobility Project and they all say the same thing after the study the math on social mobility:

“These statistics are very depressing…” 

And I could keep going…

Everybody and not just print media or universities either, everybody from the WSJ, CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC…

Not just journalists and the media and non profit groups but even in the academic world…

The University of Michigan is kind of a big deal when it comes to research and economic measurements.  They are something of the official authority on the American economy and they publish the famous Consumer Confidence Report. 

They’re a pretty big deal.

So they did the most exhaustive study on social mobility that has ever been done.  They studied this for decades and tracked the progress of a wide variety of Americans. 

They concluded that in America social mobility is a MYTH.

That’s an actual quote.

They called it a “myth”.

You can even turn to the government and the highest level here’s the head of Congressional Budget Office, the highest and most respected fact finding group in our government.  The CBO is not political and they are seen as the “referee” who only call balls and strikes.

They are respected and their results and information they share has always been reliable. 

The former head of that group was a presidential advisor and economic specialist.  When faced with the evidence he didn’t even try and argue the facts.  To explain the lack of income ascension or social mobility it was thought he would provide information or something we were missing, instead he said that…

“It is more important that people think social mobility exists instead of it actually existing.”

What a thing to say, right?

Even the government admits the problem, which probably says more than anything else right?

It is like things are so obviously bad that even the government won’t try and lie about it, what a thing.  The bottom line is that everybody who studies this and looks at the numbers always comes to the same obvious conclusion…

That even in America, the “Land of Opportunity”, social mobility sucks.

A statistician or researcher will tell you that have almost no chance of getting “there”.

Where “there” is the financial Promised Land.

Some of those resources are here:

A Harvard study on social mobility

… a few other studies on American social mobility…

… the “American Dream” reality numbers…

… more on the economic mobility project and PEW

… another well known class mobility study

… more on income inequality studies

… rising income immobility

… social mobility in metropolitan areas

… social mobility chances of Americans are “ugly“…?

There is a lot more.

What does all this mean to you?

Well let’s assume that you are a person with an average income.

Or maybe you are down at the bottom like my family was when I was growing up.  You may be higher or even all the way at the very top.  It doesn’t matter so much where you start it is how well you can move up.

For right now let’s just assume you start in the middle or below the middle because that’s real test of your skill.  The real test of your skill is how well you can use your skill to climb income levels.  It isn’t about where you are (most people with money were born with it) it is more about how well you can start anywhere or at the bottom and…

Use JUST YOUR SKILL to rise up.

As it stands the idea that you can start at an average income level and reach the 1% or really experience any kind of income class mobility…

… is nearly impossible.

For most people, for nearly everybody, getting there will never ever happen.

When I say “there” by the way, I’m referring to the top 1%.

Which brings up an interesting question…

Exactly how much money does it take to be in the top 1%?

This has been studied and tracked and so we don’t have to speculate.  The exact number has been calculated.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the Census Bureau and the IRS…

… to be in the top 1% of America there is a range of an…

Annual income from $340,000 – $380,000.

So we’ll take the exact middle of that and use $360,000 a year.

$360k/year that is…

About $30,000 a month.

So to be in the top 1% you need a monthly income of $30,000 a month.

That is $30,000 a month.

You may recognize that number from my material.  It is one reason why I always say that when you work on a deal or a company you need to make sure that you make at least $10,000 – $30,000 a month on each deal that you do.

Now you know where the $30,000 a month comes from, what about the $10,000 a month?

That $10,000 a month was also mentioned earlier if you were paying attention.  In the reports that we went over earlier you can see that the top 10% of America is about $120,000 a year…

Or $10,000 a month.

So if you are making $10,000 – $30,000 a month on each deal that means that on every deal that you do you are getting in the top 1% – 10%.

Each deal that you do should get you in the 1% – 10%.

There are a few reasons that this is important…

… first of all it’s a good practice to add a minimum allowable threshold to your ambitions…

… but on top of that…

Here are three big reasons that you want to get in the 1%…

(First of all, I’d say that if I have to convince why you need to make at least $30,000 a month then you are probably not going to make a great student…)

Just so that we all get on the same page there are some things to consider…

Reason Number One:  Everything goes to the top 1%.

Nearly all the financial benefits don’t just go to the top 1%, but they almost ONLY go the 1%.

Over the last several decades EVERY single U.S. President has admitted that nearly all of the economic growth and nearly all the financial benefits only go to the people at the top.  Here’s the Congressional Budget Office (CBO the most trusted and quoted government agency) look at who has benefitted from all the economic activity…

It is pretty much only the top 10%…

… But even then the 1% made three times as much money as the top 10%.

Notice that they’re not saying a majority or a large share of benefit only goes to the 1%…


What they are saying is that it is pretty much nearly ALL the financial benefit that goes to the top 1%.  The second big reason that you need to get the in 1% is because people in the 1% live in a completely different world.

Everything from their healthcare, food quality, life expectancy, divorce rate, suicide rates, blood pressure, fertility, crime rates, BIRTH rates and success…

Reason Number Two:  It is all a different world.

In a little bit I’m going to come back to that last one because I personally can tell you that having money can be the difference between life and death.  I’ll come back to this later but here’s a quote from that University of Michigan study, they said:

“That it is impossible to explain how much of an advantage high income households provide their children and their next generation, it’s as if they live in a different world that is only available to them and others like them with high incomes.”

Like I said I’ll come back to just how much of a difference this world can make but this brings us to number three and the third reason to get in the 1% probably the most important…

Reason Number Three:  The Generational Impact.

The opportunities that you will provide for the next generation are really important.  Even if you don’t have kids, there are some young people that you care about and you want to help to be better off having knowing you.

If you don’t provide them with the right opportunities then you are sentencing the generations of financial darkness.  If that sounds too dark then just wait a second and I’ll show you what I mean.

Here’s a quick example…

MIT did a joint study with Princeton and they studied the average prison inmate who was serving more than 10 years.  They went back to their childhood and looked at what happened before they started school.

What did they find?

They average inmate had a vocabulary of about 200-300 words while the average middle income child had a vocabulary of 400-500 words…


The average future “One Percenter”, somebody bound to be in the top 1% had, as a child before starting  school, they had a vocabulary of over 600-700 words.

This shows us how early we see the difference in projected outcomes.

This was BEFORE they even started going to school.

That disparity just grows with time and it lasts for generations.

You’ll understand this more as we move forward but for now let’s move on…

So those are three main reasons that you need to get in the top 1%.

I could keep going but my point is that if you’re going to make this a priority and if you want to get serious about mastering the skill of making money…

… then why would you settle for anything less than the 1%?

And $30,000 a month isn’t really that much money, it is not Bill Gates money.

It is only $30,000, and it is amazing that you can be in the 1% so easily.

But it doesn’t seem so easy when you consider how nearly impossible it looks for people to get there.

Why does it seem so hard?

(… that’s what she said…)

So why is it so tough for people in America to rise in income class?

Why do so few people do it that it’s considered a myth?


… here’s an interesting piece of information…

For the average person to get in the 1% you know how much time it takes…?

I want you to guess…

Take a second and think about it…

Although social mobility almost never happens, in the rare situation where it DOES happen where somebody does get in the 1%, how long did it take for them to get there?

As nearly impossible as it is, wow long does it take to get in the 1%?

Was it months?




What do you think?

Well here’s the real answer…

… on average it takes about…

250-300 years.


Isn’t that crazy?

Not decades but centuries.

It’s not a sprint or even a marathon, but the journey of economic stability is a generational relay that spans across lifetimes.

If you were born in America and lived in America your whole life then it might be harder to appreciate this – but it’s easier for me because although I was born here I’ve lived in places that most people only see on the news.  My parents are from India and Pakistan, and my grandfather came from a real strong military family, he was actually a prisoner in Germany and was tortured for years.  Eventually he was killed in combat long before I was born.  And it was because of his service that his family was taken care of and given preferable status.  Through better education and opportunities my father was able to get to America.  And because of that I was lucky enough to be born in America, and the day I was born I walked into more opportunity and more potential than my father or my grandfather ever had.  The chain of events that allowed me to have the life I have now, those events started decades before I was even born and I had nothing to do with them.  It was no reflection of my skill or intelligence or any kind of merit that I deserved – I just got lucky.

So although I grew up broke I was constantly told me all those around me that in this magical place called America – I can be anything.  Do anything.  It’s always funny to me when people say that I’m modest and humble, first I don’t think I’m anywhere near done and we have a lot further to go but more importantly I have appreciation I have gratitude for what was given to me, for the generational journey and suffering that others went through and that I got to benefit from.  I’ve never once in my life ever gone on vacation or even taken a full day off, Bill Gates worked every day for seven years before he took a day off – and he actually told me that once when I met him – but people think I’m crazy for never taking a day off, what people don’t realize that in America everyday is a vacation –

I recommend you study your family lineage as well, it will give you a better perspective and you’ll develop a much deeper sense of gratitude when you see how many people risked and sacrificed so much so that you could get to be in America – and you’ll see how far back your story really goes.  So many times we become so focused on trivial BS and we allow our attention to be too self centered – that it can really help to be more grateful to the people who gave their all so that you could have a chance at a better life.  So it’s important to take a step for a second step back from you life and and look at the generations before you and how you got where you are right now and then loko at the generations to come now and what kind of impact you want to have on them – what kind of difference what kind of change to you want to create in the world – I know this kind of thinking is not common, but shouldn’t it be?  When you take on a broader perspective – by realizing how much was done for you you’ll develop much more gratitude. It was that kind of thinking that has shaped my life more than anything else, I think it’ll be really helpful to you as well.  You know there are two brilliant filmmakers, – the Wachowskis – the made the Matrix and then more recently they made one my favorite movies to come out in the last few years – Cloud Atlas, it’s based on a book and although the movie isn’t perfect when you see what they were trying to do and the scale of the story that they told, the idea is so hard to pull off that almost no movie even tries the official summary is a and it’s a good example of what I’m talking about, here it is:  “An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.”  I love that, the fact that our lives are not our own and that actions ripples across centuries – it’s a brilliant realization that should guide everything that you do.

Like I I said it is this thinking – the sense of where I’m in a generational sense and the gratitude that comes with it that has shaped my thinking more than just about anything else – and I highly recommend you do the same thing – for example, your family probably came here about 100 years ago or 150 years ago because those were two of the major immigration surges, and in many of those blocks about half of the immigrants who came here were indentured which meant they knew that they were going to be servants for the rest of their lives but they accepted that so that their children could realize the opportunity in America – so although they may have started down here usually the first few generations, and by the way a generation is defined as 20-25 years – so in the first few generations they might see some upward mobility in their income but then something happens – they hit an income plateau at this plateau will usually last for at least 3-5 generations.  Right now the plateaus are lasting for a lot longer and roughly 99% of people are stuck in a plateau with seemingly no way out.

It’s important to have this perspective when we consider somebody with average income, let’s call this guy Bob, our average income guy – because he has tremendous odds against him – and on average is about 250-300 years away from any significant social mobility but here’s another important concept called a Mobility Asset, what this means is that in order for this guy to make a significant jump in his income class he needs a mobility asset of some sort.  So let’s say he’s the first person in his family to go to college, or he inherits some money or wins the lottery or something like that – those are technically mobility assets at least for the short term but they almost never last (you may remember we did a story on lottery winners and tracked how many of them fell into depression and suicide and nearly all of them went broke, so it’s not about the money it’s about the skill) but we are only interested in LONG TERM assets, mobility assets that will have a lasting change for generations so not only does our hero climb income classes but he STAYS there and so do his children, and their children and generations to come.

A Mobility Asset like that is very rare – and on the surface it seems like the answer is business right?  Just about the only way for the average person to climb is to start a business of their own, a business that has the potential for the kind of income that he needs – that seems like the answer right?  Actually that isn’t the answer but it’s close, we’ll go over the real answer in a second but first let’s see why that is NOT the answer.  To really understand this we need to look at the 1% and dissect who is in that group and how they got there – so if we look at the 1% here’s what we see according to the BLS and the CBO:

About 35% of the people are professionals – like bankers, Wall Street fatcats, ivy leaguers, these are money people etc. Another 25% are highly educated and skilled professional professionals like doctors, surgeons, lawyers, etc.  So that’s 60% so far, another 5-10% inherited their wealth and another 5-10% are celebrities like actors, pro athletes, etc.  Now so far that is 80% of the 1% and you may notice a pattern developing but let’s keep going – of the remaining 20% less than half of them will remain in the 1% of the remaining 10% less than half of them got their with a business that they started and of the remaining 5% less than half of them got there in less than 15-20 years.  That leaves with only 2.5% of the 1%ers – of that group less than half of them got into the 1% in less than 10 years and less than half of the 1.25 percent got there in less than 5 years.  So take a look at that and think about it for a second…

This means that of all the people in the 1% less than 1% of that group – less than 1% of the 1% got there in less than 3-5 years with a business that they started.  In fact, if you look at the major groups like Wall Street types and brain surgeons – the interesting thing there is that almost all of them were already in the 1% or at least in high income households when they were BORN – these two groups that make up over half of the elites – then of the remaining people who STAY in the 1% look at who’s left it’s basically people that inherited money or inherited a family business they usually start in high income houses from birth which leaves us with only celebrities – in other words for over 9 out of 10 people in the 1% were either born rich or they’re like Tom Cruise or Michael Jordan – those are just about the only paths for 9 out of 10 people in the 1% – so what does that mean for the average guy?  You’re either born rich you become the next big movie star OR if you start a business then MAYBE it will get you there in 15-20 years if you’re lucky, that would be considered fast – and even then, even if you’re given decades to make this journey – even then it almost never happens – remember the word used to describe this is “myth” – and now you see the numbers, you see why right?

Do you see the problem here?  This is why people say that social mobility is nearly impossible – because if you look at the numbers it definitely seems that way.  Now here’s something that I want make perfectly clear about all of this I’m not saying this to discourage or demotivate you I just want to make the challenge ahead crystal clear – to the people who think being lazy is okay, or to anybody who is ready to settle for financial mediocrity because it’s the easy way out or even to the people who say things like I just want to make a little extra money, – those aspirations are so inconsequential and meaningless that it’s a waste of time to even discuss – this is NOT easy, but the question really isn’t how easy is it, it’s how worthwhile is it – if you want to start a new business and get in the 1% in less than five years – doing that requires a skill that almost nobody in the world knows how to do – even people in the 1%, in fact less than 1% of the people in the 1% know how to do it or have done it.  That’s why it’s important to look at things from the perspective of Bob, a guy with an average income – how is he going to get there, what path is available to him?

We know that he needs a mobility asset right?  And remember earlier when we talked about how his mobility asset is going to business?  Well actually it’s not just business because there are so few companies that will actually do what we want them to do and take somebody from an ordinary income to an income to a desirable income – it’s not as easy as just starting a business.  I’ve talked about this many times but just to clarify this again the success rates for business are terrible – 9 out of 10 fail in the first two years – and although that’s not technically the whole truth because they company may still be in existence I’m talking companies that actually make the owner ANY money, not big money but a company that makes the owner a SINGLE PENNY – it normally takes five years before a business will provide a regular income for the owner.  But in that five years they almost all fail, it’s why banks want to see a two year business history when they give loans, because they know that in two years almost every company is history –  So 9 out of 10 fail in the first two years, of those survivors nine out of 10 fail in the first 3-5 years and of those survivors over 9 out of 10 fail in the first 7-10 years – think about those last two numbers – remember that to start a business yourself that will get in the 1% in just five years – doing that seems nearly impossible – and it’s easy to see why because look at these numbers and you see that almost no business survives more than a few years, let alone five years or longer – so they’re hardly surviving let alone making the owner the 30k/month that’s needed to be in the 1% – so the number of companies that actually survive is terrible, then the number of companies that make the owner ANY MONEY AT ALL are terrible too –

So when we are talking about the kind of company that is going to make you any money, let alone just $10,000 a month LET alone $30,000 a month or more – this is so rare that we are talking about a tiny fraction out of millions of businesses – imagine entire Super Bowl stadium of business owners, and only a small carful will ever have a business that makes them just $10,000 in a 30 day period – it doesn’t mean that the 10k/month is regular just that at one point in the life of their business they did make 10k/month from their business.  And these folks, these business owners will work an average of at least 60 hours a week and if they stop working they will lose money – they work 60 hours a week to basically go broke – they don’t have a real business they have a job. And they go deep into debt to get there – with overleveraged loans, you name it – it’s crazy.

That’s why when we brought up business as a Mobility Asset it’s not really that simple – you need something else, something much more significant than just a business.  Think of it this way, you probably represent the economic journey of about 100 -150 years so on average if you’re lucky you have about 100-150 years left on your journey so somebody in your future generations may be financially strong enough to be in the 1% – BUT that’s only if you have a started a successful started business OR if you found a way to break the plateau that nearly all of us are in – if you haven’t even done that than this 150 years that you left, that clock hasn’t even started yet.  Over9 out of 10 people in America are in an income plateau – and these plateaus last for at least 3-5 generations – in order to break out of that plateau and make serious progress you basically have to make a journey of several hundred years and you have to condense it so dramatically that the smartest people in the world will tell you that it’s so impossible.  It’s like trying to run a 26 mile marathon in less than 10 minutes.

But now you should see that that is really what you want to do – there is this journey that almost nobody ever completes and when they do it usually takes hundreds of years – and you want to make that same journey but you want to do it overnight – in order to do that you’ve got to be really, really smart about it – smarter than the average bear…

Just think about this for a second if it takes hundreds of years to do something then you won’t do it overnight just by working harder – you have to work smarter – MUCH smarter – so what’s the real mobility asset if it isn’t just a business?  Here it is – and understanding this simple is the key to changing the world the REAL Mobility Asset – it’s not just a business – but it’s the right training – or, here it is, EDUCATION.  Some people think it’s opportunity but opportunity is only as good as the education you have to realize it.  Think about world hunger for example, there’s no shortage of food there’s just a shortage of people that know how to get it or that know how to obtain the resources to get food.

So the right kind education – the kind that I’m talking about – it trains you and trains anybody and allows somebody to build a company the right way, to build your business in such a way that you can start from zero and travel through income classes at light speed.  But when you do it correctly you can start building companies around causes that you care about – and you can help OTHER people make the same income ascension – and understanding how to do this, is a powerful way to change the world.  In fact there is almost nothing in this world that you will ever do that will have a larger or meaningful impact than helping others realize opportunity –

When I say change the world am I being dramatic?  It’s funny because when people start seeing the stuff that our people doing, everybody gets it.  Here’s a few examples of what the people on our team and students and kids are doing – and understand this is all based on the same skill set –

My friends are doing some crazy badass stuff – I’m talking about like you know – the single largest self sustaining wild animal and elephant sanctuary in Africa responsible for saving thousands of animal and human lives – and they also help with the R&D and invention of better and more friendly harvesting equipment –  it’s been called one of the most significant humanitarian advances in that region in the last decade, these guys have worked with refugees and built some of the fastest growing self sustained farming communities in the world this is being used a model to fight starvation, also you may not know this but slavery is still around and in many ways it’s much worse than ever before and they’ve developed the first international model that allows families and even children to buy their way out of slavery and indentured servitude – and I could keep going but I usually only share this stuff with folks on the inside – my point is that the people on our team and our students and the people we work and train with are BADASS and that’s just a tiny example of the stuff that they’re doing.  And like I said it’s all based on the same skill – understanding the importance of learning how to start from zero and build an empire.  I’m telling you this because I want you to know that IT IS POSSIBLE, you can make a real difference and get rich at the same time.  In fact you will never make a serious change in the world without educating people, and there’s almost no education that’s more important that helping people realize social mobility and the improved lifestyle and opportunities that come with one dictating their own income and the income of those around them – what I’m saying is that making money, makes it easier to make a difference.  There is no cause in the world that cannot be helped by more money, or even better having the people involved with those causes learning how to make more money.

On our team we have kind of informal ranking system – first we have Tots – these are folks that are usually just starting out then we have Transaction Techs these are folks that make at least $10,000 – $30,000/month and then we have Terminators – who make at least $100k/month.  Now there’s a lot of reasons that I recommend you build your company that way and use actual names when referring to income levels and I won’t get into all of that right now – I’ll quickly say that we’ve had students double and triple their business overnight just by adding names and assigning income levels because for the first time many of the people on their team finally a see way that they can make more money – but that’s not my point right, I’m telling you this because for years those were the main titles, those were the main ranks and that was it – but then we added another title – the ULTIMATE like super badass title and the name took some time come up with but now it’s something we all agree on and sums up the role that you should play – what’s the name you ask, here it is… you ready… 1,2,4,5 – okay here it is… Social Architect.

And that’s what this is all about – becoming a Social Architect and creating better changes that will last for generations to come, you don’t want to be skilled in just getting yourself to the financial but you want to make sure the companies you build the empires you build are getting other people there as well.  This is how you make a generational impact not just for yourself but for those around you and those that you choose to bring around you.  Okay, so you and I have been talking for like 15 minutes so far, and I said I wanted us to be on the same page before we moved forward right – so I wanted to make sure that we covered all that so that you and I are in total agreement and understanding of the situation – so when I say that this is about learning how to buy and sell companies and real estate creatively – it’s actually about a lot more than that – what this is really about is building a skill that allows you to do two very important things; first you want to be able to start from ZERO and climb income levels at will and almost overnight – and number TWO you want your company to be a mobility Asset for OTHERS.  People should be able to come in and get rich working with you – they should be able to build an empire within yours.

This is totally different than the way people normally build their companies – in fact just about nobody ever build their company the right way, the numbers don’t lie and nearly every business will eventually become just another statistic.  But it doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t have to be like everybody else.  Now that you have a better understanding of the REAL situation you can be smarter about the choices that you make – you won’t be one of those people who is jumping around from one thing to another always looking for “easiest and fastest way to make money” that’s always a joke when I hear that, and when I hear people are trying to figure out how to get on Facebook or use Twitter better or if they’re in real estate and they think that they just need more motivated sellers – these people have no clue what this is all about – they’re not even on the right planet.  Your goals should be much broader – if you just want make a little more money than this is NOT for you, if you just want to make more money at a job that you call a business – and that’s what it is if you have to work in order to make money, that’s not a business, it’s a JOB regardless of what you call it – but if you just want a higher paying job then this is NOT for you – if you just want sit at home or on a beach while money comes in so that you can do nothing then this is NOT for you…

I only want to work with people who want to change the world.  I mean that.  I know to most people that sounds crazy and I’m okay with that.

Think about it this way, the average person lives to be around 75-76 years, about one third of your time will be spent sleeping and resting and another one third of your time will be spent, eating, talking, standing in line, changing diapers, waiting in traffic, watching porn – you know like small ancillary stuff so you have about one third of your time that is dedicated to “work” – so think about an eight work day for example that is one third of the 24 hours in a day – so if you are 25 it may seem like you have 50 years left but in reality you have something like 17 years left.  If you’re 35 you’ve only got about 12 years left – if you’re 45 or 55 you’ve only got about 7-10 years left – think about that, time is running out and let’s say that you’ve got about 10-15 years left.  In that time, in that 10-15 years what do you want to be remember for?  Do you really want to be that person that was so self centered that when your time is up you made little to no difference in anybody else’s life?  Do you want to spend your time chasing money and die just as clueless and broke as the generations before you?  Do you want to fail your children and leave them sentenced to generations of financial darkness because you failed them?  That’s how most people end up – the real question is what are you doing that’s different?

Make no mistake about this – you have a choice to make, you can spend your remaining time making sure that 100 years after the die the world is different and better because of what you did with your time here – you can live your life as a blueprint and as an example of how others should live theirs – you can make a generational difference not just with yourself but those around you – you can redefine and shape future generations and help others make quantum leaps in their financial literacy and allow them to unlock worlds of opportunity that they otherwise would never experience.  You can do all that – and a lot more- or you can be just like everybody else.

.  in and helped build the world’s first model for

So again just to be totally clear about this – two goals of your company number one it should serve as a MA for you and number two it should be a MA for others.  And remember it doesn’t matter where you are right now – even if you are way up here and well into the 1% that’s not as important as being ABLE to start from zero and get there – that skill is much more generationally valuable than any other financial asset.  Another piece of criteria for your company is something we all the ART Scale – it stands for Autonomous, Regenerative and Trainable/Teachable – basically this means that once you build a company it should eventually run without any involvement from you – in fact it should not just run but GROW on it’s own – that’s the autonomous part, every deal you do should eventually run as it’s own little self serving empire – this is another part of the puzzle that almost nobody knows how to do or even where to start.

Okay now we are at the end of part one – so let’s recap by now you should understand how seemingly impossible it looks for the average person to experience any kind of significant social mobility – it almost never happens on purpose, the key to making this happen is the right kind of business EDUCATION but again almost nobody in the world – including nearly everybody that’s already in the financial elite and the 1% – even when you include them almost nobody on Earth knows how to do it.  Your goal should be to become a Social Architect

Finally let me sum this part one up:

Becoming a Social Architect is about a lot more than just making money.  It’s about creating a generational difference.  Yes you can do this in the 15-20 hours a week I only use that because I understand people may have time commitments and things they are doing like a job or underperforming business that they need to deal with, the goal is to do what you love to emotionally invest in everything that you do from now so that you love and what you are meant for.  It’s almost never real estate by the way, the first thing we need to do is get your company to 10-30k/month the SMART way and then you can finance your passion and

It’s about becoming obsessed with the things that you care about and the changes that you want to see in the world, it’s about finding ways to do more, be more, give more – you look for excuses to give more of yourself, not less.  You want to raise yourself and then those around you.  This is about emotionally investing yourself into everything that you do and NEVER looking for the easy way out or welcoming excuses that validate why you’re not living up to your potential.  In short, a Social Architect is out to change the world.  Please do NOT proceed with this application process unless those ambitions, match your own.  I’m really serious about this, working with the wrong people makes this feel like work for me, it’s a nightmare and getting an LC to do anything is playing tennis with bowling balls – yes I CAN do it, but why?  It’s better to focus on better people –

Because look there is a whole bunch of bad news right – nobody gets there the numbers are stacked against you – the ones with power are hell bent on rigging the game and stealing from us all – but here’s the real secret – everything that you and I just talked about is bad news – it’s terrible news for the unskilled business owners – but if you know what you’re doing and you build your company correctly then NONE of this is going to hurt you.  It’s just like anything else, if you get properly trained and you know what you’re doing it becomes easy to execute in any environment, but if you’re just another statistic waiting to happen – like nearly every business is – if you’re just like them, and you don’t want to be like them – where any of these issues is just the excuse they’re looking for, even welcoming, so that they can validate their failures.


The real question comes down to what are you doing to get better – are you even trying to get better or are you just waiting for the storm to pass or even worse blaming these circumstances instead of having the insight to see them as ladders and opportunities – are you focusing on getting trained to deal with this.


And that’s the big secret – getting yourself trained – getting educated – growing up in my family the only discussions we ever had were around formal education and that’s why in my immediately family and even people not in my immediately family – it’s a sea of doctors, lawyers, research scientists and all sorts of highly educated people – that’s how they were able to bring themselves up – and that’s great, it’s what America is about – now how you fit into that – do you plan on going to become a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon – because that’s about the only way that you will experience income class ascension – either that or getting yourself trained in another VERY SPECIFIC way –


And this is what so many people out there don’t understand – it’s what many people in my family didn’t understand – it is possible to get an informal education that can create the same or better social mobility for yourself and others – hopefully you’ve gone through my class on money – and in that class you learned that ever since money was invented about a thousand years ago the single biggest difference between the rich and poor was how they viewed education – poor people focused on how much it costs and rich people focus on how much they can make – any time you trade money for education the single best way to look at it – is to look at it as an investment – that means you have an ROI or a return on your money – so the mentality of poor people is to always focus on what it will cost if they do something, rich people look at what it will cost if they don’t – and that’s the way that you should look at getting yourself trained.


Now that you and I have gone through the details of social mobility you really only have two choices – if you want to be able to go from down here to up here and to be able to do with the criteria that we’ve talked about – all this stuff – you first need to realize that almost nobody in the world knows how to do this so if you want to make that happen you are in one of two groups – you’re either trained and you know what you’re doing, or you’re just guessing.  And you can choose to do nothing about this, that’s what most people choose, they think it’s easier to do nothing and sit back and complain about their situation – but doing nothing is NOT indecision it is a decision in itself – because if you don’t build your empire somebody’s going to hire you to build theirs.

You obviously don’t want to do that, and you don’t want to be guessing either – you need to get yourself trained – and even if you and I don’t work together this is a core lesson that I want you to take away – to learn any skill and perform it with mastery – you MUST get trained.

Now in a second I’m going to talk about how I train people and more importantly WHY I’m doing this right now when it doesn’t make too much financial sense for me to do it – but I really want you to realize this situation for what it is – it’s a mess, the odds are stacked against you and your chances of making it though this minefield are almost zero – that’s why it’s so important that you get yourself somebody who can take you by the hand and help you condense centuries into seconds –

I could keep going about the situations that are being created everyday and just how crazy things are getting  – and I do later, down below – but right now let me sum it up and put explain what’s happening – more and more money is being made but it’s going to less and less people.  There has NEVER been a time where being skilled is more important than it is right now.  Folks here’s the bottom line: America is on sale.  But only a very tiny portion of people will benefit from it, everybody else will be a victim, knowingly or not those that don’t get it are going to suffer terribly.

This situation is so historically profitable that I honestly don’t even have time to talk too much about – I’ve been busy being IN it than to TALK ABOUT it – that’s why I go off the radar and just work with our team, our close students and our business schools – I go off the grid for YEARS.  So why am I here with you now?  Well, as usual I want to help out where I can and as usual I’m always on the lookout for good folks to work with.

So am I really just being a nice guy and because I want to qualify some folks to work with?  You know I actually have a few critics and haters – I know it’s hard to believe that there are some people who haven’t FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ME – and these people will doubt that those are really my reasons.  So I’ll speak to them for a second and point out that I have been out of the “public” eye for YEARS, totally off the grid and only accessible by the folks I work closely with.  Millie and a few others on the Team took over the Alliance Project and they’ve been working with students, but I haven’t mentioned or marketed anything – I’ve been underground.  Why would I do that?  There’s only one reason I would even DREAM of doing that – because my business is DOING NOT TEACHING, I never wanted get rich from teaching, and I never have.  It’s easy to question somebody’s words, but my actions speak themselves.  Not only do I not care – financially at least – about working with more students, but I’m so obsessed with the students that I do work with that we are able to build so many companies together that it makes way more financial sense to work with a very few then a whole bunch.

What I’m saying is that I’m sharing this with you right now and I want to make sure that everybody is educated enough to know what’s really going on, so everybody has a chance has the opportunity to get better, to make a larger change – do with this what you will, but honestly it isn’t going to make much of a difference to me, the real question is how much of a difference could it make to you?  I have novels of student testimonials that can answer that…

By the way I love bragging my students, they’re awesome and so when I say that we have the single highest success rate of any formal OR informal business education in the world – it says a lot about them.  And also my definition of “success” is the highest definition that is publicly stated in the world. 

Think about what I was saying earlier about the Tornado of WTF that’s hitting everywhere – when it comes to dealing with that you are basically in one of two groups; you’re either trained and you know what you’re doing OR you’re just guessing.  When it comes to getting trained properly this is probably the biggest secret there is – over two thousands years ago a brilliant military general started collecting his ideas together, the resulting book has become one of the most famous and widely referenced works on everything from warfare and diplomacy to leadership and wealth distribution – for over two thousand these ideas have been used and consulted in nearly every major theatre of combat – including Afghanistan and Iraq.  His name was Sun Tzu and the book is called the Art of War.  Leaders from around the world – including every living US President – have quoted or acknowledged Sun Tzu and his influence.  So he’s a bit of badass, right.

Well he said a few things that are helpful in our discussion here today – basically when it came to getting properly trained for anybody to develop a high level of skill – when it comes to raising the performance level of  a single individual or an entire army – – he said it was no different and that there is a simple process that always leads to masterful execution.  So when it comes to learning any new skill and performing that skill with a high level precision, here’s what Sun Tzu said that you need to do- this is how get trained correctly, you need to find the RIGHT person and have them walk you through five steps.

You need somebody who knows what they’re doing, somebody uniquely qualified and you want them to walk you through five simple steps; first they teach you, then they show you (we learn best through examples) then they WATCH you (this is a huge disconnect, this is where most people go wrong, they are not executing under proper supervision) then they CORRECT you and lastly the most important step: Repeat or Proceed, either you go through the steps again and improve your skill or you move on the next thing but you only move on once you have reached mastery.  That’s it – those are the steps in getting masterfully trained – get the RIGHT person to teach you, show you, watch you, correct you, then repeat or proceed with you.  That’s it.  Simple right, yet so few people ever figure it out.


Here’s what I train people to do, ready for this: How to buy and sell companies and real estate with no money down, no credit checks, no loans – without even leaving your house eventually and making 10-30 on each deal that you do… all in less than 15-20 hours a week.  How can I train students and have such a high success rate?  Because I walk them through the five steps we just about – teach, show, watch, correct – repeat or proceed.

This is the exact process I’ve used with students around the world, and it’s why out Team does whenever they work with students, and it’s how every aspect of our business schools are run.  When it comes to the students that I’ve worked, as you go through my stuff you’re going to see for yourself how amazing they do – I’m talking about they have started from scratch from ZERO and gone on to make $10,000/month $30,000/mo $40k/mo 50,60,70k/month, 80k/month 90k/month, 100,000/month SLOW DOWN AZAM, NO I WILL NOT 150k/month, 200k/month HOLY MOLEY how far can we go… 300k/month and even MORE but I don’t want to get carried away – and those are folks you started from ZERO, FROM NOTHING and have gone on to hit those numbers.  How can I train people to do such amazing stuff and do it so amazingly well – because I understand this process process of training to mastery – and walk anybody through it, I just want to make sure I pick the best folks.

Look I’m a crazy mofo, I work over 80 hours a week, I’ve NEVER gone on vacation, I never take a DAY off, and you won’t see me acting like a wannabe rapper where I’m bragging about my cars or taking pictures near jets or backyard pools or anything that childish – in fact you won’t even hear me EVER talk about anything that I’m doing every single time I’m talking about a model, or technique or some badass strategy, and folks come on now they are badass – anytime you hear anything like that or any time you hear me bragging – it’s always about what OTHER PEOPLE are doing – I love to brag, but I’m bragging about my friends and students NEVER about myself.  This is how we’ve been able to get encyclopedias of testimonials from around the world – making sure people get trained to do awesome stuff.


So if you are serious about learning this elusive but crucial skill, then I beg you as a friend – as a fellow comrade in capitalism, as a Brother in entrepreneurship – please go through this page very carefully.  You owe it yourself, to your ambitions to future generations.  Below are a few important links, you can learn all about me and a lot more about my story and how I got here, but more importantly you’ll learn all about the models my friends and I have invented and the difference it has made for others – and most important, the difference all this can make for you – if you’re ready.  And that’s a BIG if, let me be Frank for a second and say that you have got to prove that you’re ready, and it’s not as easy as you might think.  Okay, enough of Frank back to being Azam – what a terrible joke…

And by the way when it comes to others that I’ve worked with I want to tell you something important, something that I’m putting out here for everybody to see – I learned a long time ago that the only way I was going to get anywhere was to make sure that everybody who ever trusted me NEEDED to be thrilled with me, I don’t have any formal credentials so if I wanted to get anywhere I HAD to keep my people happy.  So of all the students and clients that I have EVER worked with, all of them, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM and I’m talking in over 15 years now, every single one of them will say the same things – so first let me tell what you will NEVER hear anybody say about me – not a single one will tell you that I was not there for them – I’m always there my people every step the way – nobody will tell you that they reached out or needed help and I was not there – none of the students I’ve ever worked will say that, not a single student will say that I ever lied, misrepresented or exaggerated anything (in fact, they’ll the rabbit hole goes much deeper goes much deeper than I talk about publicly) not a single student will question whether not I cared for them, not a single student will ever tell you that I was hard to reach or made them talk to an assistant or a cubicle coach or anything crazy like that –

If and when I commit to training you it is ME who does the training I personally take you by the hand and walk you through everything – and you something else that’s important not a single student will ever say that they did what I said, that they followed my advice and things did not happen for them – they will all tell you that they either followed my guidance and got the results they wanted and more – much more really – or they will tell you that for whatever reason they chose NOT to do follow my lead.  Look I’m not saying that every single student I’ve worked with has gone out and gotten rich, that’s not the case, and remember below there is a link where you can see my success rate and my definition of success as compared to your other options – so not every student has gotten rich, but of the students who did NOT get what they wanted none of them will tell you that they listened to me and followed my training and spent the 15-20 hours in the way that I recommend.  able to hear from students who did NOT get rich, and you will hear them say tell you that Azam is awesome he did so much for me but it was me who made the choice be an LC, you will actually hear people say that – how crazy is that?


In other words, nobody will ever say that my stuff doesn’t “work” although I had to use that word because it implies that the the burden of execution is on the material and not the student but in reality the only variable is the execution of the student.  That’s the only question, whether or not you have what it takes – that’s one reason I take this application process so seriously. 

I’ll be a Frank again for a second and just spell it out – I’m compulsive, I have an immature sense of humor, highly dysfunctional in nearly every area of my life – but when it comes to this, to the building this skill and training people to do this stuff and do it our way with MASTERY – I’ve been really lucky, really fortunate and really blessed to really know what I’m doing.  You want to there – to the financial Promised Land, you want a better life for your family – you want to make a generational impact on yourself and those around you – then you should really take this seriously because there are some very qualified that will tell you that I’m the best in the world at I do.  I’m not going to say that – but you should know that it’s often said.


The critics that I mentioned earlier – none of those people ever worked with me and to the folks you aren’t my biggest fans – even with those people I know in my heart that if they got to know me they would come around too.  What I’m saying is that EVERY single person who has ever worked with me will tell you the same things over and over again – so when you see all the great feedback from others you should know that it’s only a fraction of what’s out there…

So, again, please make sure you to educate yourself with the material below.

You’re going to learn all about my insanely high definition of success – when it comes to working with a student what I define as success is like the Gold Standard, you’ll learn all about it and you’ll see why I can have such a crazy high success rate with students and you’ll learn all about how important it is that I pick the right people.  Look this isn’t for everybody and I don’t want to work with LCs or know-it-alls or victims or people who will make this feel like work for me.  If we only knew the power of thoughts we would never think a single negative thought again – this is about a lot more than just getting rich.  Only when you when you change the way you look at the world will you change the way world looks at you.

I’ve been working with folks for a while and I know exactly what I’m looking for, so you can follow the directions below and qualify yourself if you think you have what it takes you can check back or wait until applications are being accepted and you can apply. 

Also one of the most important links below is a detailed explanation about some of the concepts I’ve covered here today – it is the most important stuff I know about money and income class ascension, social mobility and we go way more in depth into how to get through the tornado of WTF that’s here.  So you want to check that out to you.

Okay, that’s about it – finally let me say this… no matter where you’re at life you’re going to see that I’ve worked with people from all backgrounds, all ages and from around the world – it’s not where you’re from that matters as much as where you want to go.  With so much technology there is also so much fear mongering and self centeredness all around us everyday it’s easy to let your ambitions erode to a point where they are obsolete, and although nearly every company will fail and eventually become just another statistic – it doesn’t have to be that way, and this is about a lot more than money…

You can reignite the idealistic goals that you once had and may have buried because you thought you had to more “realistic”  instead of looking for ways to give less of yourself you can become obsessed with causes that you care about, there is so much craziness and so many atrocities happening in the world today and you can help solve them you can fight it and you can have a superhero impact – you can do more, be more, give more – and create something will last for hundreds of years after you’re gone – you can make sure that generations from now are better off because of what you did with your time here – that’s exactly what our people are doing everyday – it’s all based on on the same skill set, when they say We Build Empires it’s not just a saying, it’s a way of life – you should be losing sleep over how much more you could do –  and given that you can do so much more, that you have so much more potential than your living up to, why on Earth would you settle for less?  Make your time here matter.  Never settle, make your time here matter.  Your interview started, the directions are all on this page, if you have what it takes then I promise you that you’ll never look at the world the same again.  Together, we can build empires.  Thanks again and God Bless.

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