Indiana Real Estate Investors: Compliance Dialog Saves a Marriage.

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How can a real estate investing script/dialog save a marriage in under 30 seconds?  


… Compliance Dialog WINs


Imagine a crumbling marriage, the couple has spent years in therapy with no result and they are about to divorce… YET in less than 10 seconds with ONE question they are instantly “cured” and back to the passionate days when they first met, how is that possible?


You’re going to find out today and what it means to real estate investors.

You guys have asked questions like:

How can I learn better dialog?
What is the secret to improving my dialog and how important is it?
What other benefits are there to learning the dialog you guys teach?

So your dialog really IS the only thing you need to learn
– When you learn how to speak better to yourself and others, it will change everything
– If you just work on this and nothing else you’ll do great and be a champion
– If you look at our PSN heroes they may not have experience, money, skill, etc. but they can win in business JUST by improving their dialog

How can you do this?  We use Dialog Algorithms
– There are specific formulas of sentences and sentence structure that are proven to gain compliance
– When you use the combinations of words and sentences in the right order you get a predictable result
– There are three things to consider: Content, Tone and Cadence

When you get good at this you will CONTROL EMOTION and be able to amazing things far beyond just business stuff.

Here’s an example that I’ve been studying, a teacher came to Azam with a unique situation
– She had a husband who cheated on her and she had tried for over two years to get over it, finally she said since Azam “knows everything” he can help her forget about the other woman
– I was there when she and her husband asked Azam if they could set up a time to talk, they weren’t even there for the actual talk just to schedule one BUT in just a few seconds Azam said something to them that changed everything
– Two weeks later the couple was all over each other and almost written up for inappropriate PDA (Public Display of Affection) now even months later they are “back in love” and she is having their third child and everything is “perfect”

So what happened during that conversation?  

After she explained that for the sake of their kids she wants to stay together but she cannot stomach looking at her husband, etc. here’s how the conversation went down:

Azam: If we talked and everything went perfect, back to the best time that you guys ever had, how would you know – what would be different?
Wife: I wouldn’t hate him so much.
Azam: What would you do instead?  Tomorrow when you wake up, if everything was perfect again, what would you two do different?
Wife: I would stay in bed and… (for the first time she SMILED and then the husband smiled too) when we first met he would get up first and I would lay in bed while he would make the bed and shake the sheets and let them fall on me.  I love the feeling of laying there with the sheets gently falling on me
Azam: (talking to the husband) When is the last time that you did that?
Husband: Long time.
Azam: So if everything was perfect tomorrow morning you would get up before her and make the bed and you would lay down and wait for him to drop the sheets on you, and that’s what you would both do if all was good and perfect yes?
Husband and Wife: Yes.
Azam: Here’s a challenge for the next 24 hours, let’s start in the morning and each of you do exactly what you WOULD do if everything was perfect if you felt 100% loved, appreciated and grateful and so you make each other feel the way she does in the morning when the sheets fall on her, you compete with each other to see who can lift the other up the most and just do that for 24 hours, deal?
Husband and Wife: Deal.

And that was it, that was the entire 30 second conversation
– I was there for the whole thing and I couldn’t believe the immediate change in both of them
– I’ve known her for years and she was NEVER as happy as she was in just those few seconds, neither was the husband and it has maintained she said the quarantine was the best time of her life because she could be with him more
– I’ve talked to Azam a lot about this and taken a lot of notes to be able to do this

First I wanted to have that impact on people, where they are totally different in a matter of seconds, once I got that then I could teach it to you and the Algorithms for this:
– First Identify a HIGH or WIN, second Attach an Action or a Behavior to that Feeling and lastly Use the Action to Create the Win and Feeling
– When you are sad, happy, successful, etc. you DO certain things BUT the opposite can happen as well you can DO certain things and FEEL sad, happy, successful, etc.
– This exercise can help you build momentum

The craziest part about what Azam did was that he never asked or found out about any of the problems the couple had, and I’ve learned that you really can do this without ever focusing or even knowing details about the problem.

Examples of my own:
– A basketball couch told me that he now hated coaching and the team was losing
– I asked him about the best time he had coaching, if he felt like that again what would be different?  Then he told me during his “high days” he would go out to eat after each game with players and talk about what they did right and could improve
– I had try that again, just start going out with players and talking about the games… and voila he fell back in love with coaching and the team even started winning again

I’ve had a few other WINs with this
– One of my realtors started washing cars with his troubled son, and they get along much better, he is behaving better in school and is back on the Honor Roll
– This was after he asked me for help and I asked what was different when the father and son had their best times
– One of our Special Needs parents just closed her first deal and made $12,000, her lacking confidence was fixed when she started wearing her favorite red jacked.  She asked me how to fix her confidence and I asked what she did different when it was sky high

The main points here:
– Dialog and Compliance is a skill that can improve every part of your life and the lives of others
– You can recreate the FEELING of winning which is really all that winning or losing is: just a feeling
– If you want people to want you then help them be somebody they want to be when they around you

Thanks so much I hope that helps guys!

Make the Universe Smile!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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