How real estate investors are making money from home (during quarantine) by watching classes.


First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for

If you are stuck at home can you still make money?
How can you use our signs class to make money right now?
What are other BigReia Homeys doing right now to make bank?

These examples below all came from Homeys watching the free signs class which is located here.  Check it, brilliant stuff there.

In the last few days we’ve been SWAMPED with emails THANK YOU

– For right now I want to focus on some really inspiring things that some of the BigReia Homeys are doing
– This is all from the signs class which you can still watch for free below, you also want to go through the post because it is EPIC too!  ; )
– So here are a few success stories we got in the last few days and YES this is all during the quarantine and ALL from lessons in the signs class so you can do this and you have all the material you need

Mike had a seller put out signs herself in front of her house

– Told her it was a marketing experiment with ugly signs versus professional ones and she was curious to see how it would work too
– Buyer calls came in and some approved although mostly they are waiting he was able to get a pending offer on another house in that neighborhood
– Right now he stands to make about $3,000 on that

Sign leads to selling drone footage for a quick $1,000

– Right now Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have changed some appraisal/income requirements and are using desktop and/or drive by appraisals (link below)
– Sign was for sellers but one call was a realtor who is also an appraiser
– Jim used the dialog from the signs/vacant land class and helped them do appraisals and “drive bys” with drone footage so they didn’t need to leave the house

One of our kids is using signs to set up virtual tours

– We do a call with the seller over skype or face time and record a walk through of their house
– OR we drop off a 360 degree camera with online instructions and they can have a FULL tour of their house online
– This last week two of our kids each made over $5,000 by doing this for dozens of sellers

Sign on vacant land to plant veggies
– Ryan used a sign on vacant land to rent out a portion for growing veggies
– There is a LOT of fear about having enough food and this is a good solution
– The leads are good so far and he should make $1,700 up front and more if the owner wants him to do more ideas

Grocery store is giving out flyers during checkout to help distressed sellers “Can’t make your payments?  Need to sell fast?  Behind on payments?”

– This was from an email so I don’t know if they did anything for the store, but some of our kids have used “toilet paper alerts” and other headlines on signs to get ppl to opt-in LOL
– We have also been calling stores and other gatekeepers and had good success in them wanting to help people that may be having problems making payments
– Shannon and her husband have a few good leads and referred two so far that paid them about $2,500

One of my Bird Dogs Tom just trained realtors over skype on using signs in “blocks” and he got paid $3,000 from the realtors but $10,000 from the mortgage broker to be a sponsor.

– As a “sponsor” you can have your ppl set up a desk at the open house, take calls from buyers when they leave voicemails and we do email follows up with your phone number
– That is $13,000 in the last few days all from home
– You guys as a Big Reia Homey you really CAN do this, piece of cake

There are many other examples that have come in THANK YOU SO MUCH!

– I will be posting more I just wanted this up because you guys need to know that the news is LYING opportunity is everywhere
– Everything I said is all in the last few days and DURING LOCK DOWNS so be grateful
– We are lucky, let’s change lives and give people something to smile about

Azam said something about the grocery stores that stuck with me

– Everybody is complaining the shelves are all empty
– Azam said “Only in America would people call this ’empty shelves'”
– And when you look at like that guys there is PLENTY of food, just the veggies, salads, etc. that ppl don’t WANT to eat and ever since then I’ve been looking at shopping different and it is so true the shelves are STOCKED if you look at them right

Let’s rock you guys this is your time.

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Indy Anna

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