“I’ve been a real estate for over 30 years and I hate everybody!” Dialog to help LCs find their soulmate?

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“I’ve been a real estate investor for 30 years and I hate everybody, I hate all people!  I have everybody!”  How to use your dialog to help people and even help them find their soulmate.

What do you say if somebody says that to you?
What dialog creates champions and HEROES in seconds?
Can your dialog help get a broke investor to find his Soulmate in less than four days?

So I was talking to an investor who:
– Wasn’t happy with his life choices
– Felt like the world had ganged up on him
– Said he was a 30 year veteran and “hates all people” and told me to stop wasting his time

Did I respond like a CHAMPION… like a HERO?
– No (frown)
– I got nervous and even a little bit down because he was such a downer
– After I got off the phone I realized what happened and that I let somebody ELSE control how I felt and I REALLY should be better than that

So I borrowed a trick of Azam’s for my next LC Debbie Downer:
– Another investor started with the same stuff
– “I’ve been laid off, I’m sick of nobody paying rent on time and with excuses and I’m sick of people like you calling me.”  (note: he actually called me lol)
– I felt the urge to get off the phone politely but then I realized I was making the SAME mistake as before and so I used some of our Hero Dialog

Hero Dialog and Narration:
– I’ve covered this in other videos and it is a process of almost literally writing your own comic book story out of your life
– Our PSN Heroes do this regularly and they speak in third person “The Hero was nervous about calling but he continued anyway because he collects WINs!”
– This works externally as well in that you can use this when speaking with others, here’s an example that Azam has used and taught many to do:

In this investor example I was clearly talking to an LC and it was NOT a conversation I wanted to have… but it COULD be one I wanted if it was more fun this is where your dialog comes in I said:
– I was once a downer, I was 100 pounds heavier than I am now, I had zero confidence in my self worth and I was convinced that I would die never really achieving any of my goals but one day that all changed when something happened…
– EVERYBODY asks “What happened?”  (this is important because now YOU are taking control of the conversation and FROM NOW ON you dictate the emotion)
– Well I met a real-life Superhero, and one of his powers was that if you got around him then your life would immediately and dramatically improve, and I DID NOT believe it at first but then I saw it with my own eyes and then it happened to me…
– Soon I was doing unthinkable things that I thought were impossible just days before, every part of my life improved and it has only gone up since then but that’s not the craziest part, the coolest part is that there’s a reason I’m telling you this…
– “Why are you telling me this?”
– Because I have that super power now too, everybody that comes into my life seens an immediate and dramatic improvement in theirs… that’s hard to believe isn’t it?
– “You are crazy.”
– Exactly, so how about an experiment just to see if it really works, this’ll take 30 seconds okay?
– “30 seconds?  What I have to do?”
– If it were true and your life was to immediately and dramatically get better all of a sudden, what would that look like, what would happen?
(this is important because it is a Focus in our Dialog Training we explain how these are things that force people to focus fantasies and deep wants, it makes them immediately feel better and allows you to weaponize Emotional Investment for higher compliance)
– “The most beautiful woman in the world would walk in here with millions of dollars.”
– Then what would you guys do with the money?
– “We would travel the world for the rest of our lives with a care in the world.”
– Where would you go first?
– “Jamaica I guess.”
– Why Jamaica?
–  “My sister and father used to tell me about it the islands and snorkeling but I wasn’t able to go with them since I was little I’ve wanted to go.”
– Okay so a beautiful woman would walk up to you with millions of dollars and you would fly around the world and your first stop would be Jamaica to go snorkeling like your sister and father because you’ve wanted to since you were a kid, do I have that right?
– “Yeah, now what?”
– Just wait and see what happens, think of it like a on a Spectrum and maybe you get 5% or 10% of the way there and it happens in some cases faster than it does than others, but you promise to keep an eye out for this and tell me when it happens right?
– “Yeah whatever.”

END of call

The point of calls like that:
– It helps you practice your Hero Narration and avoid giving power to others
– This approach makes things more FUN and that is the key in “Choosing Addiction” and turning “work” into a “game” that is high-score-beating addictive
– It allows you to open EMOTION

What if none of that stuff happens?  Who cares lol
– What you have created from this conversation at WORST is somebody who is now looking for great things to happen in their lives
– And I actually do believe that Azam has this power, and I KNOW how it sounds but I’m starting to think I really do have it
– If you say something enough, you tend to believe it, plus THIS happened:

Four days later:
– I got 2 calls in a row from the investor
– I answered and his first words:  “What are you?”
– Had to refresh my memory because I didn’t even know who he was or what he was talking about

Then he told me that the most amazing thing happened to him the night before
– A friend asked for help in moving, while they were moving he was sitting in the apartment alone and a female neighbor came over to introduce yourself
– The moment he saw her, he was taken back and they started talking and WHILE talking she mentioned she was just playing Monopoly earlier and she still have pockets full “cash”
– “At that moment I couldn’t believe it!  I told her that I met somebody who told me that the most beautiful woman in the world would walk up to me with millions and we would fly around the world together.  And she started blushing as soon as I said ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ I knew I had her.”
– The have a date and she thinks she is the one and may be her “Soulmate”
– Oh and what does she do?  She is is airline hostess!

I’m not saying I have the “Power” but try telling him that LOL
– I have a few other examples like this that are starting to change my mind and convince me LOL
– The reality is that we all find what we look for, all I’m doing is getting them to look for better stuff
– You can do this, anybody can

The world NEED more good stuff right now.

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Make the Universe Smile.

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