How to turn $1 into over $25,000 by “Epic Flipping” ordinary items.

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How to turn $100 into $25,000 in less than 30 days without leaving your house.

Some questions for ya:

When is a used yoga mat worth $4,000?

How can you sell a normal burger for $5,000?
What makes a haircut worth $10,000?  (hint: people knowing you paid $10,000 for it)
The answer to all the above: Telling the right story.

So Azam and I wanted to teach some of our special needs kids how to write better, the important of dialog and the value of telling great stories, the question was how do we do this?

– Normal “school” stuff seems boring and hardly fun or addicting
– We had to come up with a fun way of doing research, communicating, accounting, talking to strangers, writing short stories, grammar, persuasive versus informative essay creating, etc.
– This eventually led to the invention of Epic Flipping

What is Epic Flipping?  It is buying/getting ordinary items and selling (or flipping) them for extraordinarily higher amounts of money, usually several hundred or several thousand times what you paid. 

The rules of Epic Flipping

– You can only spend $1 – $5 on the item (sometimes it has be no money spent, which means the item is about to be – or has been – thrown away)
– You are not allowed to improve, fix or modify the item in ANY way — this means that you are selling the exact same thing just with a different STORY
– Every month we do a challenge where you start with $100 and we see how much we can make, the record is about $25,000, this is what some of the group kids are doing right now as a ‘summer job’ to make extra money, it is normal to turn $100 into $1,500 – $2,000

By the way on extra example came in from the 38 Ways to Buy Apartments with Epic Pet Policies and the was Lindsay and Conor:

– They got with a management team and and had them offer free at home dog/pet training (since you are home anyway)
– You can do a free class over Zoom with multiple tenants and one trainer
– You get paid based on the clients they convert and everybody (including the animal trainer) can stay at home and the pet training is done over skype or facetime
– They made about $2,500 in the last week
– This is covered in the Pet Policies class below

Back to the Epic Flipping Model

– This is all about giving people a GOOD story to tell
– You can learn all about this a lot more in the 38 Pet Policies to Buy Apartments below
– For now here is one great example of ADOPTING

The first dollar our special needs group ever made is in a fancy glass frame.

– Every month we “rent” it out to people, families and/or businesses
– You pay $1,000, $1,500 or more and you get to keep the dollar at your business/home, take pictures with it, you have a nice plaque that explains the dollar and that you adopted, etc.
– Then if you post on fb we let ppl know and you get a bunch of likes and comments so your friends, fans and clients see and you may get a few clients from the ppl as well
– So a realtor, car shop, bakery, etc. can raise their profile, increase business but if nothing else they support a cause
– Think about it though and they are “renting” a normal dollar and then giving it back and all they really end up with is… a good story to tell.

You can do with this with ANY group

– Come up with a mascot, a stuffed animal or something and give it a name
– Then allow the members to adopt him and then they get support “likes” from others in the group, we’ve had adopted parents take our “mascot” or dollar bills on vacation to the beach, on roller coasters, to the movies… WHY?  It’s a good, fun story to share
– Then at the end you get the mascot back and can do it again

Our kids are doing this as a challenge and getting a percentage of the money they raise, some ppl have a problem with making money on this:

– First realize that all causes and charities have costs
– Second this is money they would never get any other way
– Third you can do it for free… but you won’t, because it is work (keeping in touch with their ppl, gaining compliance, tracking results, etc.) most people won’t even do this if they ARE making money let alone if you just do it free but the fact is that to create sustainable, scalable results like this — people have to be making money

Once you have the ppl in the group trained to be responsive and supportive you can work with business

– This is where it get really exciting, so your “Dollar Bill” can suddenly have a “Twin” that comes up, or it be a Momma and give birth to Twins and the family is adopted by different ppl
– Business like realtors are great because they post on social media with pointless stuff but THIS gives them something meaningful to share and with the link you can actually grow the volunteer base for the group
– With businesses they LOVE the extra attention and you want to track any increase business because this help set your pricing AND potentially work with them on other deals

Our single dollar bill has probably raised about $100,000

– Overall our kids have done at least $1M for other groups in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, etc. with this one Model of adopting out a mascot
– You can do this totally from home and it actually helps the causes you care about
– We have kids, adults and volunteers doing this making good full time incomes right now it is easy, costs nothing and will help the world

How many other ways do you have to take a normal dollar bill, rent it out for $3,000 a month and then get the bill back?  Who else takes care of you guys like this it is just Indy Anna and nobody else loves you like this

– Go through the Apartments class below it is Epic and it will really help explain about how a good story changes everything
– You can do these deals right now and start Epic Flipping without leaving your house
– It is THIS skill that will get you chased by business owners, apartment building owners, etc. they will hunt you down and beg you to take ownership in their companies and assets because everybody wants somebody that create something for nothing – in the coming storm this skill more than anything will set you up to make fortunes and at the same time you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

If you have any questions about making 30k/mo in real estate let me know Love @

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna


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