How to make an extra $500 a day by making infographics, this is a cool way to to add some extra income starting in less 24 hours.

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So about dem infographics…

Here’s how this works:

– We contact local companies and screen them
– For the right ones, we make them an infographic
– We get paid $300 – $500 for each one

What is an infographic?

– They are basically sets of “information” put into a “graphic”
– Here are some examples from BigReia posts
– These are everywhere just search for one

( examples in the video)

So how do you make an infographic?

– You can use FREE programs like Google slides, Powerpoint, Keynote (Apple users), your regular photo app on the iPhone, Canva, etc.
– Paid services like PiktoChart, Visme, Venngage, etc.
– You can use existing ones to model after or start with templates

I won’t spend much time talk about HOW to make them because each of those sites have in depth tutorials on this stuff

Okay so how/why would a business pay you $500 just to make ONE

– An infographic can be used as a freebie, or a lead generator (“5 ways to burn in your sleep”)
– An infographic can be used to help them promote their services better
– An infographic can be used as an educational tool like on a flyer or a business card (“4 signs your heart is in trouble”, “10 signs you’re buying a BAD rental”, etc.)

And much more BUT NONE OF THAT is what I’m going to talk with you about today.

Here’s just ONE simple way to do this:

– First you find a hot, popular and trending piece of content online
– Second we find a way to relate to a specific business (or vice versa; first we start with the business and find a way to relate it to popular stuff)
– Third we make an infographic and put the article’s info in a more user friendly format
– Then we reach out to the original creator and let them know what we did to help
– Lastly they may or may not provide a backlink to our client’s site

Backlinks are powerful

– Nothing says more about a website’s authority then who else is linking to you
– Just ONE good link from an authority can reduce your pay-per-click costs for example because you are seen as more solid
– ANYbody who knows anything about this will tell you that $500 is nothing to pay for a SINGLE good link

Example: Will Smith Bad Boys for Like

– In early September 2019, Will Smith released the trailer for Bad Boys for Life and it was awesome, go over 14M views in 48 hours
– One of the top articles online (over 500k hits) was a “Will Smith workout” program, it was how he trained for iRobot, I am Legend and most impressively Ali
– So we made an infographic and let the writer know, he linked to our site
– Our client (who paid $500) got over 2,000 downloads and 11 new clients, over $4,800
– To get him WE called personal trainers and gyms about the opportunity and by the second call the first guy called back and asked us to STOP so he could be picked

How to find HOT content, search for you industry, topic and keywords:

– Free places like Reddit, Ahref, Buzzfeed, Quora, Twitter trends,
– Google trends – allows you to put keywords in and see the trend over 5 years or 90 days for example
– Pinterest: Click on the compass for EXPLORE and you can find trending topics/posts/searches in given topics
– Youtube home just click on the left under “Trending” and it shows you the top 100 videos right now, so the more you can make a post based on that

Here’s a great .pdf on how to study and use Pinterest, you can download it on the BigReia post: 

This is what one of our Special Needs Groups is doing, we have this down to a tight science with a tight ROI and numbers…

Here’s exactly what the Kids are doing:

– First we screen a business or MAYBE they find the content first, so these first steps are sometimes are switched
– Then they search for hot or trending content
– Maybe it relates to our target or maybe we need to find away to relate it
– They make infographics that summarize the trending content
– They the go the content creator and often they will link back to the sites

What if there is no link?

– They still have a lead generator that can help in the future
– It can be used in all the way described at the start
– So either way it is a win/win

This is how we are consistently getting Special Needs Kids to over perform and over achieve.

Thanks much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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