How to find motivated sellers with ghetto gardening and Thug Life Farmers LOL

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Yesterday Ryan asked:

“I love the way you are real estate business around your
passions can you share more about that or we can give
money to causes we care about and make money at the
same time? THANKS!”

Sure, here’s a great example of something I’m working on
right now, it isn’t perfect and still a work in progress.

In 2012 Detroit didn’t have a single chain grocery store

– People basically ate from gas stations and mini-marts
– This poor diet led to increases in health problems like high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, etc.
– Eventually activists took the abandoned properties (roughly 30% of the city was gone) and started planting gardens

This helped to spark a revolution of inner city gardening

– We call them Ghetto Gardening, or Thug Life Gardens, Ganster Gardening, etc.  (our home Ron Finely is a pioneer of this)
– There are a LOT of great ppl doing this, check the page below for a lot of really good links and more info on this
– The drive-thrus will kill more ppl than the drive BYs

By growing their OWN veggies

– They save money and don’t rely on expensive or far away stores
– They are much healthier and this is spreading veganism to an unlikely crowd
– They are able to make money selling the veggies
– They can turn around their communities by putting vacant/abandoned properties to good use

So in Indy and in the Midwest we have started something

– Our Special Needs group has been using signs to help these ghetto/urban farmers sell their veggies
– We just co-sponsored the largest Thug Life Ghetto Garden farmer’s market in Ohio EVER
– This is almost entirely done with signs

The next step is INDOOR gardening

– Once the buyers are “hooked” this can be a good side business but with regular clients the demand picks up fast
– The next phase is indoor gardens, we are testing growing lettuce, kale, spinach, peppers, strawberries, basil, etc.
– Once we get the winning model, we are going to be able to a lot more deals

The Money Plays here and how we are getting houses right now:

– The city is giving us good terms and basically allowing us to get the property for free and then pay once the indoor farm is producing
– We have partnered with a few investors who provide or buy the housing and then pay for the initial set up in exchange for equity, this will allow other inner city farmers to start their farms zero down
– We have been using signs “I’ll turn your house into an indoor farm and we’ll split the profits!” and that campaign has produced too LOL

We are getting better deals here because once people find out what we’re doing then usually…

… everybody (including the CITY) is freaking out…

about how cool this and they want to do what they can to help even if that means just giving us their property for free lol.

If you’re doing this then it is a great way not just to find motivated sellers, but to CREATE THEM.

We have done a few other things too but remember:

– This is NOT a proven model and I would use your input on this
– You can do what we’re doing and grow it from there or do something totally different and test your own approach
– This is a passion of ours and it is developing on this side so I thought I would share it because these are Models that really change the world

How this is changing the world

– First our Special Needs Kids are learning about farming and growing their own food as well as inner city youngsters being exposed to a much better diet
– Our Special Needs groups (and any group you work with) is able to own equity in these businesses/farms and the farms get necessary resources to launch
– You are helping to keep ppl healthier, eating better and reducing sickness while promoting animal welfare (this is ALL vegan baby)
– This is teaching everybody about business and entrepreneurship
– This is NOT some other company or government coming in and taking over or gentrification, these is people OF these areas who rebuilding their communities and neighborhoods and making people safer and healthier

This is all ZERO cost too, so if you need more reasons than that you’re probably a serial killer and I can’t help.

Okay so this isn’t finished but that is where we are now.


~ Indy Anna

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