Getting motivated seller leads from home staging experts will make me over 50k his year.

So this is a cool way to get motivated sellers and get your skill sharpened with JVs at the same time.

So let’s get started…

What is home staging

– These are professionals who come to a seller’s house and tell them what they should do with the interior and exterior to make the home sell for top dollar
– Usually they charge $200 – $300 for the initial consultation
– Then the homeowner will pay $2,000 – $5,000 usually to actually get the home staged

These are NOT motivated sellers

– They want top dollar
– They can afford to wait the market out
– BUT there is still opportunity here

Here’s a test I had with one

– She would go over the entire plan with the homeowner and then at the end she would say “Before we do any work I have a friend who can come make an offer right now as-is if you want”
– I would have the cash offer ready, which the sellers never liked, but then I would have THEM make an offer on their price with my terms
– I could pay them full price, or even more, but it would be over time with something like a lease option

These are usually nicer houses with bigger down payments

– Meeting with them up front also adds them to your DRIP campaigns even if they don’t want to do something right now, as their house doesn’t sell there you are danging that immediate offer right in front of them

– Over time their situation changes and things can happen

– I often call on Sundays to see how it went, this ANOTHER week and the ‘busy buyer’ day where they just had a bunch of buyers come through and nothing came of it

Remember that a lease option (or some similar sales on TERMS) is the MOST money they’ll make

– The way to get the MOST money from a sale is to do it on terms like a lease option or a rent to buy
– You can go over the numbers so that they see it for themselves
– You can do a long term rental, a lease option or AirBNB while waiting for it to sell

Once it is a GO your realtor takes over

– You want a lockbox on the door, signs up and ads running
– Then the calls are screened (the L/A Model is fed) and showings scheduled
– They arrange and close the deal, so you don’t have to be involved much… or at all eventually

So far in five months, I’ve done three deals with one stager:

– The first one had a down payment of $20,000 I paid him 4k and my net was about $16,000
– Another lease option was about $7,000 to me
– I got another long term rental and I got $3,500

So about $26,000 over five months

– That is over 5k/month
– I have a few other stagers I’m working with
– I should easily be able to an extra 50k/year with this

Remember finding these people is easy

– Just do a search for your area
– Talk to realtors
– If you find a shortage then you can start one lol

I’m also getting paid from my stager as a consultant too

– I’m going to buy a portion of her company
– I helped her generate more business with ads and landing pages
– She is the only stager that can now GUARANTEE that when you hire her you will get an offer in less than 30 days for the FULL asking price (it will be in less than 30 minutes from me lol) but this has been a good hook
– Another staging company I work with is using another headline that we came up with: “If my staging doesn’t sell your home for top dollar in the first 30 days, I’ll buy it myself!”  What a guarantee.

These are my fav kind of deals:

– Sometimes with a JV partner you have to scramble to find them business when promoting them
– If you work with them on their business and help to grow it then that can be your end of the JV, so they bring you business and you help them with theirs
– Better yet if you get ownership/equity now you get more deals AND you pick up a piece of business on the side and they get growth, a WIN/WIN/WIN


Know that you can get motivated sellers and do lease options and long term rentals with these people but ALSO you can work with them, grow their business and get paid buying a stake in these companies too.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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