How to get motivated seller leads from contractors, unemployed trucker makes $2k/week from this one source of motivated sellers.


This is one of our people is doing over $2,000 a week by getting motivated seller leads from contractors.  This is easy to do.

Here’s the story:

I did a workshop where I trained a group Bird Doggers

– They would go out and find me deals for My Indy Anna REIA

– I showed them 19 ways that anybody can find good deals

– These deals were in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan

– They would find me deals and get paid up to $10,000 for each deal

– They goal was for ordinary person to work VERY part time and an extra $3,000 – $5,000 in side income

Here’s how one of them, an unemployed trucker is making $2,000 a week from ONE source of motivated seller, now is unemployable lol

Three steps here:

Find contractors

Train and who them how they can bring you deals

Screen, qualify and buy the deals and pay the contractor for finding them

7 Ways to Find Contractors (this is easy)

Search google, bing, yahoo

Ask realtors

Yelp reviews

Ask lenders

Talk to investors

Ask FB friends

Find and post in FB group

Remember in ALL your business everything hinges around have “A Beautiful Conversation” so when you talk to the contractors

– You want to screen them well

– Have a good deep conversation with Emotional Investment which means they populate the dialog with what THEY want

– Get a clear picture of what they want and then how you can help them get there

– Find a big (almost scary to say out loud) goal, that includes PPT (People, Places and Things) so in a perfect world if they succeed big time how would they know… what would they be doing, with who and WHERE, I’m boating with my kids in Florida – attach a PEOPLE PLACES THINGS to the goal

– This is how you use Dialog Algorithms for maximum compliance in your conversations

Contractor myths:

– The good ones are all gone (you want a process that CREATES good/better ones)

– They are slow, stupid or criminals. This is condescending and ignorant, these are good people and may not have ‘college’ educations but still have skills, knowledge and potential brilliance.

The ideal contractor:

– Immediate: they will find business from their current contacts (from their current people)

– Nearby: They will market and find new business in the areas they are in (signs, flyers, door knocking, etc.)

– Unrelated: they will market for fresh business, meaning they go out of their way with marketing, networking, etc. to find new business


– Yes a contractor can go to their “warm” list of contacts and clients

– Yes they can go to surrounding houses and find nearby business that is convenient and “on the way”

– The best ones will do all that and PLUS run google/facebook ads, have their own number/site, market on their OWN for business, etc.

To do this they need direction:

– They need oversized business cards, flyers, fridge magnets, etc.

– They can become an affiliate of yours or your team and get their own landing page, phone number so now they have their own site that they can track leads from since they will get an email for each call, lead, etc.

– Now they basically have a side business

– Contractors are IN the neighborhoods everyday, they have their finger on the pulse and they know the story about the homeowners and their situations, they just need some direction

– They can find deals, track down owners, identify abandoned properties, etc. they are boots on the ground and have a wealth of info about their neighborhoods

What contractors want:

– They want regular income, if they bring you a deal they want to do the work to repair it

– They want WORK and they are usually not lazy and have won the trust of people to be around their kids and in their homes, often unsupervised

– They in some cases will want private money from you so they can buy on their own BUT this is RARE they don’t want to do the marketing, negotiating they JUST want the work

In the case of James:

– We started with contractors and he screened 7-8 and had two good ones

– They each had multiple potential deals on the first day, the deal was they would bring him deals and get the work OR get paid on the deal if it was moved to investor who did not hire them

– The first deal that James got was a rehab for $32k that we moved for $48k and the investor hired the contract for a full rehab, so we made $16k for “free’ and the contractor was happy because he got about 60 days worth of work for free

– I have two contractors that have quit their jobs and just find me deals “full time”, their target income is $5,000 – $6,000 a month so they can go months without a deal and still make that lol

– Now James has two contractors finding him deals, one is also running facebook ads (the way I talked about in the other class) and the NET profit for James is over $2,000 a month

Don’t let anybody tell you that finding deals is hard, or that motivated seller marketing is complicated or that creating $10k/mo Subtractively (passively) is difficult…

… this is all from just a few Beautiful Conversations.

So screen contractors:

– Find 77s, that means people who like at a “7” and you think you’ll make money with at a “7” I covered this before

– You want about 5-10 77s and you’ll be doing deals

– Sit down and go over their deal income and PPT Vision

– Then talk about how many leads into deals you would need a week to hit that, usually one deal per 3-4 “warm” intros, five at the most

– Then plan out how they will find that number, from their current people, the NEARBY bidness or will the go gagnsta and do cold, unrelated marketing

– Now they have a weekly and daily target, and so do you

– Track everything and make sure they know what happens to each lead

Thanks so much guys!  = )

~ Indy Anna

Love (at) BigReia (dot) com

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