How to get free motivated seller leads from rising property tax bills, one deal made me over 23k.

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How to get free motivated seller leads from rising property tax bills,
one deal made me over 23k…

How to get free motivated seller leads from CPAs and accountants, one deal just made me over 23 grand.

Want a cool new way to find motivated sellers, for FREE?
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There are places around Indianapolis where there is a LOT
of new construction and a lot of new homes being built.
– When this happens sometimes a 100-200k neighborhood gets homes built that are selling for $700-900k
– This has been happening in places like Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, etc. and in many areas there is no sign of stopping even if/when there is an economic correction
– When taxes get assessed in these areas many homeowners who have lived in their houses for decades (and have them paid off) can find themselves with really BIG tax bills

For example
– One seller had her family house for over 50 years, and their tax bill was usually 2k for decades… then all of a sudden it is almost 15k, how?
– Taxes can be assessed by their neighborhood value so if 100k homes are being bought, torn down and 1M homes are being built then the average price/value goes up
– The value of the home may also go up but that doesn’t help if you don’t want to move

These are “Invisible Leads” and here’s what I do to help them:
– First I work with local CPAs and accountants and family lawyers
– They can tell any of their clients that if they have tax issues I can help
– They also send my letter with “tax bill” because it is possible that if I work with them I can pay the bill so they don’t have to
– I don’t get many leads because a good CPA may only have 2-3 leads a month but those are GOOD prospects
– I don’t just give them a lowball offer and you are NOT ALLOWED to either, you want to get to know them and see how you can help

Last week I got a hit from this:
– The owner’s family did NOT want to sell and was sick of offers from construction builders, but they could’t afford their tax bill either
– Their home was “worth more” but to get it in selling shape they would have to spend money that they don’t have
– I helped her realize they have to find a new house and sell this one but we can sell it as-is and work out a 60/40 split or something because I can probably get a cash buyer in about a week
– We found them a new house, I did an auction her current one and she made a pile of money and I walked away with about 23k too

In the last year
– From about 20 lawyers and accountants I’ve done probably 10-15 deals
– Some of these are VERY small deals and some I don’t make any money on if they just need help badly and I don’t see an obvious play, so I’ll just help the sellers
– The total profit is at LEAST 150k
– There are no investors in the Midwest doing it and none that I’ve ever met in other areas, so far this is a wide open market for me
– Anybody can do this guys

Our group Kids and Heroes have done this as well
– They have done it for other investors and just make money from passing the deals on
– We have to parents making over 8-10k/month in less than an hour a month by building the relationship with the lawyers/CPAs and then sending the business to investors
– Easy money and you can it from HOME lol

Thanks so much everybody!

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