Real estate investors: how to get (even shi**y) realtors to bring you a good deal every week, this is how real estate investors can train their realtors.

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How to get your realtor to bring you a good deal every week.

“How can I train my realtors betters?”
“How can I get LC realtors to do a good job?”
“Why do my realtors suck and how can I get them to make me money?

Here’s a quick way to TRAIN your realtors to do a better job:
– Remember people are good at following directions
– The reason why people on your team will not perform well is because they are not trained well
– You want to have specific policies that they use and a VERY tight checklist, diagram and scripting that leaves NOTHING to their imagination

Don’t try to find “great people” or a “great realtor” instead build a process that CREATES great performers from ordinary, here’s one way:
– Tell your realtor the areas you are buying in
– Tell to set an alert for ANY property that hits the market that is 90% (or less/more depending on your goals) below the tax assessed value (this filter can be set in five minutes)
– The realtor can make offers on your behalf, an average agent will make an offer or two a week, some everyday the hungry ones should do several a day
– I tell them to do enough offers (3-5 or 10/day) in order to get one pending deal a week, once an offer is accepted or countered they can let you know
– I tell them we should have a pending deal in the first 10 days and if they do a good job they will get the follow up work too of the work, the listing, etc.

The good performers will rise and you’ll start doing deals every week.
– Be happy when realtors disappear, they were lazy and un-drive be THANKFUL don’t mope, it is a good thing that you repel people like that
– I’ve covered how to make sure you have money or investors to do the deals even if they are not-assignable
– Slide the numbers up and down so that you do one a week, every two weeks, etc. so you have a regular flow of money and deals

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