Motivated sellers from expired listings, how this one letter is making 9 grand a month, and I’m not even mailing it LOL.

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More on some BigReia Quarantine Money!

There is a great post and class on the 38 Ways to Buy Apartment Buildings Zero Down with Pet Policies

The post is HERE.

So please watch this before you watch Azam’s class
– I asked Azam to do a class on copywriting about this
– In that class he will break down the letter and a lot of other stuff, like how to START your copy better with some great examples, I LOVE this stuff and could watch and listen for hours the class is amazing and brilliant so please check it out I think you’ll love it
– This is exactly how I been learning how to write compliance in print better

A piece of copy can be an ad, letter, email, voicemail script, dialog sales script, THANK YOU letters, referral letters, text, receipts, etc. anything written, read or spoken.

There are (more than) five easy ways to make money with copy
– Improve a current piece
– Improve a past piece that is not being used
– Use the same piece better, like with a better targeted list
– Get a piece from another source and bring it over (an MFM)
– Start from zero, do NOT EVER do this when you starting out

The story behind the letter
– I asked one of my agents for a letter that wasn’t working, it was an expired listing letter
– I worked on it by meeting with sellers and getting feedback
– Then I would use it with expired listing but also regular homeowners

I would meet with a seller or realtor or call or email them:
– Hi, I just got 42 buyers to the house over on Elm Street and I’m looking for sellers who need to sell so I can test out this marketing method
– Sometimes I send this letter to people who REALLY need help but they don’t reply, can you look at these two and tell me which you think is better?
– In general Mr. Seller how can I get through to sellers in this neighborhood when they think they’ve already heard it all before, how do you suggest I let them know I can help them?

Get the letter for FREE.

 – You can see the full letter below, feel free to steal it and use it however you want just make sure to send me a testimonial
– Remember you do NOT need any money, my realtors are paying me about half their commission or sometimes 30-40% on top of the deals I do with the sellers and with lease options I try to make 5-10k up front
– So even if I meet with 20 sellers a month or just five a week I can make sure to make the 10-15k/month extra, but I’m going with 9k/mo because that is the worst so far

You can download the letter for free HERE.

It is the people that CREATE deals like this who are going to thrive with what’s coming.

You guys THIS is your time, even if we never work together you can use all the stuff and get to where you want to be even if you’re at home.

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna 

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