How real estate investors can save local businesses, teenager makes 120k from ONE email.

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How real estate investors can save local businesses, teenager makes 120k from ONE email.

How real estate investors can help local businesses, this one email made me over 120 grand.

How can real estate investors help local businesses?
How can you make money and build your real estate business during quarantine?
How did a teenager make an extra 120k by sending this ONE email?  (I’ll give you the exact email lol)

All of our training at is about building a business, not just in real estate but once trained a student should be able to buy, sell and acquire companies and pieces of companies at will.
– To build this skill we often use exercises and mental drills
– One of the “Phone Book Drills” is to pick a business at random out of the phone book and then list three good JV partners for that business (Joint Venture/Cross Promotion)
– Consider Business #1 and their best clients and then ask yourself what is a good Business #2 that can introduce more of those clients/transactions

This is very easy to do and NOBODY does this.
– One of our teenagers recently did this (under Quarantine) with a computer store that he connected with a TV home theater business, they were located in the SAME retail strip and they even knew each other but they had never partnered
– This result was over $40,000 for the computer store in less than a few weeks, the home theater business also made good money
– The student did NOT get paid, this was just a GXM and part of his assignment

Here’s what you need to know about this:
– Almost two months later our Hero called them back to see if they had partnered again the way they said they would, what do think happened?  Of course they didn’t partner again
– So he worked with them again and this time the home theater business made over $50,000
– Now they pay him to do this every 1-3 months so that they don’t forget

Here is how to do this: first you call the first business
– “I’m doing an assignment where I’m supposed to introduce one business owner to another business owner who could double your business”
– We can do it for free remember NONE of them are doing and they still won’t after they see how much money they can make, so you are building a relationship and planting a seed so that you can come back and get paid a LOT more
– I’ve done over 120 of these and not a single business continues to do it with the same companies or gets news ones LOL, and they always make money so this is you building future business yourself

Here’s one email we use:

Subject: (NAME) said you might know what to do about this?
“Hi, I talked with (NAME) at (BUSINESS ONE) about looking for people in the (TARGET BUSINESS TWO) that wanted help in cross promoting to each other’s clients.  And he/she thought it would be good to talk with you about this.

I saw your (website/ad/number/business) and made a quick youtube video for you (it is just for you and don’t worry nobody else can see because you can only see it with this link) that explains and more and how this might help you both:

I get nervous on camera and stutter lol, but I think you’ll get the point.

Please let me know what you want to do.

Thanks!  = )


So that’s it
– I can do another video on how to make that video if you guys want, but making these MICRO targeted videos is how I built this channel and it works like nothing else, we are now building two other real estate channels and they are both making over 30k/month with less than 50 views per video because they are HIGHLY targeted to the right person
– Remember I don’t care about making “viral videos” it is much better if just the ONE person that I made the video for watches, and they will if/when they know you made it just for them so you’ll see much higher compliance
– That one email has been sent out 100s of times and in this case the Hero used his first two WINs (the computer store and home theater) and sent out 20 emails
– Over 10 replies in the first 48 hours, that’s 50% UNREAL
– Eventually we get near 100% response because we email again, call and even stop by and ask them for feedback on the video you made JUST for them lol
– With signed contracts now he stands to make over $140k this year from partnering companies with other companies and getting 10-30%
– This allows you to help local companies, get better at business building and (eventually) get paid good money just for connecting companies

You guys can do this right now, just pick a business and ask yourself what other business or person would double, triple or more that current business?  Then you’ll see that NO business is ever doing ANYTHING to gain compliance from these high value targets.
– This is super easy because nobody does this and you can do this from home
– My car dealer that is paying me almost 100k/year for me to help them deal with their current people is a good example because that deal came as a result of me helping them partner with a real estate company
– You can help businesses grow and do it for free at first and then use your success stories to move on
– This is our Hero and others are creating generational wealth, once you do this for free then you can get paid and then you want to get EQUITY in these assets
– Done right, the way we teach, you will own the companies and have all the benefit and none of the risk

You guys THIS is your time, even if we never work together you can use all the stuff and get to where you want to be even if you’re at home.

It is that easy you guys, Quarantine Money is for realz.  You have no excuse take your role with seriously please because you can change lives.  You’ll also help to…

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna 

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