“How I made over over $331k from giving away a house… for FREE.”

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So this class is pretty cool…

Give away a house and make over 330 grand?

This is a continuation of my last few videos about working with new home builders:

– You should know that they pay 3-5%

– I explained how I use signs to get buyers calling

– Then I introduce the buyers to the builders and when the deal closes I make money

– You should know about the four signs that made 28k+ (over 7k/per sign)

– You should know about the 92k email, the 92k came from sending a SINGLE email

If not then go watch those classes and come back

So what I did was the same thing as the 92k email

– I went to a group of my builders and got houses that floor plans that they needed to move FAST

– Then I sent an email/text to my buyers about the “this weekend only” fire sales

– The buyers went over and got their bonuses (in some cases no payments for 90 days, upgraded kitchens, etc.) and then once the deals close I got paid

So if I did the same thing why so much more money?
Because it was a LOT more buyers.

How to do a home giveaway

– Pick a home in your target area and calculate the monthly rent, let’s say $1,000 x 12 months = $12,000

– Now find two or more sponsors to $6,000 each, sponsors could be a bank, realtor, etc. that you work with and will send business to

– One of my sponsors was one of the actual home builders LOL

– Now you can market a “Home giveaway” where the person gets a home for free for a year

– You want churches, women’s shelters, rehab centers, special needs organizations, etc. to help promote so you can find a GOOD family to help

– You will also market the HELL out of this with signs and ads

– You WILL get hundreds of leads and calls, many are bad or just freebie seekers BUT there are diamonds in those leads

Between email and phones I’ve had over 1,500 leads in a single day, that’s my record.

What happens when you can email/text 1,500 people at once?

– How many will be real buyers that want to a new home with very SPECIAL and attractive terms that they would ONLY get from you?

– 10%, 5%, 1%… even if it is HALF of one percent that is about 7

– 7 deals at $7,500 and that’s $52,500… right lol

But REMEMBER that 1,500 calls was just from ONE day.

About my 331k

– Some has closed and some have not, the total time is about eight months for all 330k+ to come in

– The giveaway I rushed and did in 30 days so that is included in the eight months

– It is better to do it the other way from yesterday and make 92k in about 90 days because this was a lot more work and will take longer to pay out

I’ll try this again and let you know how it goes

Remember guys YOU CAN DO THIS

– Remember I’m still just a student and learning too

– Thanks for making this channel number one

– If you want to join my REIA go to IndyAnnaHouses and get a bunch of goodies and free stuff

– To do this start with a single builder and a single buyer and then add to it from there

– I went over all the steps in this video and the last few ones if I missed something let me know

Thanks!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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