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So what is the best market to start in?  How do I know what real estate market to focus on?  How can I pick the best market to ensure my success as a real estate investor?  What strategy is best for my real estate market?…

“Does that work in my area?”

(SERIOUSLY you guys BETTER NOT ever ask that lol)

What’s the best market?

– All over Indy I hear people telling me “that stuff doesn’t work here”, so be careful who you listen to.
– It isn’t the size of the fighter in the fight but the size of the fight in the figher.  It’s not about the type of market the investor is in, but the type of the investor in the market.
– Azam taught me something real powerful so I will answer this question about which market is the best right now:

The market that’s best to build your real estate business in, is whatever market that you build your business in… your CURRENT market will do just fine.

In America within 50 miles of pretty much ANY location:
– You’ll find areas that are about 10-30% below the average price for your area
– These are “B-” and C areas, where cops, nurses, firemen, etc. live
– People who went to school for 2-4 years (so above minimum wage)
– These are the indicators of a good place to start because the flip market, rental market and retail/wholesale markets in these areas don’t fluctuate and are attractive (see my class on 1% houses for more on this)

How to do and find deals and build a business?
– You need a SECRET weapon
– Something that makes you stand out, like a Nobody Mountain so you can “Create the Standard” as I’ve talked about and Azam has gone over in depth.
– If you don’t do this your business will die OR you’ll only make money because you’re getting lucky, this is why most investors are struggling or out of business until their next deal.

“Motivated Sellers” come from one of three situations:
– Financial: their money situation has changed, loss of job, hours, etc.
– Personal: usually this is divorce or health issues.
– Asset/Property: something is wrong with the property, business, asset, etc. (yes, this works in finding motivated sellers for businesses as well)
– You need to have a way to find and work with folks in these categories that is SPECIAL, this is part of your secret weapon.

Here’s how you know you’ve done this right:
– It seems REALLY hard to be able to compete with you
– Even if you flat out tell people your secret their laziness will prevent them from competing
– You can train people (like Indy Anna’s Bird Dogs) and it makes more sense for them to keep working with you than to go out “on their own” and compete with you.

– I do a class for divorcing couples who don’t know what to do with their house.  Marriage counselors and divorce attorneys recommend this to their clients and now I have a steady flow of deals from that.
– I have the two biggest corporate headhunters and temp staffers who give all of their clients a “Indy Anna’s Guide” to selling your home fast when you’ve been downsized.  Just got a $24k deal from that this month.
– I put out signs and OWN the locations, I know the businesses the people and I pay them extra bonuses for keeping my signs up and for extra deals.
– I do the same with thing with “driving for dollars”, I’ve met people that need help getting their jobs and schooling so I hire a part time resume writer, job finder and scholarship expert who works and school opportunities for these folks.  Who will they call first when they hear about a deal?  I OWN these areas and they literally LAUGH when “I buy homes” guys come around trying to encroach LOL.

Rockefeller said that most people try to find uncommon things so that they can do the commonly well, instead do the common things uncommonly well.

That’s all you have do to, the COMMON things just UNcommonly well.

Other Secret Weapons:
– You can do things like the L/A Model so you always have a winning cash deal
– You can do more with things like the AirBNB Model that I went over in another video (all the links in the description)
– You can also add to your FANBASE and so once you know how much each subscriber to your weekly email is worth it is money in the bank.
– When you do the above your secret weapon is so strong that you don’t need ANY houses to be bought or sold in order to make good money.

I have been working hundreds or over 1,000 investors, realtors, contractors, etc. and over 50 title companies, 30 property management companies, etc. all through the Midwest not just Indy and guess what?
– How many people do you think even TRY to reach out to me after I’ve made them money?  Less than 10 and NONE with a weekly set time/day and asking about what I need help with.
– How many people have made a single courtesy call just to see how I was?  Less than three.  I do a call, a personal video and letter written (with a PEN so not printed on a computer) to at least five people a week.
– How many people do you think have introduced me to somebody who could double my business without me arranging for it?  NONE.  I have, at least once a month but probably at least twice a month, introduced one of my people to somebody that I know could double their business.

So imagine getting a call from Indy Anna and I say “Hi I did some research and I think so-and-so can double your business by doing (BLANK) so I sent him an email and called him and talked you up as I told him how awesome you were with my other deal and he want to send you a whole bunch of business he just needs to know how volume you can handle so I set a surprise appointment for you tomorrow at 2 PM!”

How awesome would that be?
– That’s how you build your Nobody Mountain
– That’s how you show up like nobody else
– That’s how you Create the Standard

So your market doesn’t matter, it is all about YOU and what you do in the market.  I keep getting questions about this and it is always from somebody who knows a lot more about real estate than I do, they know more they just don’t do more lol.  Do more! – we are obsessed with making the world a better place by helping people become business builders.  Go to right now for the planet’s best education on creating income ascension through real estate business building.

To summarize, three BASIC things, if you LOVE this then you’ll make it:
– First have Beautiful Conversations, talk with people, make friends and make them smile “Treat every person you talk to like a winning lottery ticket.”
– Communicate with them, send a follow up email and video right after you talk to them, then send an email once a week to everybody you talked to
– Help them, help your people and improve their lives in some way, money, family, volunteering, etc.
– Just do those three things: Talk, Keep in touch and HELP.
– You’ll do your part to save the world and…

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much!  =

~ Indy Anna

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