How to hire special needs kids that make you 10 grand a month, my BIG real estate investing secret and how anybody can do the same thing.

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How to get people to “ordinary” people to do the extraordinary.

So as I talk to more of you guys and other special needs instructors the same question keeps coming up:
– Azam and I have invented and developed a process to work with, treat and “cure” special needs kids and adults, part of this treatment sometimes involves business building skills and entrepreneurship.  We teach some of them how to buy, sell and grow companies and real estate, this isn’t necessary or for everybody but for the right ones it is fun.
– We now have now built the largest organization of special needs business owners not just in Indiana but in the Midwest and maybe in America and maybe even the biggest in the world but I don’t know for sure yet.
– EVERYBODY keeps asking me same the question: how do you do it?

I used to have the same question about Azam.
– I used to think it was his work ethic, intelligence, drive, passion or discipline that enabled to do so much.
– Those things are a factor and obviously help but that’s not the secret.
– The secret behind it is much simpler

What’s the secret?  Dialog and Compliance.
– It is getting people to do what you want.
– Specifically it is your dialog, the words you use, who you use them with and how you use them  (DAD = Dialog Audience Delivery)  What you say, who you say it to and how you say it.
– It is this skill more than anything else that will determine how far you go in life

The impact you have on OTHERS will determine how far you go in life, the way you make people FEEL
– Our life is determined by what we do
– What we do is determined by how we feel at any moment
– What we feel is always determined by what we are THINKING
– This is what the Meo Brooks Spectrum is based, and also Socratic (from Socrates) questioning
– At any moment you can change your words and actions to control your thoughts and thus your life

EA or EI: Emotional Assignment or Emotional Investment
– When you look at one thing but see something else
– This is what ALL Ultra High Achievers that others do not
– This is the secret you want to use and the result of your dialog

That’s a VERY bold and broad statement so I’ll be MUCH more specific, I asked Azam about this a long time ago and he told me about Steve Jobs and the RDF.
– The RDF is the Reality Distortion field.  This was described by Apple engineers as:
“An effect Steve Jobs had when he talked to people where no matter how educated, trained and well experienced they were, they began to question their own knowledge, limits and what was possible to a point where they eventually believed what was previously impossible was not only possible but easily doable.”
– This is how Steve Jobs was able to get people to do extraordinary work and do the “impossible” with ease
– THIS is maybe the biggest secret that I’ve learned from watching Azam

This is what you want and need to do and the impact you MUST have with yourself, your team, your clients and anybody else who comes into your world.

As Azam says if you can accomplish your goals then you’re thinking too small, you need others to be with you but also to raise them up as champions.

Azam shared with me how to do this with an example of the RDF and and what Azam developed EI or Emotional Investment or Emotional Assignment :
– The boot time for a computer is HIGHLY competitive, and Apple had the fastest boot time that anybody had ever heard of and when somebody mentioned decreasing the start up time by 5 full seconds it was considered impossible by everybody.
– Steve talked to the engineers and said I think you guys can cut down the boot time by 10 seconds, THEY ALL LAUGHED because it was impossible
– Steve said what if a human being’s life depended on if, if a child if your child or if every child in the world had their life depending on it would there be a way to do it then?  The engineers paused for a second and said well if every child’s life depended on it I suppose MAYBE there is something we could look into or do…

Steve said we should sell a few million computers but what if we just sell one million computer:
– The average person will restart three times a day, so if we save 10 seconds that is 30 seconds a day per person or 30 MILLION seconds a day and over 600 MILLION seconds a week.  Remember that one million seconds is about 12 days.
– That’s about 2.5 BILLION seconds a month, think about that every year and year after year.
– If a doctor saves somebody’s life what does that mean?  The person will eventually die BUT they have been give MORE TIME on earth
– Life is really just time on earth so think of how many thousands of lifetimes you are adding to the world every year, how many lives you are saving and changing and it is all from this simple 10 seconds
– In less than a month the team did the impossible, they didn’t reduce boot time by 5 seconds or 10 seconds, it was reduced by 20 seconds.

One engineer said:  When we opened a computer and worked on it, we looked at it like we were opening a person and doing 1M heart surgeries because that is impact we can have 10 seconds can be like 1M heart surgeries.
– THAT is EI, they looked at computers but saw one million heart surgeries and saving thousand and thousands of lives each year
– With a simple metaphor, by giving them a better story to they looked at the same work completely differently
– This enabled them to do the “impossible” (10 seconds) and surpass it with ease

THAT is how you do it, I’ve watched Azam do the exact same thing and now I’m slowly being able to do it myself, and I can feel it when I’m doing it.
– I can feel it and see it when I’m doing it and it is an amazing feeling because in just a few seconds you are getting somebody to look at the impossible as EASY and it changes their world
– Yes you CAN do this in seconds
– There is a formula and I will teach it to you now

The breakthroughs we are having with special needs people is amazing.
– I have my first child when I was 19 and he has special needs and so I have been in this field for a long time and I can tell you that what we are doing and the successes we are having NOBODY anywhere is doing.
– When I first met Azam and he told me his ideas for special needs kids I thought he was crazy, but seeing what he was able to get them to do made me question everything I thought I knew and it changed what I thought it was possible
– Then I started thinking well if I thought that was impossible but not only was it possible but easy then what else do I think is impossible but is not only possible but easy.  That is how your whole life changes.

Here’s how it is done:
– First know that each of us has as universe of potential in us, so anybody really can do anything.  With Down Syndrome kids for example, they go through more pain and real struggle in one day then you are or I go through in our whole life, so there’s no doubt they are capable of something as simple as flipping and apartment building or buying a dermatology group when all that really requires is phone calls and emails.
– Second is that you need to create EI or Emotional Investment where somebody looks at ONE thing but they see something else, they look at boot times but they SEE thousands of millions of lives being saved and even more being changed and improved
– The same thing can be done with anything else

A woman HATED our “ugly signs” and would never put one in her yard, yet in seconds she not only put them up but had her friends and family do it too, how?
– I explained that we have a mortgage business and we use the calls to help folks buy/sell their homes
– We take the money and a portion goes to a surgery group of ours overseas
– It takes $300 to perform an eye surgery that gives sight to the blind
– Just one deal a YEAR and that sign is giving vision to somebody across the world
– EI: they look at a sign but SEE a blind person getting sight and seeing for the first time

How to do this?  “Hero Narration” is a concept we’ve developed this is a part of it.
– Make things EPIC
– Narration your story better, remember that to be the hero of your own story you must have a story that requires a hero.
– This is contagious and you’ll be able to create superheroes out of ordinary people (including yourself)

So as an Ultra High Achievers, they look at three things very differently; time, people and your work.  We call these three the EPIC Factors.
– Time; the higher up the income ladder you go the further out in time people look, the broke are focused on today or this week, the Achievers are thinking about years, decades or generations down the road and well beyond your lifetime.
– People: instead of just considering how your work or time impacts one person also consider the ripple effect it can have when applied to larger and larger chunks of humanity when you do what we call “Multiply the Impact”.
– Your work: make it epic, you aren’t just putting our signs, cold calling or volunteering to help a child with autism.  You are giving sight to the blind, reshaping and reversing 100+ years of financial struggle or helping to cure autism and other special needs.

For example:  I volunteered today to help a child with autism.
– Look what happens you add TIME, PEOPLE, and YOUR WORK to that.
– If you share the breakthroughs you are having or make notes or a video and share it online then that video will outlive you and now suddenly the SAME work is much different when you our Epic Factors:
– You aren’t just helping one autistic child with math, you are helping to improve the lives (your work) the lives of millions (more people) of people with autism over the next 50 years (time).

Make it EPIC.  Earth changing, life altering.  A big calling.

If we help a parent with addiction, mental illness or special needs…
– We aren’t just helping them be a better parent but that child will grow up and be a better parent themselves
– Now the impact the next week will last for the next 50 years of the child’s lifetime (TIME)
– But when their children have children THEY will be better off so really the impact is generational
– Now if we share our approach and success, ANYBODY can learn about it and strangers can have the same generational impact
– So helping ONE parent can help a thousand parents and change the net 100 years

Other examples:
– You aren’t putting out signs, you are helping 20 kids learn to read this month.
– You aren’t “cold calling” you are prank calling people into thinking you’re a real estate investor and getting paid for the rest of your life to do it (this works well with kids)
– You aren’t sending an email once a week, you are helping 10,000 people over the next 90 years beat depression, find their soulmate and LOVE life

That is how you get the ordinary to do the extraordinary:
– Make it EPIC and use the Epic Factors of TIME, PEOPLE and YOUR WORK in a better syntax
– Use EI so that they look at one thing but see something else
– Narrate the story better so they are the hero
– This will give you energy and passion
– You can change lives and the world

Make the Universe Smile…

Thanks!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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