Getting realtors to pay you $5,000 a month, by selling them back their OWN testimonials LOL.

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… Now then…

Imagine if you could go to a realtor, copy and paste stuff from their website and then sell it back them for $5,000.

They happily pay $5,000 and the KNOW what you did lol.  

Here’s how…

Most realtors are like anybody in business

– They always look for “fresh blood” and neglect their current people
– The grass is always greener on the other side, (go through the Acres of Diamonds class for more on this)
– They don’t appreciate or value the people they ALREADY know

Azam did a class on how to realtor that goes and makes you 10k/mo

– That is different than today BUT
– This does have to do with building your Compliance Curve (you should be familiar with that)
– You can make good money building one for yourself and for others

(and example of the CC is this video lol)

Our Special Needs Superheroes do this

– They call realtors and ask them about their current business and lead generation and conversion
– Nearly ALL agents have zero follow up after their first few days or their follow up sucks and is not tracked
– The kids offer to improve that and get paid based on the increase in business

Let’s say that you’re a realtor, investor or somebody else in real estate

– We will take, generate and/or record your testimonials and success stories
– After you talk to a lead we put them on a drip campaign that includes overnight packages sent via FedEx to your targets
– We may create a book, a Consumer Guide, Podcast, videos, etc. filled with your testimonials and track record

You would pay the kids based on the increase in business

– We know what your average is so we use that as the baseline
– Everything is tracked but for the most part we take the realtor’s word
– We get paid in a few ways for the marketing, the lead gen a percentage of the closing, etc.

For a $200,000 house if the agent gets 3% that is $6,000

– If they paid 25% (standard referral for realtors) that is $1,500
– Or you can get paid a set rate of $1,000 – $1,5000 minimum
– If you target more expensive houses you can raise the minimum to $3,000 to $5,000

We had four kids test this

– The range of money made per month ranges from $5,000 to $9,000
– In other words NONE of the kids failed to make less than $5,000 but they did have help and I was going it with them
– I love bragging about our special needs kids!

Keep in mind these are teenagers with specials needs, what’s your excuse lol.

Why don’t the realtors and others just do it on their own?

– They can, but never will lol
– It is to YOU to do this in such a way that makes you irreplaceable
– It is never what you do but HOW you do it, if a realtor gets goofballs we can replace them easily

YOU should know why somebody would need you, that’s never for somebody else to answer lol.

This is a good idea because:

– You can do this is a GXM without getting paid to have a few success stories of your own to use as leverage with future contacts
– You will learn the power of testimonials and the Compliance Curve and undervalued resources and assets
– You will build solid relationships and start making other people money

Thanks much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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