Get motivated seller leads for free from water damaged property, $16,000 in your first month? Word.

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How to find motivated sellers for free from water damaged properties, $16,000 in the first month?

Indy Anna Explains…

How can you find motivated sellers for free from water damaged properties?
How did one of our Heroes just make $16,000 in his first month from this?
How anybody can create an extra $3,000 – $5,000 from this part time?

Water damage is serious stuff.

– If a house or any kind of property gets water damage it can cost thousands, tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of dollars
– These creates a “motivated seller” overnight or in seconds, this is a seller who just wants to sell and be DONE with property instead of taking the time, money and energy to fix the house
– So this is a great person that we as investors can help, however there really isn’t a LIST of sellers or properties with water damage that you can easily find

Even if there WAS a list you would still have some problems…
– First it would be months, weeks or at least days old and the owner is MOST motivated right when they learn of the damage so you want to talk to them immediately
– Second, if you use an available list then every “I buy homes” guy will be spamming them with mail, email, calls and so on which often creates resistance in the seller’s mind
– Third, you don’t just want water damaged properties but you want want to find water damaged properties that the owner cares enough about to fix and pay for (many times with landlords, absentees, investors, banks, inherited properties and more – the owner may not care or be willing to pay right now)

So how to solve all of this? Here’s one easy solution.
– You work with local water damage restoration companies and contractors
– When they go out and do a bid on a house, they mention you as a friend “I have a good friend who buys houses just like this and if you’d like I can ask them to make a cash offer on the house just so you know what you could get right now before doing any of the work or fixing it up at all?”
– This is a good benefit to the water damage company because they aren’t just showing up like every other company and some of my companies even mention “Free cash offer on your house” in their marketing

How to do this:
– First search Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow pages and everything else to get a list of all “Indy water damage” and related terms like mold repair, mold remediation, mold test, water damage repair, and so on
– Then started to contact and screen them and work with the best ones that will do the best job for your people and that you’ll make the most money with
– You can pay them $1,000 – $10,000 or more for every deal that you do, below is an example of a contact protocol

Actual contact text:
Hero: You guys do water damage repair on houses?
Them: Yes, how can we help?
Hero: Do you work on houses in Broad Ripple?
Them: Yes sure do, what’s your address and do you have pictures?
Hero: Well, actually I buy houses and I need to buy 3-5 houses around Broad Ripple could you help me? I can pay you a finder’s fee.
Them: I would love to help but we don’t sell houses maybe calling a realtor?
Hero: Right lol, I was thinking when you do a job you can let the seller that I can make a cash offer on the house and if I buy it I can still hire you for the work.
Them: Can we talk on the phone?

THAT is a great start because now THEY are asking to speak with you.
– Then you need to follow up and have “A Beautiful Conversation” and you’ll have a partner for life
– You do NOT want to be an LC about this because after you get leads from these people you want to have the entire Propaganda Package ready to go so the home owner knows you are the real deal, I make sure they that each seller gets testimonials, success stories, articles, chapters from my book, videos and more.
– I built my “Nobody Mountain” so I show up like nobody else, you should as well

In the example above:
– The Hero got two leads that day but didn’t do a deal with either of them
– In the next month they did close two deals from that company and made over $16,000
– I’ve worked with over 150 companies like this throughout the Midwest and no investor is doing this correctly NOT ONE

Here’s another way to do this for a passive $3,000 – $5,000
– You can broker a JV like this
– First you screen investors and “I Buy Homes” people and then pick your favorites ones
– Then proceed like normal with screening water damage companies
– When you get leads from the water damage companies you send them over to one of your investors, so brokering a JV like this puts you in the center of the sandwich between the company and the investor and you play Matchmaker to get the right properties to the right investors
– Whatever money you pay the company comes off the top and then you split the rest with the investor

If you did one deal a quarter that made $20,000:
– You can pay the water damage company $3,000 (they make an extra $1,000 a month, not bad for them)
– You split the $17,000 and make $8,500
– That’s an extra $2,800+ a month for you
– This is was from ONE deal a quarter, my goal with Heroes is 2-3 a month at least
– This is money you can make without ever leaving your house, once the Model is built it is passive and takes a few hours a month to run and improve
– When I train a Hero the goal is to make at least $3,000 – $5,000 a month if you are brokering the JV
– You should make at least $10,000 – $15,000 if you are the investor yourself

Remember to always set up Win/Wins because your business should be built on making sure everybody is better off after working with you.
– The home owner is better off because they get rid of a costly headache without having to pay for the repairs
– The water damage company is better off because they can look better and more professional to their clients and potentially get more deals ALSO they get the work directly from you
– The investor (whether it is you or not) is better off because they get to do more deals and help the local market rebuild

So that’s how you get highly profitable motivated sellers for free from water damaged properties.

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