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How to get buyers to bring you motivated sellers, they find their OWN their house.

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This is a simple process that I’ve covered before

– You can go through our Epic post on 14 Ways to Screen Buyers for all the background on this, the link is below in the description
– To do this you market for buyers and sellers and then tell them that they can go out and find their DREAM home and bring it to you and you’ll if it qualifies
– You only do this with buyers who have at least $3,000 – $5,000 down

To do this you MUST build your skill in having “A Beautiful Conversation”

– This is an EMOTIONALLY charged conversation where you provide a blank canvas and they populate it with their emotion
– You want to get to know their “WHYs” very well
– You’ll know things about them that their good friends don’t know, from now on they will always read your emails/texts, etc.

To learn more about having A Beautiful Conversation you can go through our other materials and training.

Once you do this correctly:

– Your buyers will LOVE you, if they have money and are ready to go then you can help them get into a lease option
– You can have them go find their DREAM homes and they you see if a lease option will work
– If any of the deals work you can close THAT day

We just did this with 15 buyers:

– Two of them went out and found houses
– One of them had $3,500 down the other $11,000 down
– We closed those deals in less than a week

What makes this so cool:

– You don’t ever need to market for sellers, and you know that if any of the homes they send you work then you will get paid and help the buyers move in almost immediately
– These don’t have to be YOUR buyers, you can work or volunteer or even INTERN for a property manager, realtor, landlord, etc. and screen their buyers and renters and just work with the leftover buyers that they NEVER work with anyway
– Once you get enough buyers you’ll know how many buyers you need to make a steady $10,000 a month

We have interns doing this for free.

– Our PSN Heroes will volunteer for property managers and they screen the calls and help the renters or buyers for that specific property
– Then they work with the buyers and get the money from the leftover leads and buyers (the company knows this)
– So this has turned “unpaid” real estate internships from home (Quarantine) into PAID internships from home we have 10+ now (four in the last money) who are making at least $5,000+ in extra income

This is called the 5-7 Day Fast Mover Buyer Program:

– A buyer who qualifies with money and understanding of the process is told that this program is for the HUNGRY buyers that needs to move NOW
– They can find their dream home and may be able to move in this time next week or sooner
– Then they bring you a stack of deals

This is easy money y’all, let me know if I can clear anything or answer any questions and also make sure to go and get the best Income Ascension training on the planet and as always…

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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