Black Lives Matter: what real estate investors can do to help America and the world a better place.

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More on some BigReia Brilliance: Black Lives Matter.

So this is unlike any video that I’ve ever made and I know some of you won’t like this and don’t think that I should make this but you should know the whole story

– One of the schools in our PSN network is in the inner city of Indianapolis
– In the last several days many of our kids and people in their families have been arrested
– One of our special needs groups wanted to say “The Largest Organization of Black Special Needs Business Owners.”  And some black people had a problem with that wording.

Our director sent a note that explained this situation and it really struck a nerve with me:

“Why do we need to call it ‘Black’ because when a 47 year old man is being choked to death with a cop’s knee on his neck and his last words are calling for his Momma everybody needs to know that this does NOT happen to low income people, people of color, inner city people or anybody else!  IT ONLY HAPPENS TO BLACK PEOPLE!”

This is important:

– What happened to George Floyd won’t happen to me, and it won’t happen to my kids
– It won’t happen to you or your kids either (most of you are white)
– It won’t happen to Azam or his kids either, this ONLY happens to black people
– We MUST recognize that reality, that’s what Black Lives Matter is all about it is more Black Lives Matter TOO

I’ve been born in raised in the suburbs all of my life, I have kids who attend the same elementary school that I attended and I haven’t got pulled over in maybe 15 years or so.

– One day a new teacher started working and I was giving him a ride to his house after school, he was black
– For the FIRST and only time in years guess what happened as we left the school?  I got pulled over and I was so surprised
– The cop called me back to his car to ask if I was okay, and we talked for a few minutes and I was so clueless that I actually thought it was very nice of him to make sure I was okay
– Then as I got back to my car I saw two other cops approaching my car, their guns weren’t drawn but they opened their holsters and were ready to draw and as I looked at the teacher he had his arms up and a look on his face that I’ve never forgotten
– I KNOW how some of you feel, but just imagine what it is like for this guy who just started working there, how humiliating it would be to see all the other teachers and faculty and STUDENTS drive by and see you being treated like that

We must change this.  My whole life until now I was on the sidelines and I never really thought I had much impact or voice.

– The work we are doing now really IS changing the world and each of us has a voice and responsibility to do the right thing
– Me speaking out like this is going to cost me, one of the companies I’m on the board of is paying me almost six figures a year and when I said we need to say something one of the owners said ‘We are going to say out of that whole thing.’
– I told him that he was only saying that because he knew it would never be anybody in his family on the ground calling for their Mom like that
– Later I got a call from the family that owns the business and they basically told me that if I keep “fussing about that stuff” I could expect to be removed from the board, I told him to send me the paperwork and that I’d remove myself
– Then his brother called me to make sure I would sign an NDA so that they won’t be embarrassed about what they are doing if I tell people what business it is so THEY KNOW in their hearts they are doing the wrong thing

In the last few days as I’ve been making my position known I’ve heard heartbreaking stories.

– I have a growing dermatology group and in one practice there are a few black employees
– One of them told me that when we had the bank visit as part of the appraisal the owner’s wife asked for the schedule to be arranged to only 1-2 black people would be there because “We don’t want to send the wrong sign”
– I was shocked, and then another employee confirmed it and told me about the Star Wars poster story (I’ll explain in a moment)
– I asked the owner’s wife about this and what it meant to “send the wrong sign” and she looked at me and was speechless and then she said “Oh I’m not racist, I just know that some other people are.”
– Think about that you guys, imagine being asked to NOT come into work because the owner thinks that if a bank sees too many people of your skin color they will put a lower value on the business.

This DOES NOT HAPPEN to people like you and me, so it isn’t enough to be “not racist” you should be anti-racist.  Of course you can ignore it because you don’t think it impacts you, but it does, it hurts all of us.

Disney and the Star Wars poster:

– I just learned about this when Disney released “The Force Awakens” one of the main characters is John Boyega (he is in one our fav movies “Attack the Block”)
– John was on the cover of the movie poster BUT in the Chinese version Disney made his picture much smaller so it didn’t offend (racist) Chinese people
– This is a stain on Disney, it is the same thing as the woman said to “I’m not racist, I just know other people are.”  So will bow to them and make sure THEIR feelings don’t get hurt

Make no mistake this is NOT political, it is a part of a problem that our society is slowly learning to fix.

– We must value ALL human life and get better at spreading love, compassion and understanding
– This is what all or our work is about, and all of us have work to do
– Humans are slowly learning to value lives from different backgrounds, cultures, income levels, etc. and we need to make sure those changes happen faster and bigger

Again this is NOT a political preference, I know that is often how it is framed.  Earlier Obama released a statement about respecting each other and human rights and it got a lot of media attention.

– It would’ve been great if the media asked why it is that Black Lives Matter was started under Obama’s administration, with a black president, a black Attorney General and a Black head of Homeland Security?
– Speaking of human rights, is it so hard for Obama to understand what is happening to black people when he personally oversaw the killing of hundreds of innocent woman and children with drone attacks?  Obama killed so many innocent people that they had to change the definition of what it meant to be innocent, it was no longer innocent until proven guilty it was assumed that anybody that our government killed was guilty and it was up to the families of the victims to prove the innocence of the dead AFTER they were killed.
– Of all the people killed in Obama’s drone attacks you know how many were “Terrorist targets”?  Less than 2%
– And Obama wants us to vote for Biden, but what exactly would Biden do differently that you didn’t do in your 8 years?

This is NOT to defend the current White House

– Hiding in the White House bunker and sending the military to attack our own citizens for practicing their first amendment rights is cowardly and treasonous
–  Did you know that in 2019 we dropped over 7,400 bombs on Afghanistan and over 60% of the people killed were children, can any of you explain why we did that or what we are doing over there after military actions were supposed to be stopped back in 2014?
– Our elected leaders are corrupt and our media sells us propaganda to believe that we are divided, we are NOT

When protesters showed up with their AR-15, Confederate Flags and swastikas:

– They shut down streets, engaged in violence, threatened to kill first responders and political leaders, etc
– They weren’t run over, shot at, hit with flash grenades, arrested or even many times just confronted

To those that mention “peaceful protests” unless you were defending Colin Kaepernick you are lying
– You just want to find something to nit pick about, you don’t support the cause and work backwards so don’t give yourself credit
– It has NEVER been easier to be on the right side of history than right now
– Like somebody said to me:

“Everybody in America has picked a knee, you either pick the one that knelt on a neck or the one that knelt trying to prevent it.”

Be on the right side of history

– Nascar is getting rid of the confederate flag (you know the flag or traitors who LOST) and if you have problem with that then you are an idiot, part of the problem and not welcome here to work with us
– We must help to advance our brothers and sisters forward and use our resources to build the better tomorrow faster

What to do to ACTUALLY help

– Do not let our media trick you into thinking this is a right/left issue it isn’t this is about the powerful putting us against each other
– Nearly all cops are good NOT RACIST people, nearly all protesters are non violent and nearly all people are good and want good things
– We need to be united against those that want to divide us for their own power
– Just TRY to understand what it is like for black people and develop more empathy, understanding and helping “bully the politicians” to hold violations accountable
– Donate time, money to helping inner city and other communities and get to hear stories like I did and it will change your life and the way you think about these issues
– Help these folks build their income and asset base and create Social Mobility and Income Ascension
– Be on the right side of history, be nice, smile more and show more love to our fellow humans in other words…

It is the people that CREATE deals like this who are going to thrive with what’s coming.

You guys THIS is your time, even if we never work together you can use all the stuff and get to where you want to be even if you’re at home.

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Make the Universe Smile.

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~ Indy Anna

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