How she got an apartment complex to pay her $500 a week for a year, without leaving her house, Quarantine Income and Money y’all.

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More on some BigReia Quarantine Money!

There is a great post and class on the 38 Ways to Buy Apartment Buildings Zero Down with Pet Policies

The post is HERE.

– This is world’s FIRST and ONLY training of its kind, we invented this y’all so check it out and share it
– Since Azam mentioned this I have two cool success stories that I want to share with you
– These are folks who did this without leaving their house and during quarantine times so it is repeatable and something you guys can go out and do right NOW take advantage of the BigReia resources

Remember apartment building owners and management are DESPERATE right now they NEED YOUR HELP!

First was Rod who sent a few of the 38 items (a piece of the infographic) to a few apartment buildings
– At first he asked them if they wanted to do a specific model or idea
– Then he let them pick one that they would test (not the best approach but hey it worked)
– The payment Rob is getting is as a consultant, his total $1k up front and $1k later in about two weeks so that is $2,000 to help the apartment building find better appliances for the tenants

Next is Rosalin and Jeff, they worked with a higher end buiding
– Remember that the “rich” are just fine so nicer buildings with a MIX of tenants types are great because the management wants a way to get more money from their best people while their lower income tenants are not paying
– They did the portrait, the professional grade portrait maker idea (it is on the 38)
– So the tenants can send pictures and video over skype and then they would get back a very nice drawn or computer version with an “Epic” scene (again watch the 4+ epic video Azam did for more on this if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and it went great with lots of folks replying to management that they wanted it done.
– After this her cut was almost $7,000, they wanted to keep as a retainer to do more deals so they said instead of $7,000 they would sign a one year contract with her to pay her $500 a month (remember guys they NEED you right now more than ever)

Remember the SMART guys all do this, they will try to snatch you up once you show that you got it together.

Rosalin:  ‘I can’t believe this is happening and it is exactly what I need because I don’t want chunks of money I really need income and payments so this couldn’t come at a better time.”

It is the people that CREATE deals like this who are going to thrive with what’s coming.

You guys THIS is your time, even if we never work together you can use all the stuff and get to where you want to be even if you’re at home.

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna 

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