A “sneaky” way to get sellers to say yes and realtors into sending you lease option deals, and gets sellers to say YES.

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This is a cool little trick, so here’s a sneaky way…

– To get realtors to send you lease option deals
– This gets sellers to say YES to terms and rent to buy deals
– It helps you gain compliance from others like property mangers, lenders, etc.

Here’s a story Azam told me a while ago

– Two boys in Catholic school get caught smoking and get sent to the Principal’s office
– One admits “I was smoking when I supposed to be praying.”  He gets in big trouble
– The other admits “I was praying while I was smoking.”  He was rewarded for having such a good heart that even when doing bad he was doing good

Sometimes it is ALL in how explain it.

Azam went over an example that I always remembered:

– He used to have a trucking business before they sold it

– He used to haul loads and they would charge you for weighing and docking

– Because of unions you were not allowed to drive the truck yourself, would arrive at the destination and give them the keys and then say if you want it weighed, docked or both and then they would invoice you
– One day instead of saying “Weigh and dock it” Azam said “Just weigh no docking and when you’re done can you park it over there.”  And he pointed to the docks
– They followed his instructions they weighed the load and then docked it (“parked it over there”) BUT on the invoice they didn’t charge him for docking
– Testing this again and it created a predictable result, by not using the word “dock” he would still get people to do it but just not charge for it
– I LOVE these kinds of Compliance Moves

Lesson from this:

Words carry baggage:

– If you say “Should we make sure people don’t have mental illness before we let them buy a gun?” Over 95% of Americans support that, if you use the words “gun control” or even “background checks” that number drops
– If you EXPLAIN Medicare for All over 76% of Americans are for it, if you say medicare 4 all that number drops, same kind of effect with Obamacare
– If you ask if should people be allowed to start businesses and profit, and if they do more should they earn more, if you ask ABOUT capitalism nearly all Americans are for it over 90%, if you use the capitalism only 30% support it (yes, only 30%, scary stuff)
– The opposite happens as well even with Millennials they are the only age group where a majority support socialism, but once you explain it (equal outcomes specifically) they don’t support it

Here’s one way we do this with sellers and an example for this week:

– I was talking to a realtor for about four months and he kept telling me that he never had any rent to buy or lease option deals, that “didn’t work in our area” he would tell me LOL
– He was having a problem moving two listings, so I used an old trick that we do sometimes and it is amazing how well this works, remember for MONTHS he told me lease options don’t work, nobody would do that, etc. so then…
– I said “I may be able to buy it for the full asking of $340k, but first I would rent it for a year or two.”
– Then he said “Well that’s a good idea.”  LOL
– Two hours later I signed the deal and moved in a couple of days, made a quick $8,100

We call this the Park It, or Free Parking:

– You explain it don’t name it
– Start with the obvious desire (I’ll buy your house for $340k like you want)
– Then “Park it over there” or “Park” the sentence with a TINY detail/s
– This helps you get better at explaining things and teaching them to people
– We do with the kids a lot and especially our Special Needs Heroes

I had a seller who wanted $85,000 for a rehab he said NO I won’t carry anything so don’t even ask!

– It was in bad shape and needed a LOT of work
– I asked him what he wanted the most and he said regular rental money, but he couldn’t afford the work
– I said well if I paid you 1,000/month for 85 months, that would be 85k right?  Well what if I paid $500/mo for 170 months that would be 85k and it would help you get income for the next 14 years or so
– He LOVE that idea, I never mentioned seller financing or owner financing or having him “carry” anything
– I also didn’t mention that it was zero interest LOL

Other examples:

– While you’re waiting for your house to sell, I may be able to put it on AirBNB and we can split the money… (I didn’t ‘arbitrage or sub lease’)
– I can buy your business for $2M, but first I want to make sure you can handle new business well… (I didn’t say ‘owner financing or holding paper’)
– I get clients for mortgage brokers, maybe it is easier if we just figure out how much each call to the voicemail is worth… (I NEVER say ‘selling leads’)

This is how I got my first car dealership I said:

– “I may be willing to give you back my commission or let you keep it, and just invest it back into the business.”
– I was buying shares, and now I’m getting dividends, but I NEVER said that lol
– I get extra deals like this ALL the time from Free Parking Dialog

So use Free Parking:

– Sometimes explaining and not naming helps compliance
– Ask yourself how can I give them exactly what they want and then add something that gives me what I want
– You know you have it right when your explanation is clear to a child

Okay guys go forth and make it happen.

Thanks much!

~ Indy Anna

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