How one flyer made me over $6,000 a month on AirBNB…

… and how our special needs group is doing this to make over $11,000 a month.

First of all, THANK YOU again guys for making this the number one channel on Youtube for Indiana real estate.
(According to google anlaytics, youtube and SocialBlade)

How this 6k flyer started

–  The kid who mows my lawn asked how he can make extra money
– I told him he could pass out flyers and I would pay him for each call
– He printed out 100 flyers and I got 16 calls from them (INSANE response rate)
– There is a BIG demannd for this
– Why not do it themselves?  Two reasons the marketing and the cleanup, this takes work

Here’s the flyer:

About the flyer…

– Notice the handwriting THAT is what what you want, no pretty
– You need to get attention first before compliance
– You can get download the flyer free the link in the description

I wanted to start with one house maybe two but I went with about 4-5

– I would rent the houses or rooms or parts of the house like a guesthouse
– The main work is first getting the traffic with the ads, pictures, SEO, staging, etc.
– The second big work part of the cleaning afterwards because you need basically a professional or semi professional person to get the space ready in order to get 5 stars (refreshments, mints on pillow, smells, etc.)

My block was netting about $6,000 – $7,000 a month

– I wasn’t doing a lot of things right, and it was eating up a lot of time
– Others on our team are doing very well, but for me instead of doing it better I felt like it would be better to spend that time on other money stuff
– I could make that with one sign for example lol

Then, after a few weeks something really cool happened.

If you don’t know I’m a parent of a special needs child,
and Azam is too

– Azam and I actually developed a system for “curing” many special needs disability and side effects
– We are writing a book on it and we have over 200 case studies of real life changing experiences and it is really amazing to see the stories of transformation, so stay tuned for that
– So we do a lot of work with special needs groups

One of our Project Special Needs Superheroes kids wanted to do this Model

– She did the marketing and clean up
– She borrowed our policies and it was going okay but not great
– This is a common problem, not making any real money on these deals BUT I have a fix for you

How to raise a LOT more money with a group, like our Special Needs Group

– We went to the members, staff and volunteers and see if they want to “donate” their house or space for AirBNB
– The first day we had over 50 volunteered places to use
– Another way to do this is to contact landlords, sellers, etc. and see if they want to support by “donating”
– One house we have is a $200k house and we just have to make the mortgage payment of less than $300, that house alone is making $4,000/mo
– By NOT having to split the money and with sometimes ZERO cost, they can make a lot more money, over 11k/mo right now

This all started with a flyer lol

– I know some of you are struggling, but this is easy just use the flyer and you’ll get calls
– You can do this for yourself to get your first 10k/mo Model OR you can do this with a group
– It is super cool to do with a group because by working with a group you care about it allows their current people to help the cause without spending any money or really doing anything

So there is an update to this, check out  success story we about Colin who made $1,700+ in four days on AirBNB by following the steps above.  The video is below.

Thanks so much guys!

~ Indy Anna

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