THANK YOU for one year, now here’s how to make 10/mo with a real estate investing channel on YouTube.  (Where has Indy Anna been?)

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY, December 14th is a special day.
– Exactly one year ago I started this YouTube channel
– In the first 90 days we had 7 subscribers and about 1-2 views per video
– Our watch time was about 3-5 or up to 10-15 minutes a day
– In the last year we’ve had over 10k subs but I deleted most of them and I explained why in another video and I also explained why the subs are not that important and the views aren’t even as important as the ENGAGE metric
– Basically you want less people watching more videos and for longer time periods, I’ll explain a second for right now THANK YOU for making this the best year ever in my business!  = )

Where have I been?
– Sorry about the gap you guys
– We have been testing a few different things
– Yes the videos will be back and THANKS to Marc, Alex and Patrick for the great comments, it really means a lot and it made me smile and I will make sure your questions get answered

Azam told me a story about bamboo trees once:
– A tenant planted a circle of bamboo trees in the backyard
– During the winter the bamboo would look dead with all the snow and ice on it for days it would slumped over to the ground
– But eventually it would always bounce right back, bamboo is practically indestructible the “world’s strongest plant” and you don’t need to water them or anything there is no maintenance at all
– Many people offered Azam cash for the property and were willing to pay a premium for for the bamboo, there were about 20 of them in a circle and they were about 20 feet high each

Why so valuable?  Here’s the interesting part:
– That tenant explained that to grow bamboo takes at least five years
– You have to dig about 3-5 feet underground and train the soil for months before even planting the seed
– Then there is careful care and watering every single day for five years and you will see NOTHING until the fifth year, then when they start to grow they will grow about 10 feet in a matter of weeks or months but only after five years of nurturing and NO visible results
– If you did something wrong, the tenant explained, you won’t know until the fifth year and you’ll have to start all over again
– THAT is why so many people that knew about bamboo were willing to pay so much, everybody wants the bamboo but nobody wants to spend the time planting

That is what has happened with this channel:
– It didn’t take five years, but the concept is the same
– We went from 1-3 views a day and three minutes of watch time to 100 views a day and five hours of watch time a day
– We went from one “money call” a month to almost one a day and then some
– So I’ve been playing catch up with that but now I think I have it figured out so we should be good
– As a BIG THANK YOU I want to tell you a big secret that you can use to build a business with a very simple formula

How to make 10k/mo with a real estate investing channel like this
– It won’t come from ads lol
– You will be getting deals and houses from sellers and Providers (like realtors, mortgage brokers, other real estate investors, etc.)
– To do this you will make a video EVERY single day, YES every day

Talk to 3-5 ppl a day
– Tell them you are making a video every day to answer a question that somebody has, what would they like to see answered
– Answer that question and sent it to everybody you talked to that day
– Eventually you sending that video to more and more people, day one is five people, day two is 10 people, day three is 15 people, etc.
– People will notice and you’ll build a better relationship with them
– When you talk to somebody knew you can tell them that you’ll tell them you are making a video for that day but you can also send them all the previous videos and see what they think

That’s it!  Yes it is really that simple, I’ve been paid more than I ever thought possible to tell people this and pretty much nobody does it LOL
– Several great things will happen, first you will convert people much easier and all you need to do on the phone is just be friendly and not “close” because the videos will do the rest
– You also become a “big deal’, I just got a house that was a dead deal and the wife told the husband “She has the number one channel for Indiana real estate” and that’s why they need to work with me and not his brother LOL
– When people are standing in front of me I can have them search “Indiana real estate” and they freak out when they see me and then can watch all these videos it makes me seem like a celeb
– I have more deals now and more opportunities because of being “Indy Anna” than I ever did before, compliance is automatic and without me saying anything if you hate talking to ppl this is WHAT YOU MUST DO lol
– In the signs class Azam talks about the Cantor Set and self similarity and how very complex results can come from very simple causes, this is a great example: talk to five people and make a video for one of them, everyday

You don’t have to do “wait” on money
– You will convert current people much faster
– You will do immediate deals as WELL as getting previous people converted at a higher rate
– You want to have 100 people that are “77s” in your Fanbase, for every 100 people you should make at least 10k/mo residually
– What’s a 77?  Rank every call from 1-10 on how much you like them AND how well they will take care of your people (how much money you’ll make with them) only work with people that are 77s or higher

Three BASIC things, if you LOVE this then you’ll make it:
– First have Beautiful Conversations, talk with people, make friends and make them smile “Treat every person you talk to like a winning lottery ticket.”
– Communicate with them, send a follow up email and video right after you talk to them, then send an email once a week to everybody you talked to
– Help them, help your people and improve their lives in some way, money, family, volunteering, etc.
– Just do those three things: Talk, Keep in touch and HELP.
– You’ll do your part to save the world and…

Make the Universe Smile.

Okay guys go forth and make it happen.

Thanks much!

~ Indy Anna

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