“I can’t believe I did math in my head and looked like a genius!”

Real estate investors get yo math on.

Yes you really can get good at math, impress people and help your kids perform better academically.  This all came from the very long class here.

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I got two success stories to share

– These are from the “Math Class” that Azam did
– It wasn’t a full class but it is a big part of the 4-hour video on “38 Way to Buy Apartment Buildings Zero Down With Pet Policies” link is in the description below you should definitely check it out
– Learning math from Azam changed my life, and no matter what you think you CAN do it, today is proof

Part of an email from Mary:

“The total was $182 and he said I’ll leave a 15% tip that would be and he took his phone out to use the calculator. Then I said out loud that 15% would be $27.30 they double checked and everybody was STUNNED! My son said mom I never knew you were that smart!”

“I can’t believe it worked. I can’t believe I did it. I can’t believe I math in my head and looked like a genius!”

Great job Mary remember to do that:

15% of 182 = 10% + 5%
10% = 18.20
5% is half that so half each number one at at time
18/2 = 9 and 2/2 = 1
18.20 + 9 + .10
27.20 + .10 = $27.30

YES that may seem like a lot but as Mary will tell you, just a LITTLE practice and you’ll start saying the answers out loud before you even know what it is LOL

Email from Greg:

“That investor had been with a few contractors and while we walking through the total of the other house came in at $210k and he wanted to know what 70% was going to be and I took a second and said $147k he paused shook my hand and said alright you’re my kind of guy.”

Great going Greg!

– Don’t know if you got the job but no matter you impressed
– Even though he didn’t say to do 70% of 210k an easy way is 70% of 200k + 70% 10k
– 70% of 100k = 70 x 2 = 140k + (70% of 10k) = $140k = $7k
– So you can start saying the answer before you totally know it because 70k of 10k won’t be more than 10k so you know it will be 140… something


– Getting better at math will get you better at thinking in general, it will raise your game with everything
– I’m so happy that you guys are improving your lives with the real estate stuff of course but ALSO the freakin math
– This is super important for kids to do as well, this is how we take our Special Need Kids who in many cases are failing and below acceptable limits and get them scoring off the charts, and then things like reading, communication, writing, etc. also greatly improve

The math stuff Azam did in the class is epic and awesome I’ll a link to it below, you should go though it.

The Epic Pet Policies and Math Class is HERE.

Thanks everybody! = )

~ Indy Anna

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