“How I made 92 grand from sending a single email working with new home builders”

Anna here, Indy Anna.

Thanks again for making this the NUMBER ONE channel on Youtube for Indiana real estate.  Today we are continuing our discussion about using signs and working with new home builders.

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About today’s video, here’s the story

– In the last two videos I’ve been talking about working with new home builders

– I went over how they pay you at least 3-5% and how your buyers can just show up and mention your name once you have a relationship

– You guys also saw my four signs made 28k

Here’s the story behind the 92k email

– I had a few builders send me their homes that they needed to sell ASAP

– I sent out an email to some of my buyers and told them that they there was a weekend special but it was only for the weekend and to get the special (washer/dryer, upgraded kitchen, etc.) they had to print out my coupon in my email or give them my code

– All the money hasn’t come in yet but most of it has and if the rest close it took about 97 days for all the deals to close (almost 1k/day)

How to do this

– First you need to be marketing for buyers and build a good buyers list of at least 100 good buyers that you talk to and like, you want them to actually go through emails and texts they get from you (go through the class on the Compliance Curve)

– Then you need to tell your builders to let you know of FIRE sale deals when need to move something ASAP

– Every week the builders get my weekly email where they see how many buyers, sellers and investors, etc. are being added to Indy Anna REIA so they are impressed

– Then when the builders have the need to sell a house ASAP they come to me with their offer “I need these four homes gone yesterday, if you can move them we’ll pay you 8% and your buyers will get a bonus X”

– Then I send out an email with that promo

To do the 92k

– I emailed my builders proactively and asked what they needed to move

– Then I got a package of homes from multiple builders

– I sent an email with a list of new home builder specials around town

– Each day throughout the weekend I got a report of how many contracts got signed and how much I was set to make

– I don’t track it I just trust the builders but since my buyers talk to me that is a little protection, in general though I just trust the relationship

That’s it… Piece of Cake.

If you want to be part of the Indy Anna REIA that I started go to IndyAnnaHouses.com, I’ve made over 150 videos and you’ll also get a free my book and you’ll and every week I send out an email with the best deals that I got in the last week.  

Thanks so much guys for making this the number one channel for Indy real estate.

I convinced Azam to do this channel with me and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen so I really appreciate you guys helping make this channel the number ONE channel for Indiana real estate. THANK YOU.

Thanks so much everything you guys.

~ Indy Anna

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