How I made over 28 grand with four signs
by working with new home builders.

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The badass class on signs, how to make five grand a week with signs is here.

So here’s a brief overview.

Step One:  Find a new home builder.

Understand how new home builders work, they pay 5% usually to agents find out what that is. Builders like Centex, Pulte, etc. or a local builder. Easy because they are already doing if you don’t have a license you can still do it by getting an option that is assigned for about the same amount the 5% for example.

Step Two: Market for buyers.

Market a house you have in the area, a house for somebody else, or even one of the construction homes there.

Step Three – Send leftover buyers to the builder.

So get the buyers and work with them how you would normally with whatever the standard transactions you are doing.  So sell the main house so to speak.  Then take what’s left or a portion and have them meet with builder.  Remember the buyers get a special if they go through you, upgraded counter tops, pool, walk out basement, etc.

Step Four: Sign the offer and schedule closing.

Once the buyer finds the home they want they can sign the contracts and paperwork that day.  The closing is scheduled and everything gets on track. 

Step Five – Close and you get your check.

This is the fun part.  Well it is all fun right?

For example on a $150,000 house they would pay an realtor about 5% or $7,500 but if you don’t have a license you have a few options one is to write an option on the property for $142,500 and then assign for $7,500.

Usually better to just get license though easier to follow.

Below is the video I made right after this one it will help clarify this and you can also go through that entire post here.

Thanks much everybody!  = )

~ Indy Anna 

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