What I learned about keywords today.

Here’s the question we are answering today; “How do keywords work?”

That question came in and I was going to refer you guys to other places but then I realized that I should understand this and SEO a bit better, so here’s what I found out today that I didn’t know yesterday.  I hope it helps you too.

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This is a learning in progress post, so we’ll go with what I’m are learning about right now to help answer this question.  Also keep in mind that this goes right along with our other post here, and the video on SEO.

Let’s start by defining keywords.

Keywords are words and phrases that are used to help search engines find content that matches what a person is searching for.  That content could belong to you, like your videos, articles, website, and so on.

If it’s your content that we are talking about promoting, considering it like the internet getting to know you based on certain words that pair you with an ideal audience.  So if you have a website you should know right off the top of your head the top keywords that you want to rank or place for.

Putting the definition of keywords to use.

With keywords one of the most important things to think about is how searched the term or keyword is, the traffic and popularity of the keyword or phrase is the first thing to consider.  Meaning its popularity, and the “heaviness” of its search volume.

The volume of a keyword is important because it is the amount of times it is being searched for by people, and also an indicator of how many other people may be trying to fill this search query, which leads us into the next item…

Keyword competition.

The more traffic a keyword gets, the more that search for a specific thing, the more competition there will be for other people trying to provide answer, products, services, etc. to address that need.

Ideally, using keywords that are high volume searches but have low competition is best to start with.  Eventually though, you will be competing with others and that is a good thing because search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. need competition in order to provide better content, answer and help to the people all around the world searching.

To start though, the less people have filled the search query as we just mentioned it, the less competition and higher volume, the better.  This is because your content will be easier to rank for and more accessible (by having less competition alone) to your audience.

Paid Competition or Pay Per Click

I never understood this because it is so hard to imagine paying every time somebody clicks something, it seems like that would add up fast, and it does.

CPC or “cost per click” is the how much you are paying for each click when you do a PPC (“pay per click“) campaign.  This is when you, or your competition, are paying to have your website, video, online ad, etc. clicked on.   This can draw your rankings higher by means of paying for it.  Ideally a low cost CPC is best, on a highly searched, low competition keyword.  This is won’t happen every time so you need to get good at writing copy for the ads but also having a tight process in place to convert the people who click into clients. 

Keyword Example:

This is putting all three together, in a best match for a real estate keyword search.  This is like the kind we would use to choose a video topic.  At BigReia.com we are trying to rank for terms around “real estate investing” which is a highly competitive topic so instead I make videos that I love and have a good search volume.  I don’t care so much about competition right now because I’m still learning to make the videos and go through this process.

I used “cash flow” as an example and you’ll see that “cash flow example” is much cheaper to compete on than “cash flow” or even “cash flow formula”.  I have personally seen a big difference between what these keyword tools tell  you and what the reality is, but like I said I’m just learning.

Here’s that screenshot below:

You can see things like volume and cost per click, and this tools is called Keywords Everywhere and YES it is free lol.  I don’t know if I’m using it right, so if you have any suggestions on improvement I’m all ears.

 I’m new to all this.

Like I said I’m just learning so if you guys noticed that I missed something don’t be shy about correcting, I welcome your feedback and it will help me and help others here too.

Also if you have ideas on how we can improve BigReia.com rankings, I have five Gold Stars for the best ideas.

Also check out the comic below.

(BigReia Trivia: What event happened on March 15th, 44 BC?  Answer: Julius Caesar was assassinated, answer also below in the comic )

That’s what I learned about keywords today.

Thanks much everybody!

Annisa  = )


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