Here are five things I learned today about SEO, Search Engine Optimization

This is about SEO but also how it relates to real estate investing, I’m very new at this so here are five basic things I learned today.  I will add as I learn more, but for now I hope this helps you get started with SEO and how it relates to real estate investing and the videos I’ve been making for

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“How do I get better at rankings online?”

That’s the question that SEO tries to answer.

This question is a little bit different in this lesson as this one is a work in progress for me and you and I will learn together, if you know a lot more or you find that I overlooked something please let me know how I can do better. 

After some research, here’s five things I learned:

Number 1:  Content is King, Marketing is Queen.

… and we all know who runs the house.

I knew about the importance of marketing but the content is something of an art and a science.  I want to make content that I enjoy making and is helpful and that is supposedly a really good formula to use.   Having good quality content will create something that is more likely to spread via shareability and likability. This is like the anchor of your video, that holds together the other pieces, and grows an organic fan base based on the actual message/lesson of the video.

When your video is more liked and therefore shared, you are going to rank higher by Google as an authority.  You need to track and improve what is called “engagement” with your content.  A great explanation content engagement is over at Neil Patel’s blog here.

I look back at some of my first videos and they are terrible lol, I’ve been doing these “90 Day Challenges” where I conquer a fear and one of my biggest remaining is doing videos so that’s why my “Wins” for the day are completing a video and having even just a single, tiny improvement from the day before.

“Better to do it wrong, than later.” – Azam Meo

I have really lived those words and focused on having at least SOME thing done in terms of a video or a phone call that makes me nervous. So if I produced a video or an audio that wasn’t as helpful as you want, please let me know how I can improve.

So far we have two dislikes on youtube, one I can understand but the second one I didn’t understand (after the dislike I even had two lawyers review it to make sure the content was accurate and helpful) and so I tried to reach out to the person in the comments section but to no avail.  Anyway, I LOVE getting better so please let me know I can make better content for you guys.  I’m all ears.

Number 2:  Add Captions.

I had no idea that adding captions and adding text to your videos by means of a caption would help, but it does.  This is adding more words (aim for high searched keywords) for SEO pulling.  As Google’s ranking matrix is based on keywords, it’s giving more words to pick from and choose for rankings.  

If Google is being a detective of words and looking for them for your SEO, you want to give them as many keywords to find as possible.  Using the words in the captions can help.  You can use your own or have YouTube (Google) do it automatically for you.

Number 3:  Don’t Use Flash.

I talked to a few people and they ALL said the same thing, do NOT use flash players.  Apparently just about no search engines can find your videos this way.  That will not help your SEO rankings.  Plus, if you’re directing viewers to your site, having Flash (with the question being asked ‘do you want to download Flash?‘ before they can view it) requirements can waste time, annoy people and kill your conversions. 

Number 4:  Use Trends

Having a niche or trend twist can help your videos rank.  All the major search engine companies place an emphasis on recent and relevant content.  Bing, Yahoo and Google all track trending content, youtube has a “Top 100 videos right now” under “trending“, just going to will show you several top trending stories along the bottom,  Yahoo does the same thing on the main page and also at the top right under “Trending“.  so if you want bumps in traffic you can make content that is related to some hot topic or something.  Google does pay attention to trending content, and rewards you for it.

Going along with these trends can help improve rankings.  Have some unique aspect or perspective.  So “What real estate investors can learn from yesterday’s Saturday Night Live skit” for example, reaction videos are good for this too.  Reaction videos can be very profitable and you don’t even need to do them yourself because you can post a montage of others reacting, like celebrity reactions and get tens of millions of views, many very successful creators post videos like that and make six figures.  You can also post reaction videos of stuff that you watch anyway and create a side income.  Unboxing videos can work too if you buy a new, popular item. 

Hint: Think of our Big REIA cartoon and Big REIA trivia.

Number 5:  Use Good Keywords

You should use keywords in your title, caption, and for basing your content around to promote visibility to search engines.  This is also to fuel SEO to the max potential.  I covered keywords more in depth in this video because I learned a lot about them.  Who know those phrases were so valuable lol.

Remember, In Conclusion…

This is your overall marketing campaign for yourself, and by putting a few smaller items together, the overall investment of your videos and efforts can be more improved. Improvements happens when views and time watched increase, as well as your audience opting in, you want to attract better people and get better at gaining compliance with them.  This is all about your use of words.

By tweaking a few items here and there, your overall content performance will be enhanced.

SEO is all about letting search engines know WHO your content is for, we talk a lot about compliance and the importance of your words and this is super important in the world of SEO.  Words matter.

I’m super new at this, so I would love your help.

If there is something I’m missing or an obvious way I can help you better that I’m not doing then I would love to hear about I can be better at helping you guys.

Here are some helpful places: (interesting read on why Flash may not be ideal for ANY video formatting) (cheap help with caption writing)

Keywords Everywhere (Google Chrome extension for Keyword analytics)

Thanks much for everything guys!

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Thanks again!

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