Can a real estate investor REALLY make make $7,000 per sign?

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So yesterday the class was a little confusing

– I get a little nervous, and just read what I wrote
– Sometimes I get too excited and skip steps or get them wrong
– I’m sorry about that, remember I’m a student too, if I get something wrong remember you probably have my cell # so just call me

You can go through that class on using four signs to make over $28,000 for more info on all of this.

How four signs made me over $28,000

How I made over $92k from sending a SINGLE email

The badass class on signs, how to make five grand a week with signs is here.

So to clarify about yesterday’s video:

How 4 signs made over 26,000 working
with new home builders.

– Like I said builders 5% and I explained how to get that 5% even if you are not a realtor
– Once you get a relationship you can get more than 5%, but we’ll just say with 5%
– Three steps about this, set up relationship with builder, get buyers to them, coordinate closing

Getting Buyers

– You can use houses as lead generators, use your own houses, get them from realtors, get from investors, etc.  Lots of ways I’ve talked about this elsewhere
– Three ways to get buyers signs, ads and your buyers list (you will NEVER need more methods than this to move ANY property, yes any property)
– For now we are just talking about signs
– Two types of signs used, one for the no qual buyers and one for the auction this was on yesterday’s video the sign basically says that a 250k house is for auction bidding starts at 50k and the highest bidders wins it Sunday
– We’ve gone over how to do the auctions elsewhere

Now once you have buyers

– You make money with them with the L/A Model (Lender/Agent Model, covered elsewhere)
– The actual houses with realtors, investors, etc.
– ON TOP of that you are working with new home builder and sending them over

How does this work with a new home builder:

– The buyers meet with the builder, see homes, pick one and sign contract
– Once the home is ready (or maybe one is ready then) the closing happens and the builder handles everything
– Once you have a relationship you don’t need to be there, the buyers just show up and say they came from you (they get a bonus like a pool, a deck, upgraded kitchen, etc. by mentioning you)
– When the deal closes you get $7,500 (5% on a 150k house)

In America the average home price is about $190,000

– Do the numbers for your area and you can calculate what you need to make 10k/mo
– Then just make sure you get that number of calls and appointments every month

Here’s what happened with my four signs

– About 60-80 calls
– Deals closed aside from the new home builder
– Four deals completed with the builder for a total payout of just over 28k (I got it wrong and thought it was 26k)
– So out of four signs and about 70 calls, four buyers completed transactions and bought a new home

So here’s the bottom line:

– From the first call until all 28k was deposited was exactly 62 days
– That’s about 12-14k/month
– Or about $7,000+/per sign
– Or four signs making over 26k

For you guys to do this:

– Get with a new home builder like I talked about
– Get some buyers (you NEVER need more than signs, ads and your buyers list)
– Get the buyers with the builder

Later I’ll talk about how to put this into overdrive with getting houses paid off, making 92k from sending a single email and more but this is groundwork.

Does that clear things up?

– I hope that makes more sense and clears up yesterday’s video
– I convinced Azam to do this channel with me and so I really appreciate you guys helping make this channel the number ONE channel for Indiana real estate
– So if you are unclear about anything or if I confused you or something give me a call almost all of you have my cell #


Also below I’ve included a link from the Census Bureau about new home prices over the last 50 years so you can see the trends:

Thanks so much everybody!

~ Indy Anna

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