Book review of Stoic Philosophy As Rational Cognitive Psychotherapy.

Here’s another book review for real estate investors and business builders, today we’ll talk about how stoicism can be used as and/or with cognitive behavioral therapy.  This is right up our alley since the focus is on stoic beliefs and therapy treatments.  We will go over more classes like this in the future as well.

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Now for today’s class on this book review…

Book Review:
The Philosophy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:
Stoic Philosophy as Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy
By Donald Robertson.

Beautiful Only Fans Model Azam Meo explains: 

  • Basics of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and treatments.

  • Stoicism ideas and belief structures and how they can be used as treatment

  • How you can apply these lessons to your personal and also your real estate business 

Book Review: 
The Philosophy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:
Stoic Philosophy as Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy

You can also download the book review of The Philosophy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Stoic Philosophy as Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy.  

Lesson: Ancient stoicism has influenced and shaped nearly all psychology

“However, there is an important sense in which psychotherapy, even as we know it today, can trace its roots much further back, perhaps all the way back into prehistory, before such ideas were committed to writing. Modern psychotherapy, especially in the form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the most ‘modern’ of our contemporary schools, can also be viewed as part of an ancient therapeutic tradition derived from the informal philosophical circle surrounding Socrates (470-399 bc), and, therefore, stretching back to Athens in the fifth century bc.

… Of the various schools of Socratic philosophy, the one that bears the strongest therapeutic orientation is undoubtedly Stoicism, especially that of the later Roman schools. According to Galen, physician to the Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Chrysippus, one of the founders of Stoicism, emphasized the role of philosophers as that of ‘physician of the soul,’ someone whom we would now refer to as psychotherapist.” One Page Book Reviews: Get 90% of a book’s best ideas on one page Azam’s One Sentence

Belief system focused on virtue, unattachment/antimaterialism, reason, wisdom and inner game = TC
CBT is psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, addiction, marital issues, self harm, mental illness…
The core problem is thinking – behaviors – unproductive ways of dealing with issues all can be fixed
Summary: how modern psychotherapy borrows from ancient philosophers back to Socrates
Noted author and speaker Robertson is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist

Lesson: Build Better Mental Habits and Reactions

“Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the predominant school of modern evidence-based psychological therapy. As the name implies, it employs both cognitive and behavioral interventions. Unfortunately, this name belies the fact that CBT is concerned with helping clients to deal with irrational or disturbing emotions, and to cultivate rational, healthy, and proportionate ones in their stead. The terms ‘cognitive’ and ‘rational’ also suggest to some people’s minds that CBT must be a form of rationalization, or that it neglects emotion, intuition, or practical experience.

… However, in this sense of the word, CBT is probably anti-rationalist, in its emphasis upon the value of behavioral experiments and empirical observation. In other words, CBT emphasizes that, in so far as it is reasonable to do so, beliefs should be tested out in practice, in the laboratory of our personal experience. Marcus Aurelius speaks of the Stoic philosopher training himself to become, ‘an athlete in the greatest of all contests—the struggle not to be overwhelmed by anything that happens.'”

Lesson: Focus on the Ideal Future (HFT) and NEVER Lose Sight of It

“If our emotions are not ultimately determined by external events alone but by our own beliefs and value judgments, then the habit of making healthy and rational judgments is more valuable to us than anything else. Begin with the end in mind,’ is one of the 7 Habits recommended in recent decades by the bestselling self-help author Stephen Covey. It is not a trivial matter to observe that, unlike Stoicism and most classical philosophies, CBT lacks any clear account of the ideal toward which it aims…

… By contrast, one of the most fundamental techniques of ancient philosophical therapy appears to have been the public discussion and private contemplation and visualization of the sage and his virtues, the imaginary embodiment, ideal role model, and ultimately ‘end,’ or goal, of philosophical practice. If guilt serves a purpose, it is surely to motivate us to change today, in order to prepare for tomorrow, but not to condemn ourselves to endless complaining about yesterday.”

Lesson: Live in Accordance With Your Purpose, Destiny and Virtue Alignment

“The ideal state of the human mind is not irrational indulgence in mere sensory pleasure (hedonism), therefore, but something known as eudaimonia, a Greek term that encompasses rational fulfilment, happiness, and well-being. If ‘daemon’ were taken simply to mean mind, the word eudaimonia could be literally translated as meaning ‘mental health,’ although this does fail to do justice to the metaphysical connotations of the Greek word, which can also be taken to mean being on good terms with one’s inner daemon or guide, a concept not unlike the Christian idea of conscience.

In any case, the cardinal virtue or quality (areté) that contributes to eudaimonia is simply wisdom (sophia), or, if you prefer, it could be translated as meaning philosophical ‘enlightenment.’ Knowing this leads us to value and pursue the cultivation of human wisdom above all else, which is illustrated in the very word ‘philosophy,’ the love of wisdom.

Philosophy in this concrete sense, the everyday pursuit of wisdom, is, therefore, defined as the art of living, the highest human purpose, though different schools of ancient philosophy differed on their interpretation of specifically how this was to be put into practice. It should be evident that for Socrates and the Stoics, the notion that the goal of human life is the pursuit of wisdom does not equate to saying that the ‘meaning of life’ is that one should spend it reading books on philosophy, but, rather, that one should strive for practical wisdom in facing everyday challenges.”

Check out our “Destiny Diagram” in the full review, you can download the book review of The Philosophy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Stoic Philosophy as Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy.  

Lesson: Love What Happens – Weaponize Your RESPONSE, You Control It

“Seneca defines the reserve clause by the following formula, ‘I want to do such and such, as long as nothing happens which may present an obstacle to my decision.’ He gives the example, ‘I will sail across the ocean, if nothing prevents me,’ and elaborates, Nothing happens to the Sage contrary to his expectations, for he foresees that something may intervene which prevents that which he has planned from being carried out. What he thinks above all is that something can always oppose his plans. But the pain caused by failure must be lighter for one who has not promised success to himself beforehand.

The Stoic, therefore, makes a point of qualifying the expression of every intention by introducing a distinction between his will and external factors beyond his control. The sage, thereby, holds two complementary propositions in mind simultaneously, 1. I will do my very best to succeed, 2. while simultaneously accepting that the ultimate outcome is beyond my direct control. It implies, ‘I will try to succeed, but am prepared to accept both success and failure with equanimity,’ and, thereby recognizes human fallibility. Centuries later, Christian theologians would signify the same notion by appending letters ‘DV,’ or Deo Volente (‘God Willing’) to their correspondence.”

Lesson: DO and Calibrate, Be a Librarian of Info but a Warrior of Execution

“Cicero uses this analogy of the archer shooting an arrow at a target. His ultimate wish is to hit the target, but he can only do everything within his power to shoot his arrow straight, and so shooting straight, as opposed to actually hitting the target, must be his primary concern, and so it is with life in general. Nowadays we say, ‘All that anyone can ask is that you try your best.’ Marcus Aurelius writes, ‘Thanks to action ‘with a reserve clause’… there can be no obstacle to my intention.

Underlying this conviction is the parallelism between physical and spiritual exercises: just as, by dint of repeated physical exercises, athletes given new form and strength to their bodies, so the philosopher develops his strength of soul, modifies his inner climate, transforms his vision of the world, and, finally, his entire being.

Recent decades have seen growing interest in movement called ‘philosophical practice’ and other attempts to promote philosophy outside of the academic institutions as something that ‘ordinary people’ do in cafes, or apply to their own life problems in the form of individual counselling or group sessions with a quasi-therapeutic style. Even many academic philosophers appear to crave, quite understandably, a return to the days when philosophical discourse was meant to be rooted in corresponding behavioral and emotional transformation and not merely an ‘academic’ pursuit abstracted from any practical application.

The ancients conceived of the ideal philosopher as a veritable warrior of the mind, a spiritual hero akin to Hercules himself, but since the demise of the Hellenistic schools, the philosopher has become something more bookish, not a warrior, but a mere librarian of the mind.”

Remember that you can also download the book review of The Philosophy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Stoic Philosophy as Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy.  

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