Hi, I’m Azam Meo and that’s Eago.

Ever since I was born my family wanted me to get into medical school.  So when I was finally on my way, with straight-As and bound for Harvard, everything was going according to plan until…

My uncle got sick.  : (

He had eight kids (that he admitted to at least… haha) and with no income the family needed help badly.  Since I wasn’t going to be making the big “doctor money” for at least 10 years or more, I left school and I had to figure out a way to make money fast, predictably and starting from zero with no money.

The brain surgeon question…

I’ve always loved real estate and decided to focus my energy and come up with a definitive, no BS answer to this question:

“Can I start from zero, with no money, no credit, no banks, no loans and no experience and build a real estate business – and then any other type of business – that eventually runs passively on autopilot but also provides me a brain surgeon’s income at the same time?”

BigReia.com is a very big answer to that question.

My friends and I obsessed and obsessed and finally cracked the code (which worked out because my house was about to be raided by Feds and I would be broke again, fun story I’ll tell you all about later) to make this happen and for fun we help others do the same thing –

… So if you want to learn how to build a REAL business in real estate – zero down – that creates income ascension and social mobility for you and your family then put your name and email into the form and I’ll send you my three step “Meo Method” breakdown right away – you can get your first deal going, your first “yes” before you go to sleep.

This is about a lot more than just making
five grand a week…

I built this community for you, to help you help others and improve your slice of the world.  This is something that would’ve changed my life had it been around when I got started.  I’m in your corner rooting for you.  Get my FREE stuff emailed to you right now – I think you’ll love it.

To your income ascension…

 – Azam

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What is Income Ascension?

You don’t want to get “into real estate” or just try to “do more deals” or find “motivated sellers”, etc. instead you need to build a business that runs and grow on autopilot and creates a net income of at least $10,000 – $30,000 a month.

Three BIG Mistakes You MUST Avoid (to not get screwed)

First too many investors put their money/credit at risk, next they don’t build a business that runs/grows without them and third they never focus on creating a reliable, predictable income… like 5 grand a week.  You can start fixing all this by taking the Empire IQ test below.

Viral Volunteerism.

If you got nothing out of your time with me and my friends or if you are hell bent on ignoring everything you ever hear or learn from me then I beg you to just do this ONE thing: build your volunteer army.  We started the Goodwill Experiments a while back, they are brilliant.  Below I’ll show you how to build your business by being a force for good.

Bidness IQ Test

Will your business ever make you $10,000 a month, $30,000 a month… how about $100,000 a month or more?

After working with thousands of companies, in over a dozen countries and tens of thousands of business we came up with a very simple  Empire IQ Test that will tell you if you’re on track to becoming just another statistic… or building an empire.


Axe Me Anything

I want to help you, so here’s my promise: send me a questions and I PROMISE I will answer it.

Yes I promise.  You can upload a video, give me a call or email:

(YES that’s my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)

Or you can email me directly:

Love (at) BigReia.com

You WILL get a full and complete and answer and I may even make a video out of it.  I want to help you, this process is doesn’t have to be difficult, I’m in your corner.


Save the World

This is the greatest time to be alive, that statement is more true as you read this than it was when I wrote it.  You and I are the luckiest of the luckiest and we owe the world and humanity solutions, contributions and brilliance.

I’m only interested in helping people that understand how important it is to help others.  Join us and the movement we are leading in helping people, improving lives and shaping dreams around the planet.

What you do for others, how you help them and make them feel – these are the determining factors of how you spent your time… learn how we build empires through volunteering.


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