Indy real estate investors here’s how to help inner cities: start and own $5M indoor vertical farms zero down.

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Indiana real estate investors: How to own $5M indoor vertical farms and inner city gardens zero down

How can you help inner city areas with food shortages?
How can we convert “ugly” streets into beautiful gardens?
How to start and own a multi-million dollar indoor vertical farm zero down?

A while ago I talked to you guys about “Ghetto Gardens”

– This was a project our PSN Heroes were doing to help grow gardens in abandoned lots in the inner city
– This is a great way to spread health and nutrition habits and also allow people to support themselves with sustainable farming so they never have “food deserts” like in Detroit and in many other places
– This worked well for the individual “farmers” but not so much for them to sell their crops or do this on a large scale because of the shutdown and quarantine

Now we are starting this again with good results:

– I explained previously how we find houses and lots to build on
– Then we started indoor “vertical farming” with lights and solar panels
– This allows more people to grow and sell their own food and produce

Recently a company approached me and wanted to hire me as a consultant

– I helped them find a location and set up their gear for their first vertical farm units, these are “vertical” because the crops on grown on shelves that are stacked high
– The company needed more help and then they thought so we came up with a better idea
– They would pay for the space, I would find the farmers who would pay and bring much of their own gear and then I would coordinate

I’m getting 30% of this business

– Right now it is “valued” at 500k but the business plan is for $5M
– This hasn’t made money yet but it is exciting because the work we WERE doing is being done now but just 5x faster
– If this works out well any of you guys you can do this

The steps are simple

– Go through my other video about how to find these motivated sellers and getting the lots secured there is this post on how to work with inner city farms and finding motivated sellers with them.  Then there is this EPIC post on vacant land.
– Start training locals (we do this through our PSN so the Heroes can teach their parents and family) to do the farming in their yards and streets
– Then they graduate to indoor farming and scale their crop for the market
– There are over 2,000 in the Midwest that want to do indoor farming Models
– You can be the boots on the ground, find the space and the work and get 30% of this

You can wait and see how this goes with me, I don’t really care if I make money because it has been super fun and we already are getting much more food production.

– This is so exciting because it helps our inner city PSN Heroes learn about better food and diet habits and also how to take care of their neighborhoods
– This allows give them a chance to OWN businesses in those areas, profitable businesses
– This is the BIGGEST secret to Income Ascension and Social Mobility = Business control/ownership, remember you get paid from what you do but you get rich from what you own/control
– That’s why this is so exciting even though there is no money yet
– You also meet a lot of great people and get to help introduce a new crowd to the benefits of veganism

I’ll let you guys know how this does, until then:

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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