“I’ll trade my business for your house.”  How does that work Anna?

I’ve gotten this question a few times about how to trade stuff for houses, how to trade a few signs for a house, how to trade a business for a house, how the trading for real estate works, etc.

Here’s a cool way to pick up houses
– This is just ONE way to trade for houses
– It works really well once you build your Fanbase
– Make sure they get the Indoctrination and the Compliance Curve and this will be easy, I never thought this would work but now I have more deals like this then I would ever need and I’m in the process of buying my dream home with this

I just did this with a $310,000 house here in Indy
– When I say “I’ll trade my mortgage business for your house” I have a current L/A Model going with a mortgage broker
– It was making about $7,000 a month
– The seller would get 50% of my shares, or about $3,500 a month
– If the business goes under I have 90 days to find another business or he gets all the money
– My “agreement” is to buy at $2,500 a month (basically buying on contract) and everything above that goes to the principal or in his pocket if I don’t perform

What’s the point why not just pay him $2,500 a month?
– First I’m not at risk or liable for anything, in this case I use about 2-3 signs a month to feed the L/A and I don’t have to talk to any of the buyers or put out the signs anymore so the house is being paid off basically in the background while I do nothing
– This also frees me up and gives me more incentive I raised that L/A to over $15,000 a month and then he was getting about $7,000 a month which will pay the property off even faster
– I did this is a trial run first and used it as an example to get my own house which is an 11k square feet house and the seller and I have the rough agreement done we just have to work out the details, if that works I will have traded about 10 signs for a mansion LOL

Anybody can do this, get a model going and start telling people that you are willing to trade and see what they’ve got.  Trading is awesome.

Thanks everybody!  = )

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