I was about to quit real estate, then Azam said this ONE thing to me that changed my life…

… this is about the most important lesson I’ve learned as a real estate investor.

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When I started working with Azam I had a “bad” conversation

–  I say “bad” because I was too thankless to appreciate it
–  This person was so mean to me that it made me think I couldn’t do this
–  My whole world was in a spin and I thought I would never regain control

I talked to Azam and he said: You’re talking to the Devil

–  I had no idea what he meant
– Then he dropped the D-word
– I was choosing to do something really bad…


– I was getting “there” mentally because of what happened, or so I thought
– “I feel like this because of what happened, I’m not choosing to be discouraged.”
– Azam said “Getting discouraged is always a choice.”

That sentence changed my life “Getting discouraged is always a choice.”

– The reason I failed at so many things in life is because I got there, to the D-word
– I always thought it was a natural destination, and although you may get there you need to know something else
– Azam has taught me that even HE gets there, but you just don’t STAY there

About a year ago

– I was 100 pounds heavier than I am now
– I had uncontrollably negatively thoughts, (depression?)
– I felt like a failure to my friends, family and in life in general
– I NEVER thought I could be “that girl” who ppl take seriously or makes bank
– I was basically a loser and aside from being a Mom I had no real accomplishments, I was in an abusive relationship because (I never would’ve admitted this) I though I deserved it and was such a loser

That has all changed

– I know what this business can do but it is about a LOT more than just the money
– My parents used to secretly think I was a loser too, now everything is TOTALLY different and for the first time they brag about me and all that I’m doing and for the first time ever they’ve called me BRILLIANT
– The feeling this has given me is overwhelming and I can spend hours talking about this

I know what many of you are better off than I was, but not by much

– You want bigger things, but you’re scared
– You don’t think you have what it takes or that you’ll fail and look dumb
– I started this channel and MADE Azam do it with me lol, to help you the way he helped me

The biggest secret to doing ALL of this and changing your life:

– You have to control your thoughts, that will control how you feel
– That is how we’ve worked with our Special Needs Superheroes (Azam and I are writing a book on curing all special needs and it is coming out soon)
– The MOST important lesson I’ve learned this:

“Getting discouraged is a choice, how you feel is always a choice.”

– The seed of every bad choice and ALL quitting and settling is because you let yourself get “there” mentally
– You can get as down as you want but with perspective and gratitude and the right mental exercises you can get yourself out of it just as quick
– You can get out of bed like a bullet and take on the world like a ROCKSTAR and LIVE THERE mentally, be that way all the time

It is all a choice, so I jacked another class from Azam

– It is going to be put with this class, it is about the Devil’s tool
– This one class has been the most impacting for me
– The lesson in this class is the biggest reason why I failed
– I see so many people struggling and failing in real estate AND in life because of not learning this
– Go through the class, it can change your life

“You’re just ONE thought away from changing your life.”

This has been just about the most important lesson I’ve learned as a real estate investor.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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