How to write a throat grabbing guarantee that triples your business, copywriting lesson for real estate investors.

Real estate investors who learn how to write copy are light years ahead of the rest of the pack.  Here’s a a powerful lesson on how to write a simple guarantee that triples (or more) any business.

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This is a quick video I made about  a Hero’s experiment…

Notes on how to write a guarantee and create passive income forever

How to write a throat grabbing guarantee that triples your business, copywriting lesson for real estate investors…

Indy Anna Explains…

How do I get started in writing copy for my business?
What can I do to tell better stories with emotion that move people to action?
What’s the formula to write a powerful guarantee that can triple my business overnight?

Epic Copywriting Lessons for Real Estate Investors.

This is a an excerpt from an interview I did with Azam.

There’s a lot of stuff covered here like how he got started in copy writing, why it is important for real estate investors to learn and why controlling EMOTION is the most important thing you’ll learn to do as a communicator.

Can you create 10-30 grand a month in passive income just by writing a really good Guarantee?

Every human’s greatest fear?
NASA figured this out when testing astronauts
Why don’t more people buy from you?
If they have the money and want product – it is just an issue of TRUST
Biggest fear = Being Abandoned = Thinking somebody cares and they bounce

Hot girl in the backseat
Weaponize trust building
Limo girl asked me to switch seats, not to sit next to ME but next to hot guy
For a moment I thought she cared about me, liked me, but she didn’t at all
THAT is what your leads are afraid of, they’ll think you care and be wrong

The HERO and the Villain have the same origin story, the same pain,
the difference is how they react.

Hero: I want nobody else in the world to feel this pain.

Villian: I want everybody else in the world to feel this pain.

How to write a killer guarantee
Understand your target’s real fear = ABANDONMENT
Think back to your life when you were abandoned and misplaced trust
Channel that pain and tell that story with a promise to NEVER do that
Then have testimonials, authority and PROOF that you deliver and leave nobody behind

Revenue = equity
Grow income = Grow value
Remember passive income = equity x production
The best way to get equity is to create it by making things worth more money
Use our examples, just ONE better guarantee can triple sales/revenue and be your ticket to 10k/month

Make your problems, COMMUNITY problems.

How to know it’ll work
Give it a name and a HOOK
If people aren’t moved then keep working on it
Test it free and with paid ads on Google, Facebook, social media, etc. CROWDSOURCE
You know it is right when converted leads come and TELL YOU how much it means to them

Dialog to Build Your Origin Story
There is a three part algorithm you can use
CAP = Childhood – Abandoned – Promise
Practice this 1-3 sentence HOOK


Start with something that happened in your childhood, you don’t have to be a child but the younger the better.  Paint the picture of an expected reward, experience or outcome that you were looking forward to and was very important to you. 

This needs to be something  that we can all relate to, for example I never talk about my struggles with macropenis and instead I focus on how I had to go to war with being a fat fu**.  Make sure people can relate to your situation.


Explain how you were counting on somebody or something to happen and you were MORE than just disappointed, you were hurt, devastated and destroyed.  This was because you believed somebody had your back and that they cared for and loved you… but they didn’t and you were wrong.


Nobody likes a mopey pity seeker so you must TRANSFORM that pain into something productive and that is your PROMISE to make sure that nobody else in the world feels this pain.  Since that day you’ve been on a mission to help people avoid feeling that same heartbreak you experienced.

Here are some examples:

You want to get better at this so you can bring it in conversations.

“My parents loved me but their addiction issues created problems, on my 7th birthday I waited all day for my parents but I didn’t see them for them two days, on the day I promised myself that I would do no matter what it took to make sure no other family ever gets torn apart becuase heroin/addiction.”

You can use the same formula that happens to somebody else:

“My dad gave his all to his employer and was always assured he would retire safe but after 25 years he was abruptly fired so a hedge fund could pump and dump the company’s stock.  We went into foreclosure and it devastated my parents, I made a promise that day that I would dig myself and my family out of that financial ditch and make sure I spent my life helping others create a financial fortress.”

This can also be a painful admission about how YOU abandoned somebody:

“My son’s friend asked him if I was going to make it to his soccer game and he said ‘No, he never does’ and even though that wasn’t true it was true enough and it killed me to hear the pain in his voice, I rebuilt my business and life around being there for my family and I’ve made it my mission to help other realtors build a business that works for you instead of the other way around.”

Here’s a famous example of this: Darth Vader.

George Lucas was heavily influenced by Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero With a Thousand Faces when he made the Star Wars movies.  Below I’ll put some background info on Lucas talking about how Campbell’s role was a necessary piece of Star Wars and then Campbell explaining why use “1,000 faces”. 

Hero = achieves things far outside the normal range of achievement.

Fasinating stuff and a lot to learn.  The main lesson I’ve always learned from this is that origin story of the hero and the villain are the SAME.  The difference, as said above, is that the hero will create a world where nobody else feels their pain and the villain creates a world where EVERYBODY feels their pain.

The HERO and the VILLAIN are created by choices.

We all pretty much respect the same characterstics of achievement so it isn’t hard to determine what makes a hero versus villian, so why would anybody want to be a villian?  We don’t, we settle and accept less than we should and even come to blame others, circumstances, your “area”, etc.

So what creates a villian like Darth Vader?

Lucas spent over 10 years developing the origin story for how a beautiful little boy like Anakin would go on and become Darth Vader.  When he consulted Campbell the answer became clear.  What creates Vader is the same thing that creates evil in all of us – FEAR. 

Fear of being abandoned?

Anakin was terrified of losing (being abandoned by) his wife, he felt left out (abandoned) by the Jedi coucil but the moment that Vader was born is at the end of their battle when his legs are cut off and his mentor Obi-Wan COULD help him but doesn’t. 

Notice the dialog and how regretful Obi-Wan is over what he is about to do because he know it is worth than death:

Obi Wan: Don’t try it.

(Anakin jumps and gets his legs cut off, the fight is over and Obi Wan retracts his light saber)

Obi Wan: You were the chosen, it said that you would destroy the sith not join them. Bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness.

(Anakin trying to get pull himself up and even hoping for Obi Wan’s help, then looking up and seeing Obi Wan turn his back and WALK AWAY… this is the ONLY and last thing Anakin says)

Anakin (screaming): “I HATE YOU!”

Obi Wan: You were my brother Anakin, I loved you.

THAT is the moment that Anakin died and Vader was born, it was the moment he saw Obi Wan abandon him.  The turn to the dark side is a journey, none of us make it without several pushes BUT those same pushes can be re-interpreted and used for good.  It is a process for sure, but this was Vader’s real birth.


The point is that Darth Vader was a product of abandonment.

That is how Darth Vader was born.

You can see Obi Wan painfully accepting what he was about to do and he knows that he is about to do is worse than killing Anakin.  Then about 20 years later in the Obi Wan series, they meet again.  At the first meeting:

Obi Wan: What have you become?

Vader: I am what you made me.

Then in their last fight/meeting of the series, Vader’s mask is cut open:

Obi Wan: Anakin…?

Vader: Anakin is gone, I’m what remains.

Obi Wan: I’m sorry, I’m sorry Anakin. For all of it.

Vader: I am not your failure Obi Wan. You did not kill Anakin Skywalker.  I did.  The same way I will destroy you.

Obi Wan: Then my friend is truly dead.  Goodbye Darth.

(Obi Wan walks away after calling Anakin “Darth” for the first time)

Vader: Obi Wan! Obi Wan!

Again the SAME thing, both times Obi Wan could’ve killed Anakin/Vader but each time he refused and instead ABANDONED him each time.  It was painful for Obi Wan and later it is explained that he was that in part to let “The Force” decide his fate.

So what about the prophecy?

Here’s the CRAZY part about Vader’s story…

It may seem weird to know that I’m actually NOT that big of a Star Wars fan, in fact I’ve never even seen any movie or show the whole way through.  I’ve only seen pieces here and there.  I AM however, a big fan of Darth Vader’s character. 

Vader is so well written, developed and illustrated that I always follow his story.

Remember when Obi Wan said:

Obi Wan: You were the chosen, it said that you would destroy the sith not join them. Bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness.


Although it took a LONG time and took unexpected twists and turns but in the end Darth Vader DID end the Dark/Darth side.  So every part of the story WAS a necessary part of the journey, including being abandoned.  No matter how far you may seem, just remember the universe has a plan for us all.

Here’s how Anakin killed Vader… eventually.

Can you create $10,000+/month passive income from writing powerful guarantees.

Do you know what every human’s biggest fear is?  NASA figured this out when they were testing astronauts for the dangerous task of space travel.  Space is deadly with no room for error, total isolation and each trip costs billions so if you get sent up there –  

They have to make sure you don’t screw it up.

Turns out the physical part is pretty easy to prepare for but the mental part is the real challenge and astronauts had to be battle tested. After rounds of psychological, emotional and mental evaluations scientists found the ONE vulnerability that we all share…

The biggest fear of humans = being abandoned.

If you like or care about somebody but they don’t like you back, you’ll get over it BUT if you think somebody cares about you and they betray that trust… we pretty much never get over that. You may “move on” but the scar remains and you’re never the same.

Religious? What is hell other than a version of being abandoned by God?

The best communicators and leaders throughout history are always those that make people feel empowered and capable of more. That starts with ridding people of their deepest fear and giving them a sense of belonging, like they are part of a movement.

So what the heckballs does this have to do with writing guarantees?

For nearly every business, they have some bs version of “Satisfaction Guaranteed” or some other meaningless platitude that you’ve seen a million times before.  You need to cut through this if you want to build a 1% business.

The MOST important part of your guarantee is dealing with abandonment.

I’ll come back to that but here are a few tips:

Tip 1: Multiple guarantees are better than one.

Combine several guarantees and list them as part of a larger Pledge, Oath or Mission. So instead of just promising satisfaction, create an experience and make bullet points that promise different elements of that experience.  You can borrow what we’ve been saying for years: 

“Guarantee #3: if you can show me that you’ve used any three of my ideas over one year and haven’t made at least 100k then I’ll immediately (and shockingly) give you back every penny.”

That is part of a larger guarantee that we always use with our training and even when we do turn arounds and buy companies.  Also having a good guarantee is part of the Empire IQ test to build a 30k/month real estate business.

Tip 2: Be VERY specific.

Pizza Hut and many others used to say “Satisfaction Guaranteed” but then one sentence from Dominoes changed the entire food industry:

“Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less or it’s free – guaranteed.”

Notice they say nothing of it tasting good. When I used to speak more I would get somebody from the  audience to bring me a phonebook from that city and I would ask people to find the category of “burger” or “pasta” or any other food and of course they wouldn’t find it.

BUT if you look up “pizza” you’ll see it is the ONLY food with it’s own category.

That was only AFTER Dominoes dropped their viral guarantee.

That was a direct result one guarantee: you can look up “pizza” in any phone book in America.

Tip 3: EVERY business can guarantee something.

It never fails to amaze me how many people think that guarantees do not apply to them – “Doesn’t work in my area” bs – for example our medical people always tell us that doctors “cannot” make guarantees, that may be true about specific treatments…

BUT you CAN promise easy parking, no waiting or delays longer than 5 minutes, the best waiting room in the state, etc.  Financial planners may not need to promise specific returns but they CAN guarantee availability, personal attention, immediate replies, college planning, etc.

Tip 4: You can make the ordinary seem extraordinary.

If I said that our mechanics promise to weigh each tire by hand and triple check the balance, alignment and traction and then we’ll promise (in writing) that if anything goes wrong you can call us and we’ll pick it up from your house and pay for the towing… you get the idea.

If I say that, it doesn’t matter that everybody else does it – WE are saying it.

A Hero recently helped an eBay couple more than double his sales by writing:

“Before I mail this to you, I put each collectible into an air-tight vacuum and my wife and I bubble wrap it ourselves and put them into custom made styrofoam containers and have them shipped with special ‘Fragile: handle with care’ instructions so if anything is missing or damaged call my cell phone and I’ll replace anything – guaranteed.”

That was just an explanation of what he – and every one of his eBay competitors – are doing anyway but THEY talked about it.  You can take ANY part of your business, product development, delivery system or anything else and MAKE it remarkable.

In the early 1900s, Schlitz beer was one of the least successful beers in America.

They didn’t even crack the top five, hardly the top 10 and that was on a good day.  Then they hired the famous copywriter Claude Hopkins and after walking through their factory and being astonished by their beer making process he asked:

“Why don’t you tell everybody all the things that make this beer so pure?”

“Why bother, it is the same process everybody goes through.”

“Yes, but nobody else is explaining it.”

After that their ads included detailed explainers:

“The beer is filtered… Then all the beer is cooled in a plate glass room with filtered air… later it is sterilized after it is bottled and sealed…”

Schlitz became the NUMBER ONE beer in America.

It became known as “The most carefully brewed beer in the world” and it stayed that way until LCs took over and decided that the hook, story and guarantee didn’t work in their area anymore.  Anyway, the process they described was precisely the exact same, legally required process for all beer makers.

But they told the story and turned it into a promise and a guarantee.

Tip 5: Brag about your guarantee.

This is a good test too, do you have a guarantee that is remarkable, memorable and something to brag about? I’ve NEVER met a real estate person who does, the reason people don’t use powerful guarantees: they’re scared they’ll be taken up on it.

Use their fear to your advantage:

“Here’s a guarantee that NONE of my so called competitors would ever put in writing, in fact if you find another (BLANK) that is willing to go on the record with this promise I’ll pay you $1,000 on the spot…”

THAT is how you double, triple or more your conversion rates overnight.

Tip 6: Use third party approval.

My mentor was the best copywriter to ever live and he wrote the famous guarantee for Nancy Kwan’s best selling skin care products, that you get your money back if: 

“If your friends don’t actually accuse you of having had a facelift…”

We’ve used the same approach with the Friendly Fight Clubs:

“If your friends and family don’t accuse you of have liposuction…”

We also used another version about real estate:

“If your banker doesn’t ask you if you’re secretly started a meth lab…”

These can be a bit tongue in cheek and with some exaggeration so it is funny, the main idea is to cement the effectiveness of dramatic results that will be achieved with the transformation.

Tip 7: Make a guarantee that conveys your values.

Your clients and leads should be able to read your guarantee, or at least one of them, and get a sense of your origin story, your mission and your values.  Your guarantee is an excellent chance to cement your goals and ability to provide transformations for your people.

So what about being abandoned?

If you generate leads correctly, then they have the money and desire to buy, so why aren’t they? The ONLY reason they aren’t buying is because somewhere in their mind, they are afraid you will abandon them. They are scared they will think that you care and you really don’t.

Once you solve this you can immediately 5x or more a business.

Today I’ll go over a class where talk about this in depth, you’ll learn exactly how to write a guarantee that is deeply emotional and HOOKS your clients immediately. You’ll be so good at this you can do it for yourself or get paid to do it for others. 

I hope you enjoy the class.

Remember to study the stuff here at because the epic FREE stuff that we give away is bonkers and you’ll get the most amazing social mobility training on the planet.

As always remember to…

Make the Universe Smile.

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