How to get free motivated sellers by helping business owners who are going out of business.

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How to get free motivated sellers by helping business owners who are going out of business.

How to get free motivated seller leads from business owners who are going out of business.

Wouldn’t it be great to help local small business owners?
When a business owner gets into trouble, what do the need to secure before anything else?  (their housing situation)
Here’s another free source of motivated sellers that NO real estate investors are doing and it is a great way to help your local economy.

So with our PSN Heroes and other groups we talk to a lot of small business owners

– Many of them are struggling but don’t know where to go for help with marketing, growing, hiring, etc. that means BIG opportunity for us business builders BUT…
– There is also a big segment of business owners who are in BIG trouble with their real estate situations up to and including their own homes
– Often a business owner is unaware of their options when it comes to their home, if they knew of their options it could save their finances, their business, their marriage, etc.

Here are some recent examples:
– One business owner was struggling to make his $4k/mo housing payment and his credit had been hurt recently so he wasn’t able to refinance
– Think about what I could do to help, we could rent it out, do a lease option, help get it on AirBNB, market it for buyer leads and do the L/A Model, etc.
– Instead I helped him get with his bank and we got his payment down to $2,900 and it “saved my business” because he had more money

A firefighter/tailor was losing his shirt on his rentals
– By the time he talked to me he was at the end of his rope, between evictions, lawsuits, rehab/repair costs, etc. he was losing money every month
– The real estate was supposed to support his suit tailor business but now the business is supporting his failing real estate portfolio just to save his credit
– I helped him sell those houses on “no landlord” L/O (lease option) and contract sales that he FINALLY got positive cash flow and with no managing, I also made a quick $20k+ and that was after splitting the down payments with him

Family owned restaurant had a custody battle
– This was a long story but basically a nasty divorce left the woman needing to get a house in a more expensive school system in the next 30 days or she wouldn’t get custody of her kids
– The only way she could get the money was to sell her house TODAY for cash but even then she probably wouldn’t have the money
– I COULD have lowballed an offer on her house, but we do NOT do that remember guys?  No, instead we HELP people, so I helped her use her house as a trade
– I got her into a lease option house in the zip code she needed and then I got her current house on AirBNB so it would make enough money for her to afford living in the nicer area

All of these deals came from BUSINESS OWNERS
– Usually we start talking to them about growing their business, or maybe buying it but as you get deeper into the dialog and better at “A Beautiful Conversation” you will find their WHYs and see how you can help them
– I also have a few deals with the dermatology groups where I’m getting ownership in commercial buildings because we’ve helped the business grow so much, this all came from talking to them and seeing how I could help

How to get these leads for free:
– My best (and only) four sources are business brokers, business bankers, vendors and the regular conversations we have when we call local business owners for JVs, etc.
– Last week I talked to a business broker who called me back 40 minutes with a seller who needed help, I got the seller their solution and will make about 25k, took 15 minutes
– One of our Kids just made 15k from two hours of work
– So talk to business owners everyday but ALSO talk to business brokers, bankers and the vendors and let them know if they have an owner who is struggling you can pay cash for ANY real estate and you have buyers/renters that can help them with any situation you just need to hear from them

These referrals have no friction and are easy to do
– Like I went over above, you may not ever “pay cash” for a house or actually buy one of these houses in order to make good money solving the business owners problem
– You’ll have more ways to make money because now you can still work with actual business
– You’ll gain more attention in your local business community, and helping local business owners will only get you more referrals and opportunities tomorrow

You want to do this enough to have regular leads to help business and make at least $10,000, here’s the recipe for me:
– I have 15 business bankers and vendors in order to get 1-2 good seller deals every 60 days
– Usually I will talk to about 10 business owners before I find one that has a real estate problem that I can help with
– The business brokers are different I have 2-3 good ones that are producing 3-5 solid seller leads and at least one deal a month

This is NOT about lowball offers to business owners in trouble, these are local entrepreneurs they are our brothers and sisters and we want to help them and be not just a rope but a ladder to help them to get high ground.

This is about helping them solve a problem and making money at the same time, if helping them means you don’t see a way to make money then just do what it takes to help them and not make money.

Remember treat everybody like a winning lottery ticket, do what is in their best interest.

Just make friends, keep in touch with them and find ways to help them.  

That’s all you have to do to…

You guys THIS is your time, even if we never work together you can use all the stuff and get to where you want to be even if you’re at home.

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna 

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