How to calculate repairs costs on ANY house in less than 10 seconds, Indy real estate investors holla.

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I remember getting started in real estate

– Just earlier THIS year I was clueless about repairs
– I would hear numbers and they meant nothing to me
– I thought it would be so great if I had what I’m about to give you

Eventually you want to repairs in your head, fast

– But while you are starting sometimes it helps to have a Cheat Sheet
– So on the next page is a PERFECT cheat sheet that I made for you guys
– When you are talking to a seller or investor or anybody you can just have this out and you’ll have a good idea of the repair costs

How to use this

– Obviously these are estimates
– Make sure you and your people to the follow up research later
– This is JUST a quick estimate that is better than just a SWAG

Get the real numbers and compare and you’ll see this is close

Three levels of work:

Level One: just paint and carpet basically
Level Two: paint, carpet but also kitchen and bathrooms
Level Three: Total rehab

Now when you are talking to somebody just run your finger to the level of repair work needed and then find the size of the house and voila you have the estimated repairs.

Here it is below…

How’d I come up with these? We worked with Mark the Mathematician

– We studies over 3k deals
– Over 100 investors and contractors
– Over 50 years worth of property research and sale rates

If you are talking to somebody

– If they give you repairs of let’s say 10k and you can say that is a 2,500 sq ft house so (as you look at your Cheat Sheet) that means there is no bathroom or kitchen updating? They are more likely to stay honest if you do that.
– So you can use the repair amount AND/OR the size or the other way around
– This also helps you sound like you know what you’re talking LOL

The link is below you can download it

 Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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