How I bought my first two real estate brokerages by writing a single letter, and I’ve never been a realtor lol.

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How I bought my first two real estate brokerages by writing a single letter, and I’ve never been a realtor lol.
“How can I buy a real estate broker no money down?”
“Why would a real estate broker, or any business give me ownership in their business?”
“Can I own a real estate broker can make $10,000 a month passively?”

So I am officially a part owner of two real estate brokerage houses and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about that.
– Let’s say that I sent a realtor business, when he closed the deal he could pay me 25% as a “referral fee” that is standard in real estate
– So that means they are in the habit of paying 25%, in my case I usually have about 30% but you get the idea now imagine if instead of just ONE deal I sent a lot more business to that realtor
– It would eventually make sense for him to just ask me to take 30% of his business in the hope that I would be more committed to working with him and send him even more business
– Now imagine that I have that relationship with multiple realtors and you can see how this works
– In exchange for providing business to this group of real estate people, I get a percentage of the business.

So that’s pretty easy to understand right?
– If this pays out based on the plan then this will be a very big deal for me
– It took me a while to do this because of my own hesitations that some other people have had as well
– In fact some of the very realtors who are “working for me” are more qualified and able to do this than me but they just don’t think or have the confidence, not that I did either lol

“But how could I ever own a real estate brokerage, why would anybody want to give me shares or ownership when I’ve never been a successful realtor?”
– It is important to put that feeling into words because once you do that you diminish the power of that feeling and what it has over you
– Azam told something that got me through this: “Just ask yourself what problem you’re solving because that’s all a business is and the size of the problem you solve is the size of the business.”

Just solve a problem, even a TINY one:
– Vic Firth played drums for Boston Symphony Orchestra but never had two drums that were the same weight, texture, noise, etc. he spent years in his basement make “The Perfect Pair” of drumsticks that were identical… now Firth’s company controls almost 75% of the global drumstick market
– Oregon University track coach Bill Bowerman wanted lighter, better running shoes so he started pour rubbing into his wife’s waffle iron and selling the shoes out of his trunk at track meets… demand grew and later Nike was created.
– Millie wanted to know how to edit videos better so she started sharing tips on facebook… eventually it was the largest video editing (After Effects) forum on the internet and she was offered over $1M for it.

So all I did was focus on solving ONE problem for one realtor:
– I explained my $9k/mo letter in a previous video (link in the description)
– The realtor’s problem was not getting enough listings which is too obvious so a better focus was specifically he didn’t have an expired listings campaign that was working
– I’ve been working on my copywriting and that’s how I came up with that letter, I went over the letter and Azam did an entire master class on copywriting for real estate investors where he went over the letter line-by-line. Check those out for more on the actual letter.
– Once this worked there were a few other agents he know that wanted the same thing and eventually the broker as well
– I told them the same thing that I’m always looking for the best people to send business to and he came right and said “How much do you want to only send my realtors business?” That’s how the first deal came together

I’ll explain the second one in another video but the BIG LESSON YOU GUYS:
– You CAN do this, just solve ONE person’s problem and do it well and you’ll see a whole new business will pop up before you know it
– Since the first of the year I’ve had more realtors want to take me out to lunch and ask me about this, and many women because I’m one of the only female broker owners, and they think it is so tough to do but this is not really that hard.
– You don’t need to use the letter like I did but I’m giving it to you guys for free anyway but you can use any of the stuff at and help somebody in real estate or some other business just solve ONE PERSON’S problem and watch the magic happen

This isn’t hard and YES anybody can do it.

Also fun fact you don’t have to have a license to OWN a brokerage house LOL, so I can get referrals the old fashion way now.

Remember go to – learn how to build a real estate business that makes you $5k/week for the next 100 years.

Also for that exact letter and the entire class on copy writing about it you can go HERE.

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much! = )

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